Monday, November 4, 2013

A Fresh Start - Five Little Reasons Relaunch

After having the last few months off, I have finally had that "re-spark" moment.    You know the one?  Where you suddenly remember how much you loved doing something and a fire in your belly starts to swell and the excitement you once had makes you giddy.

I have always loved my blog.  For many reasons.  I love to share.  I love to connect.  But my main reason is because I love to write.

Special thanks goes to Kelsey from Kreated by Kelsey who designed the new look.  Kelsey was so easy to work with and got my vision straight away!  Thanks Kelsey!

So here we go.  A fresh new look and a fresh new start.

I am ready.  Are you?


  1. ready and waiting :) You're always an inspiration, especially at Christmas time, I can't wait :) Oh yeah, lovin the new look too!

  2. looks great welcome back
    Can I ask does the blog change involve transferring all old content over or is that at an extra price??

  3. I loved working with you! Thanks for everything. :)


I am a Mama of Five. A wife to one. I believe in documenting life using stories. I love telling you mine and would love to hear yours.

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