Wednesday, December 2, 2015

My name is Danielle... and this is my body.

As I made my way down the highway, I was a mix of emotions.  Excitement, nervousness, sheer terror and wonderment.

I pulled up outside Wild Spirit Photography's studio, turned off the ignition and sat.  Thinking.  For about 5 mins.

"Right.  I am ready.  I need to do this.  For me and the mothers of this world." I told myself.

It has taken me years to accept my body.  Accept every little roll of skin, every stretch mark and every dimple.

I think that we as mothers put too much pressure on being just right.  And really... we will never see ourselves as "just right".  This makes me sad.

Now, I am not going to write about how being my weight is unhealthy or tell you that I actually don't eat enough.  I am not going to explain to you that my weight gain is due to the fact that I have put my life on hold for the past 12 years to care for my family and therefore haven't taken care of myself.  I am not going to dive into any of that because

1.  You can go back through my blog to read "my" story; and 
2.  This photoshoot isn't about being overweight. 

We need to allow ourselves to embrace the changes that come with motherhood.  My body started changing the day I found out I was pregnant with out first.  After 1 baby, it was easier to loose the extra padding.  After the 2nd, I started struggling.  After five babies, I am at my heaviest... but my happiest.  

I am 174cms high.  I am 88kgs heavy.  I am size 14.  I am overweight.  I will not deny that.  I have no excuses, but a few reasons.  I should loose 10kgs or more.  And one day I will.   

But I am what I am today.. and it is OK!  

This.  Is.  Me.

Thank you to Ainslie at Wild Spirit Photography.   Words can not express how thankful I am for these images.  They have actually made me stronger.

Head over and check her out.  Not only does she take phenomenal photos, but she does workshops all around the country.

Wild Spirit Photography.
Wild Spirit on Facebook.

Embrace the woman you are... today.

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