Friday, July 1, 2016

Royal Essence Candles with a Surprise! {Sponsored}

Earlier this month, I was contacted to try a candle from Royal Essence.  I love candles and have one burning every single day, so I didn't hesitate in saying yes.

The Royal Essence Candles tick all the boxes I look for in a candle.  They are an Australian, family owned business.  They are 100% eco-friendly natural soy wax.  They look amazing - this is a must as I do actually sit and watch my candle, so it has to look good as well as smell amazing.  They are reasonably price and the best bit... Every single candle has a surprise piece of Jewellery inside them.

Choosing a fragrance was difficult.  There are so many to choose from including Champagne & Macarons, Green Apples, Lavender & Honey and the one I chose, Freshly Cut Roses.

After I ordered my Royal Essence Candle, it arrived via courier within a matter of days.  It comes beautifully boxed, and I have already planned to give these as gifts for Christmas this year, and it was exactly like Christmas unwrapping the ring.

I couldn't wait to start burning my candle and seeing what my surprise ring was.  The Freshly Cut Roses scent is divine.  It literally smells exactly like it's name.

The hardest part about receiving a Royal Essence Candle is waiting to find your ring.  Most rings are about 1/3 of the way down in the candle, so you should let it burn for 10-15 hours if you want to easily grab your gift, however I found it just too temping.  As soon as I saw the tip of the little package, I started digging in the soft wax.

The ring is protected inside a little plastic bag which is wrapped tightly in aluminium foil.  You will also find a slip with all the details of your ring.

I discovered an absolutely stunning ring, which I have been wearing every day.  Coincidentally, I already have matching earrings that I inherited from my Grandmother.  

If you would like to win one of these beautiful Royal Essence candles, you can enter their weekly giveaway at! There are quite a few prizes to be won, including Ring Candles, rings, and gift vouchers.
Have you tried the Royal Essence Ring Candles? What flavour would you choose? 
Sponsored by Royal Essence as per my Disclosure Policy

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