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PosterCandy ~ Turning your Instagram Photos into Wall Art. {Review & Giveaway!}

I joined Instagram 2 years ago.  I wanted an easier way to capture, store and share my photos.  I loved the artistic flair that Instagram gave my photos and was instantly addicted.

You can find me at @fivelittlereasons

2 years on and I am still addicted.  Problem is I kept wanting a way to display my favourites.

I tried making a photo collage in photoshop.  It took aaaages and wasn't perfect.  The costs involved was also a downside.

So I went searching for someone to do it for me and do it to my high standards.

And then I found.....

I am giddy with excitement to tell you all about PosterCandy!!

Using their simple 4 step process, I created my instagram PosterCandy within mintues.

PosterCandy accesses your photos straight from your Instagram account.  So simple. 

There is 5 sizes to choose from and you can display as little as 12 photos - right up to 176 photos on one poster!  And the quality is next to none!

I am totally impressed.

PosterCandy start from $19.95 and the sizes are designed to fit cheap ikea frames.  Brilliant.

The team at PosterCandy were so friendly and the printing and postage was very quick!

Check out these gorgeous PosterCandy's!

PosterCandy would look perfect in any home.  I am creating one for each of the Five Little Reasons with their baby photos.  I am also creating a large poster of all the photos I have of the Five together for my mum - perfect for Mothers Day!

Find PosterCandy on FACEBOOK where you can get more ideas!  My favourite was a Movember inspired poster that a customer made.  30 days, 30 photos!

They are also on Instagram - @postercandy

I would love you to show them some love!

My PosterCandy creations!
My 50 x 50 PosterCandy.


I am very excited to tell you that I have one 50x50 PosterCandy to GIVEAWAY!

To Enter:

To enter, check out PosterCandy and comment on this page with your favourite size PosterCandy and what you would showcase on your Candy and why. Entries close midnight Friday 26th April 2013 AEST, and winner will be announced (based on most interesting comment) on Sunday 28th April 2012 here on FiveLittleReasons.

Terms and Conditions:

1. One entry per person allowed.
2. To enter, simply check out PosterCandy comment on this page with your favourite size PosterCandy and what you would showcase on your Candy and why.
3. Include your email address or a link to your website where I can comment or find your email address.
4. This competition is open to Australian and New Zealand entrants.
5. This competition is hosted by Danielle via the FiveLittleReasons blog at
6. The prize consists of an PosterCandy 50cmx50cm print from PosterCandy, RRP AUD$29.95.  Postage included.  Total prize value $39.90.
7. Competition opens 9:00pm Friday 19th April 2013  and closes 11:59pm Friday 26th April 2013 AEST.
8. This competition is a game of skill and the winner will be based on the most interesting comment as judged by the FiveLittleReasons team, and notified by email and via a post on FiveLittleReasons on Sunday 28th April 2013.
9.  Winner will be given a unique code to use at the checkout after creating their own PosterCandy and will be valid until 6th May 2013.

Please Note that this competition is closed and the winner is:


 As another awesome treat...

PosterCandy have been so generous and are giving Five Little Reasons Readers a Buy one Get One FREE offer on 30x40 and 40x50 posters!

The BOGOF code is:  fivelittlereasonsADGF (case sensitive)

  • BOGOF is for PosterCandy sizes 30x40 and 40x50. 
  • The free element of the BOGOF would be the smaller ‘Candy
  • Postage is not included
  • For Australian & New Zealand residents only
  • The BOGOF is not limited to the same design.  Either create 2 different designs or print the same design twice.
  • Must be used in 1 transaction
  • Not redeemable for cash
  • Code is valid until 5pm AEST 30th April 2013
  • Head to PosterCandy on Facebook and show them some love. 

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  1. What a fantastic giveaway!

    My favourite PosterCandy size is the 50cmx50cm due solely to my OCD and need for things to be symetrical. 6 photos either way is just perfect for me!

    I would display my beautiful little family, I have over 1000 Instagram photos, I am just hooked on IG. I love looking back on our holidays together, family days out and also snippets of our everyday life. So I would mix all these things up on my PosterCandy print, so that I can have it all right there on my wall to admire daily.

    Fingers crossed, I would LOVE to win this prize!

