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Making Mornings Easy with Uncle Tobys {Giveaway}

And the winner is...


Shoot me an email at so I can get the prize out to you!

I don't think I need to tell you that mornings at the Five Little Reasons house are hectic.  We have a "loose" schedule, but of course, mornings happen and most of the time we just go with the flow.

The kids wake at about 6:30am and we have to be out the door at 7:55am sharp.  Needless to say, we need breakfast to be quick, easy but most importantly nutritious and filling.

The Five LOVE oats, however I have never been a fan of standing at the stove making a huge batch of porridge.  I always make waaaay too much and it somehow manages to get it everywhere.

We discovered Uncle Tobys Oats "Quick Sachets" last winter and they were an huge hit.





something the Reasons can make themselves!  No more stirring forever and having to clean the stovetop every morning!

And as a mother, the fact that oats are made with no artificial colours or flavours means that I can trust the Five are having a healthy, nourishing and varied breakfast every morning and will have enough energy to get them through the day.

Did I say easy?  Seriously.  Just empty the oats into your microwaveable bowl, fill the sachet with milk to the fill line, pour over the oats and cook for 90 seconds.  Let it cool for a bit and serve.

 The hardest part is choosing from the NINE different flavours.  Hayden's favourite is Golden Syrup.

Uncle Tobys want all young Australian families to have the opportunity to start their day with a healthy bowl of oats and have launched the My Little Oats campaign.

Find tips for getting your little ones onto oats, request your own free sample and your Little Reasons can make their very own placemat to help encourage a healthy breakfast routine.

Uncle Tobys Oats Quick Sachets have been given the Five Little Reasons stamp of awesomeness!

To celebrate the My Little Oats campaign, Uncle Tobys have an awesome prize pack for one Five Little Reasons reader to help warm your family this Winter.

 1 x Winter's worth of Oats - The prize will be delivered to the winner as 2 cases of UNCLE TOBYS Quick Sachet Oats Classic Variety; 2 cases of UNCLE TOBYS Quick Sachet Oats Fruit Variety; and 2 x cases of UNCLE TOBYS Quick Sachet Oats Original. In total you will receive 340 Quick Sachets.

1 x Canon Video Camera RRP Value $400 to help you capture your family's warm moments.

To enter: Leave a comment below telling me your favourite Uncle Tobys Oats Quick Sachet flavour and also tell us how you entertain your kids at breakfast time.

*Open to Australian residence only.  Competition closes midnight 17th May 2013 and winner will be announced Sunday 19th May.

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  1. What a fantastic giveaway! This would be priceless in our house, as I too find making oats messy and annoying but I love them as do 2 of my children so I suck it up and just do it. But these quick sachets would be so much easier!

    My favourite flavour would probably be the golden syrup flavour I think, sounds delish! They all do though :)

    And as for entertaining my kids at breakfast time, well I don't have much to write sorry! Its usually a pretty quiet, bleary eyed event in our house.

    Sarah Fleming

  2. Wow flavours of oats! I think my fave would be creamy vanilla but I've never heard of these. Ever. My kids entertain me at breakfast. Lunch. Tea, and every hour in between ;)

  3. OOOHHH I like the look of the brown sugar and honey. That is what I have on my porridge. I was ADDICTED to it during my second pregnancy and I am still loving it!!! How convenient not to have to cook over a stove! Like you, I always cook WAY to much.

    My girls are 3.5 years and nearly 2. Entertaining them at breakfast isnt really the problem. Once they have their food they are all good, its the lead up to breaky that I struggle with. The whinging about wanting to watch TV and putting in their orders drives me crazy. I try and get them to help as much as I can and chat about our day!!

  4. Favourite flavour is the "fruit variety".

    To make breakfast fun, we have music playing. I love singing while making the breakfast meals and getting the lunchboxes ready. It is a brilliant distraction for the kids – they have fun laughing at me and eating, instead of fighting with each other!

  5. BERRY would quickly become a favourite - YUM!!

    No need to entertain at breakfast. Everyone is hungry & we are half way out the door.


  6. Oh yay! My five children have fallen in love with oats this year too and I am absolutely loving the convenience of the Quick Sachets!!

