Meet the Reasons

I am Danielle. 

After marrying young and fulfilling my dream of having a large family, I have finally reached a point of wanting a little something for me. At this point, I am very unsure about who I am. I know I am a mother, a wife, a daughter and a friend...but I am starting explore who I really am. 

I love, in no particular order, pretending I am good at photography, Sunday explorations, wearing really cute shoes, drinking coffee with my friends and dreaming of all the ways I can create memories for my children. 

I think there are millions of amazing people on this planet and I try to draw inspiration from so many of them. I want to inspire my children. I want them to imagine, create and dance. I want to fill their memory banks with magic.


Then there is Brett.  My soul mate. We have been married for over 15 years.  Brett is a devoted father and husband and he works hard to allow me to be a full-time stay at home mama.  Brett is Bipolar 2.  Life is difficult.  Life has it's hurdles.  With the right medication and the best support possible, life is wonderful.  Brett is currently writing a novel.

Hayden is our first born.  He is 13.  He enjoys Mathematics and building lego.  He plays Ice Hockey in the winter, and is on the school Chess Team.  Hayden has decided he wants to be an engineer when he grows up.  His birth story to come.

Lucy is our eldest girl.  She is 11.  She is very creative.  The right side of her brain is definitely the most dominant.  Lucy's life is a musical, and she will sing and dance her way around the world most days.  She is currently studying the a few dance genres. When Lucy grows up, she wants to be famous.  Read her birth story HERE.

Joshua is our middle child.  He is 9 and a real little sweet heart.  Joshua is currently studying Hip Hop and Acrobatics and has chosen the drums as his first musical instrument and has very good rhythm. When Joshua grows up, he wants to be a HipHop dancer. Read his birth story HERE.

Oliver is our baby boy.  He is 6.  He is our cheeky one.  Oliver is very intelligent.  Beyond his years.  He loves to read books and keeps up with the bigger kids very well.  Oliver wants to be a computer coder when he grows up.  He promises to have a wing for his Mama & Daddy in his mansion.  His birth story to come.

Camille is our final child.  She has just turned 5 years old.  She loves to dance and is studying ballet, Tap & Jazz.  Camille is full of character and knows how to entertain her older siblings really well!  Camille is never growing up.   Read her birth story HERE

I love to hear from Readers.  Please leave me comments or if you like, send me an email to

Meet the Reasons - Updated November 2015
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