Thursday, February 27, 2014

Searching for a Better Nights Sleep with Beds Online

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Brett and I have needed a new mattress for a little while now.    Ours is starting to sink in places, has marks all over it (from little people sharing our bed and then wetting it), and the plush top has lost his, well plush.

Now, I hate shopping.   With 5 kids, it's hard to pile them into the car and go down to the shops so Brett and I can find a mattress.  

We know what we like, so shopping online is the way to go.

Beds Online have a fantastic range of Beds & Mattresses, Bedroom Furniture, an awesome Kids & Babies range as well as a great range of Pillows & Bedding all backed by the warranties and guarantees and expert service. 

Beds Online pride themselves on their quality products and exceptional level of customer service. They offer friendly, professional and knowledgeable service. Expert advice is available to ensure that the bed you purchase is exactly the right bed for you. 

Using the user friendly search options, we were able to narrow down our results very quickly and easily.  

Brett and I love a plush pocket spring mattress.  We selected our top 3, and Beds Online brought up a easy to read comparison chart.

The 7-day Support line means you can still talk to a sales person - just like in the shops.

Most deliveries take place within ten days depending on stock availability and the customer's location. They will fit into your lifestyle and will endeavour to deliver at a time convenient to you such as evening, Saturday and Sunday delivery.

Did I tell you they also have bedding?  I am totally in love with this Quilt Set!  And it's only $59!!!

And I found our bed - at a fraction of the price!  

Do you need a better nights sleep?  Maybe it's time you upgraded your mattress.  

For a limited time - BedsOnline is offering Five Little Reasons readers 10% off store wide!  Just use the code 10OFF at checkout!  Code is valid until 31 Dec 2014

Now, excuse me while I go and choose a RUG for every room in the house!!  
All opinions are 100% ours. For further information please read our Disclosure Policy.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

{How To} Jewellery Station - Quick, Easy & Cheap

One thing that every woman admires when they come into my home is my Jewellery Station.  I made this a while ago after finding an old Silky Oak window frame on ebay.  For $10.

I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.  And I love it.

As my collection of necklaces and bracelets grows, I need to add some more funky handles to the sides.

I wandered through Target recently and came across the trolly full of markdowns.

You know the one.  Full of items that have missing parts, damaged packaging or even broken bits.  I found two gorgeous white frames and I knew I had to have them.

Sure, one had cracked glass and the other a missing backboard.  But for $8 each, I didn't care.  I knew it didn't matter for my project.

After a quick trip to Spotlight for some cheap fabric and some trim, I headed home.

As the Five Little Reasons ride their bikes, I sit on the driveway and start my quick little project.

Staple Chicken Wire to inside of frame.

Staple your favourite fabric to the back of the frame.
Hot Glue some trim to hide the staples.

Add some hanging wire.

This one was a gift for a friend, so I put the wire both ways as I was unsure of how she wanted to hang it.

Here is the one I made for the girls room.  They have all their hair clips, and bits and pieces on there.  I also added some little hooks on the bottom to hang their headbands and necklaces.

It really is an easy, cheap and oh, so gorgeous project.

How do you store your Jewellery & hair clips?

**Please make sure that you keep safety in mind and hang it high enough for the little ones not to reach.

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