Saturday, November 30, 2013

Deck the Halls!

I am serious when it comes to Christmas decorating.  I start early November, and aim to have it all done a few days before the start of December.  Our growing collection of Christmas books make an appearance and the Christmas Movies start getting a work out.

I usually start by hanging the lights and decorations on the house.  Not many, but enough to add to the magic of Christmas.  They hang on the house until the other preparations are complete, when we sit on the letterbox and have an official "lighting of the house"


This year, we have 5 tree's in the house.  Yes... FIVE!

The little boys purchased a $10 fibre optic tree with their own pocket money for their room, their weary eyes slowly falling with the magic glow every night.

The girls then decided they wanted a tree for their room.  They purchased a purple tinsel tree for $5 and decorated it with a collection of silver ornaments we had spare.

Not wanting to be left out, Hayden then purchased his own tree - along with $10 worth of green baubles.   His favourite colour.

They then gathered around to decorate their tree in the family room.  The growing collection of decorations, every single one handmade, are treasured by the Five.   They take their time reminiscing and showing off their creations - some dating back 10 years.


Finally, we have our Family Christmas Tree.  I have fond memories of looking up at what was perceived as a giant Christmas tree when I was a little girl, so when Hayden was born, it was a must that we purchased the biggest tree our house could hold.

And every year, I take my time to carefully decorate the tree.  Making sure to imprint the magic into the Five's little minds for them to have their own memories in years to come.

I spend a day erecting the tree - adding over 1000 led's as I go, and then another day placing all the ornaments on, making sure not a spot is bare.  Then, the Five add their name baubles on the tree, along with the "heart" of the tree.

Some might say corny...  we call it traditions.

This year, Joshua was nominated as the star catcher.  A responsibility that is taken very seriously.  It's the final part of the Christmas preparations.

Let the festivities begin...


  1. beautiful, we start the magic here tomorrow, I can't wait :)

  2. You really do Christmas like no one else. Makes me all well up with joy and hope reading this post. Just beautiful Dan. X


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