    Sarah Fleming

  2. Yay!! I LOVE Poster Candy!! :-D

    I would choose a 50x50 - what a perfect size to fit as much interest, eye candy & colour ALL in one spot!! It would brighten my walls perfectly :-)
    (yes, lame I know. It was cute in Yr 11 :-P )

  3. I love the 50x50, its refreshingly different to the standard portrait or landscape. I would put photos of my children and our camping adventures in there and I would have to start working on a full family photo. We've never had a chance to get one. We haven't had many photos printed out since the Twins were born and this would be great quality. What a great idea for Mothers' Day, as you said. I might do one for my Mum anyway. Thanks for sharing Danielle.
    Kristy Crain

  4. I would also choose the 50 x 50 size. I NEED to print some of my Instagram photos because I have eleventy thousand photos and not a single pic printed gasp gasp!! So please pick me :)

  5. Forgot my email duh!!

  6. You could lose hours playing on their site! Which one to choose!?!? Can't stop at one. I want one to put my art doodle affirmations in, one for each of my kids, one for all my favourite photos of the place I used to live at. Even if I don't win, I'm ordering! Thanks for sharing the site Danielle. Great find!

  7. Oh how I would love some 'candy' for my wall,
    I would display it in an Ikea frame - size A4.
    I have three little boys aged 2, 3 and 4,
    this would be a special Mother's day present for me and grandma's for sure.
    I would love to see my precious "sweets" in some Photocandy!
    A reminder of love and all that is precious, would be really dandy.
    I am sure you love to see yourself and all your 5 little reasons,
    and that little things are special to capture every day and every season!

    To receive the 50x50 would be wonderful! Thanks for the opportunity Danielle! you can find me at or email

    Kind regards Sharon McPherson

  8. Hey Danielle,
    Thank you for introducing me to PosterCandy I love it!!
    I would love to win 50x50, 36 photo poster as I have plenty of walls to put it on. We've been living in our home for 3 years in May & apart from the kids bedrooms we do not have a single photo, picture or painting on our walls.
    I'd love to get our IG photos & the kids artwork together & frame it for our lovely brown feature wall.
    Hopefully this will inspire me to put more photos up to make our house a home.

  9. Hi Danielle!!

    I am another one thankful for introducing me to PosterCandy! What a great service!

    I would love to win the 50x50. Not too big, not too small, and I could have a few around the house. I would love to have them in the house so I can show off the photos I have been taking (and for the first time in a long time, something that I am proud of!)

    I can see myself using this service for years to come!!

    Thank you!!!

    1. My email address is

  10. Great giveaway! I love the largest size and I would fill it with images of all my crafty projects and hang it above my sewing table for those days when I just need some inspiration to get me started.

  11. Ooo, I already have a 50x50 saved! Just trying to decide which colour border! First I went with white, then black, not I'm thinking white again! Of course it is filled with photos of my little family! Not only the picture perfect portrait photos and the holiday snaps, but also the photos that really show our kids personalities. The photos that make us smile, laugh and feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside and remind us of how blessed we are!

    I'm also doing up one for my mum for mothers day, one for my husband for his birthday for his office and probably a couple more for our home! Thanks for the BOGOF! :)

  12. Wow, what a fantastic competition!

    I went back to my IG account to check and I've been a member for about 23 weeks with over 200 pics. My IG is focused on my journey to 'uber-fit'. My photos in a PosterCandy poster would serve as a reminder to me of how far I've come so far and motivate me to keep going. I would choose the 50x50, just prefer the square! And I love the black background.

    Either way, now that I've started following PosterCandy on FB I'm sure I can get some great inspo to purchase a poster, or two, with the fantastic deal you've secured.

    Fingers crossed and good luck to everyone else!!

    (Fitchick_brissyt on IG)

  13. I would love the 50x50cm poster candy and I would love to use all the pictures I have been taking of my adorable little girl to hang up in our house -

  14. I need a 50x50 to fill with 49 photos, to showcase my favourites from one of my 365 projects. One per week from her baby year would be perfect to start, then maybe I will be inspired to PosterCandy all of my 365 projects!
    Email is

  15. Im thinking a 50x50 would be the way to go, I need to win this to shut my husband up about getting some photos on the wall, 6 yrs 3 kids and not a pic on the wall! At least this way its sent straight to me and i just need the frame at my next ikea trip. He would be so proud of me getting some family pics up ;-)

  16. What a wonderful give away. Love all of them and can picture each size at a different location in my house. My daughter has started high school and is missing her primary school friends. Would love to do a collage of photos from primary school. Can see the 50 x 70 working well for the photos I have in mind and would look great in my daughter's home. Cathy

