Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Putting Down the iPhone {Photography}

I am the first person to say that I am totally in love and addicted to my iPhone.  When I first bought one, some 4 years ago, I was instantly hooked.   It has everything I need - my diary, emails, apps and a video & still camera.  It's easy to carry everywhere I go without having to lug a heavy bag around.

My point&shoot instantly became obsolete and my SLR was put into second place.   80% of my photos these days are taken on my iPhone.  With apps like Instagram, photography has certainly been reinvented. With the press of a couple of buttons, I can uploaded them quickly and easily to Facebook and Instagram for family and friends to view.

My iPhone has made me a lazy photographer.

This would be ok, if I didn't have an interest in photography.

But I do.  So I need to get my camera out again.

I have decided that for the next month, I am going to use my DLSR 100% of the time.  I am putting down my iPhone.

To start me off… Here is a few I quickly took tonight.

Do you need to put your iPhone down?


  1. I love my SLR, I use my phone for random shots, but if I'm going somewhere I always take the camera. E.g. yesterday we went to the kids AFL team family day, took the camera. Sometimes I feel the pressure of not being able to share them instantly, but to be honest, I prefer the quality, I also like that I'm not jumping on social media when I'm out with the kids. I enjoy the moment for what it is, take some shots and then later when they're tucked away in bed I'm uploading and sharing. Much better all round.

  2. I love my iPhone too and sadly I don't have a digital slr at the moment. The photo with Camille is stunning though...

  3. Yes I do! A little. I love capturing all the moment in real time as they happen with such ease, but nothing beats the beauty you can achieve with a DSLR. I plan to use both but WILL get my camera out every day. Promise!


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