    My favourite flavour is Apple Cinnamon but my kids love the Creamy Honey.
    We also have music playing at breakfast time which allows them to keep an idea on the time. We have a 'morning play list' with certain songs that are for eating breakfast and when those songs are over the children know it is time to go and brush their teeth.

  7. Creamy vanilla is very yummy the kiddies all enjoy eating it every morning before school. Mornings are usually very busy and rushed here I get them their breakfast and they eat while I breast feed my 9 week old baby :-)

    saekae at bigpond dot net dot au

  8. Thanks Danielle and Uncle Toby's - great comp!
    We love original so we can add our own honey or brown sugar but we would like to give the Golden Syrup and Cinnamon flavour a try too! Our one year old is our entertainment at breakfast time - she's hilarious and loves making us laugh - plus my husband cracking Dad jokes while he waits for his toast to be ready.

  9. Defo Apricot and grains! yummo!!! Cool competition - I can't agree more with making sure kids have had a great breakfast to kick start their day! Mine LOVE oats - and I am like you - simple all the way! the less mess the better! x Kylie Look

  10. We have a large family- 11 kids and another due yesterday and 8 of them (including an adult son) are still at home- and I have to say that I don't have to keep them entertained at breakfast time! My older kids are wonderful and will get the little ones brekky and they all love a healthy breakfast since that is all they ever had- I simply refuse to buy unhealthy sugar laden cereals :)
    I love the original flavour and we serve it with brown sugar- yummy!! :)

  11. My 5 love the original vanilla flavour. To keep the kids entertained and on track for school - it is a race to see who eats the most with the least about of mess and then takes their plate and cup to the sink - winner gets an extra sticker on behaviour chart - I always make it end in a tie so all can benefit. There are definitely less fighting that way

  12. Apple and Blueberry Bake. Miss 1 is often making us smile with her cheeky, fun humour and the breakfast table is no exception. She is the entertainer in our house, not the other way around.

  13. Awesome prize! Brown Sugar & Honey for me :-) It's kept me warm on many a night duty morning ;-) As for entertaining the kids at breakfast - there's not so much of that as there is, "eat your breakfast. Hurry up. Stop kicking your brother - do you two need to be separated?? You have 5 more minutes. Hurry up!!" Fun & games in our house for breakfast :-P

  14. We are an Apple Cinnamon family, just love something warm on a cold Melbourne morning!!! We entertain the kids with music, subjecting them to all the 80's classics at the moment!

  15. My favourite is the Original. Don't they always say that the original of something is always the best! However I must admit that I haven't tried any of the other flavours yet, mainly because I'm happy with good old original. If I was lucky enough to win I would gladly give the other varieties a try and think the kids would enjoy the fruit varieties too.
    As for how I 'entertain' the kids at breakfast time. Well my mornings would be a bit like yours as I've got about an hour to get them ready and out the door. My youngest daughter is learning nursery rhymes so she usually keeps us entertained with her very cute singing, whilst the other kids just tend to sit and eat and laugh at her...or fight with each other depending on which side of the bed they have climbed out of! In between mouthfuls (on a good day) we usually just talk about what's on that day or general conversation so it's just old fashioned chit chat entertainment that fills our 10 minute breakfast session.
    michelle.vanschouwen (at)

  16. I love the berry flavour.
    To entertain my 2 at breakfast I turn the radio on whilst they eat and this gets us going plus occupies them while they eat. I also do a little kitchen dancing which is entertaining for anyone especially the kids. Always good to start the morning off with a laugh.


  17. I love the Original Quick Sachets - delicious and easily adapted to whatever mood I'm in... plain or with fruit if I'm in super healthy mode, or with lots and lots of lashings of honey if I'm feeling more self-indulgent! Lol

    Breakfast at our house has become as full on V8 racetrack affair! As I try to make every car, truck, plane, etc sound I can dream up, usually at a deafening level for maximum success in my attempt to keep my 7-month-old entertained long enough to shovel his fruit and porridge in without too many games of 'mummy pick-up' (you know he game, where they throw the spoon/toy/bowl on the poor over and over, testing you out to see how long you'll keep picking it up for!) Luckily his older sister loves her porridge, so at least one of them is easy to feed! Lol.

    Gemma Westacott Blair

  18. Creamy Honey is my favourite flavour. My little man loves having his breakfast on his Fisher-Price Big Action Dump Truck because he is a big fan of vehicles.

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