  17. I have just discovered Poster Candy thanks to you Danielle!!
    I am going to be ordering a 30x40cm to start with and display my wedding photos in my bedroom.
    I love collage frames so Ill be ordering different sizes to showcase how my children and grown :D I love the idea of doing one for my Daughters artwork.
    I might even do one for my Mum for her birthday (29/5) of us kids growing up so she has a beautiful keepsake.
    What a great giveaway!!
    my email address is

  18. My Birthday & wedding Anniversary is in May I so love the 50x50 size as my gift to myself, I have 4 kids, 2 angels & a large family that spreads from here to UK and what a great way to have us all together at last!

    my email:

  19. Name: Tawhi K

    As a proud new mum of two,
    Beautiful raven girls.
    Ages One and Zero,
    Their the centres of my world!

    My days are blessed with play times,
    Where first steps are slowly taken.
    Washing can wait till later,
    There's memories we need to be making!

    Between chasing my cheeky toddler,
    And getting lost in my baby's eyes.
    I barely find the time for me,
    The days just seem to fly!

    My girls are growing faster,
    Soon they won't be little babes.
    So I take picture after picture.
    Their youth I hope to save.

    With Poster Candy pictures,
    I'll record those precious smiles
    And at the size of 50/50,
    You will see it from a mile!

    Every giggle frozen,
    And every cuddle snapped!
    Forever displayed proudly,
    Our love forever mapped!

    So my daughters and my husband,
    Would be my choice to showcase!
    For their my joy, my pride, my meaning.
    And would look perfect over the fireplace!

    1. P.s thank you for the giveaway I love your blog xx

  20. Sing it!!!

    I have 2 guys who are tough but sweet
    They're so fine,they can't be beat
    They're everything that I desire
    I want pics on the wall for all to admire!

    I want candy, I want candy!!

    Wanna stare at them when they go down
    Ain't no finer boys in town
    They're my guys, just what the doctor ordered
    So sweet, they make my mouth water

    I want candy, I want candy!!

    Candy on the wall, there's nothing better
    What pics to choose? I hope to get- a
    PosterCandy to make all mine,
    Then I'll have candy all the time

    I want candy, I want candy
    I want candy, I want candy!!

    hehehe now just try & get the song out of your head ;)
    the 50x50 frame would be perfect
    Thanks Danielle :)

  21. A little bit about me, so you can get a peek
    into my humble little life - if that is what you seek.

    I am a mum of 2, a daughter and a son
    You see my two angels, make me proud to be a mum.

    My youngest's name is Charlotte - she is just lots of fun
    I often get told, 'oh my gosh - she looks just like her mum'

    My eldest who is 6, he struggles every day
    So many disabilities, they somehow came his way

    Each day as a family, we hold our heads up high
    When people often pity us and ask what happened.. why?

    We have been through many struggles, so many I cant count
    But photos always brighten my day, when the troubles they do mount

    I'd really love to win this - to see pictures on our wall
    Of all the good times, bad times, to really just view them all

    50 x 70 frame would be my choice - thank you for the chance
    To win such a wonderful prize.. Congrats to the winner.. in advance xoxox

    Renee Baker

  22. I don't have song & I don't have a rhyme but I so would love some candy to be mine!
    My fav is the 50×50 & I'd fill it with my favorite people my 3 little bundles of joy!

    Thanks so much! Xx

  23. For me, it would be their 50x50 size, nice and square (I have a thing for squares at the moment, lol)
    My favourite thing to showcase would be photos of my Mum's 80th, it was 2yrs ago now and one of the rare times that all of my siblings and their families were there to celebrate. I'm the youngest of 6 kids, I'm the only girl and have 5 older brothers. One of my brother's has since passed away. I miss him every day.
    Thank you for this giveaway.

  24. I nearly didn't comment on this post, purely because I felt intimidated because of some of the more creative entries already entered into this giveaway. I don't have a fancy bit of prose to comment with, nor something witty, but what I do have is love and admiration. Love for my family, love for my two year-old son, whose life has been documented via Instagram since he was three months old.

    My choice of frame would be a 50x70cm above his changetable, with photos from his life so far, something to look at and talk about as he gets bigger and a more confident language user. Thank you for the chance to win a terrific prize from an Australian company *also a big thumbs up*

    instagram: aurian82

  25. I love the 50x50 and would put all my kids and friends kids photos together so they will always have a reminder of who they grew up with, my fridge is getting too full!

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