Thursday, May 2, 2013

Independence Day

This week, I hit a wall.  I broke down in front of Brett, tears quietly streaming from my eyes and I told him.

I am burnt out.

I didn't know what to say.

I couldn't put my finger on what was wrong.  I didn't need sleep.  The kids weren't challenging.  I was keeping up with everything that my life throws my way.

And then I realised - *that* was the problem.  I needed to slow down.

I am always on the go.  From the moment I wake, to the moment my head finally hits the pillow at night.  I thrive in the adventure that is our life.

I have been successfully been doing this gig for over 10 years.  I love my gig.

But for the first time in 10 years, I was burnt out.

Coincidentally, I had a night in Melbourne already booked this week.  I was heading down with a friend and we would be heading to a Bloggers Brunch on the Friday.  It was a time out I was needing more than I even knew.

The night before, my gorgeous friend, due to her babies being sick, had to pull out.  I had a slight panic attack.  Then the voices in my head kicked into overdrive.

"It will be fine, Danielle. You will be fine!"  I am not sure I convinced myself.

Let me back peddle a little.

I started dating my first boyfriend at the sweet age of 15 years old.  And to me, a boyfriend was more than a boyfriend.  We were best friends.  We would do everything together.  Explore our city together. Travel to the beach together.   See movies together.

When we broke up 2 years later, I had already met my next boyfriend and within a week, we were dating.  When we broke up, I again, went straight into my next relationship, this time with Brett.

I was good friends with all these "boys" and we did everything together.  I then pretty much went from living at home to marital bliss and after having the first Little Reason, I never had a moment without a "sidekick".

You can now guess that at the age of 33, I have never:

  • Seen a movie on my own
  • Gone out to lunch or dinner on my own
  • Spent ONE night without someone else in my room/house.
  • Travelled on my own
Let me set this straight.  It isn't because I can't do these things.  It isn't because I can't look after myself.  It is because I have chosen not to.  I have always shared my life with someone else.

Brett is my best friend.  My partner in crime.  I not only love him to death, but I love spending my every moment with him.  We have a lot of fun together and with the Five Little Reasons.

So you can understand why I had a slight panic attack at the thought of spending the most part of 48 hours




As I drove down the highway, airport bound, my panic button went off yet again.   Little things like getting from the airport to my hotel.   Where will I go?  How do I get out of the city?  How does the tram system work?  All these things, I have had someone else either looking after it for me, or to work out with.

This time, I would be on my own.  100% independent.  This was huge.  Well, not as huge as I thought, but big enough.  

As the plane touched down in Melbourne, slight panic set out again.  Right, this is it.  You're on you're own kid.  For the fist time in your life, you are on you're own.  Let's go.

The next 2 hours was filled with walking, trying not to look too lost when looking at bus timetables, more walking, trying not to look lost when searching for the perfect cafe for my much needed coffee,  getting lost again until... I finally decided that it was ok to get lost.  

I had no timetable.  I had literally nothing to do.  And it was awesome.

After checking in early to my hotel, I decided to head to St Kilda for lunch.  A familiar place where Brett took me the last time we were here together.  I had to work out the Tram system on my own.  And that has changed since I was here last. 

I now sit peacefully by the ocean, sipping on my latte, and just being.  Being with myself.  I might get up soon and go for a walk.  I might not.  I don't have to consult anyone.  

I am feeling much better now.  Proving to myself that I can do anything.  I knew I could.  But now I have proof.  


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  1. If there is anywhere to get lost, it's Melbourne. Gorgeous city and very visitor friendly. Enjoy :)

    P.S- The world's best cupcakes live at 'Little Cupcakes' in DeGraves Street, near Flinders Street Station. You'll thank me later :P

  2. Go Danielle! You won't know yourself after this trip. Enjoy the time to yourself and I hope you find plenty of fun things to do.

  3. Good on you, I think there is nothing more satisfying that time to yourself. Except of course when you're alway alone and lonely. I love when my hubby take the kids to his parents for the weekend and leaves me behind. just to hang out and do stuff at home by myself.
    Wish I was going to the bloggers brunch tomorrow, but I'm going interstate too, only with hubby and kids in tow. Enjoy.

  4. I couldn't agree more then with the comment above about being lost in Melbourne. Melbourne is one of my happy places it's wonderful and dreamy having those moments you're having right now in such a wonderful city.

    I'm excited for you and the adventures in the next 48 hours for you. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. X

  5. :-) This was me 12 months ago when I had to take my first solo plane trip to (of all places) Roma for work.

    Well done - Enjoy it!

    P.S. You still owe me a coffee date...

  6. Fabulous!! Enjoy your time - it is something I think about doing often but have never quite got up the nerve to do it!

  7. It's great to have those moments of "I can do this!" as an adult, isn't it?! Sounds like you had a great time and a Chance to recharge.

  8. I love this Danielle! My birthday request for next year (yep, I'm planning almost 10 months in advance here!) is to have a weekend away on my own. All by myself. I don't even care where! Just some time out from this 24/7 job and life for a tiny while :)


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