Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Skylanders Giants Easter Survival Kit Giveaway!

And the Winner is...

Thank you to everyone who entered this competition.  Skylanders Giants seems to be a very popular Toy/Game.


One of the Reasons favourite console games is Skylanders Giants.  It is the only video game that I know of, that incorporates "Toys" that make the game work.

So we collect Skylanders.  And then they released the Giants.  And we collect them too!

When I heard that Skylander Giants favourite holiday is EASTER, I knew I would love having a giveaway for my readers.

I have one Skylander Giants Survival Kit to Giveaway!  Just in time for the Holidays!

It includes:
  • Skylanders Giants game characters
  • Skylanders Giants apparel
  • Skylanders Giants chocolate eggs
  • Activities including a colouring page, puzzle maze and cut-out face mask
  • Chocolate cupcake recipe complete with Skylanders Giants cupcake toppers
*Exact toys may vary to displayed

Want to save your sanity this holidays?  All you have to do to enter is tell me, in 25 words or less,  how many Skylander Toys you have and what your family's favourite Skylanders Character is.

Compeition closes 10am - 27th March and will be announced at 12NOON.  You MUST leave your email address and you must reply to my email by 2PM 27th March so that we can get it into the mail for you to receive by Easter. 


*Open to Australian Residence only.  


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  1. We don't have any yet.. but my almost 7 year old is always talking about them. She loves her Pokemon and Sonic toys and games.. so next will be Skylander.. Would love to win this pack for her 7th Birthday on the 8th April.

  2. Email address is jtsl.berglund@hotmail.com love to hear from you <3

  3. Although we have none as yet I was waiting for Dylan's birthday to get some for him. He lovves Spyro and draws him all the time.

  4. 1 000 000... it feels like that when they are lined up at the TV! Thumpback's our favourite. We drove to 4 different shops to buy the last one in our town!


  5. We don't have any, but my eldest daughter Penni aged 8 loves playing with her cousins Nathan and Lukas and their Skylanders toys.
    She always asks if I can buy her some when I go shopping, but I have never got around to it as yet.
    She is a tomboy, and has never enjoyed the stereotypical 'girl' toys like Barbie, Dora, etc.
    This would be a really great prize for her.
    Thankyou very much for the opportunity.
    My email is kookla123@yahoo.com if I am lucky enough to win.
    Happy Easter to you and your loved ones!!

  6. None for us at this time as much to my boys disappointment. Their favourite and mine is Spyro - he's a super cute dragon!

    (Less than 25 words)
    Thank you for the chance to win this for my boys.
    My email is: madmummassweetrandoms@gmail.com

  7. NONE!!! My boys have been begging for them for months & it's all we ever hear! Please bring me peace for Easter?? x

  8. We don't have enough for twin boys who each like their own characters but still share because Mum says. Tree Rex is our favourite.

  9. i have been resisting but am going to cave get him some skylanders for Easter! he has been going on about them since before Christmas.

  10. We're have 1, Slam Bam and it's awesome my 3 year old son and my 9 year old daughter both love it

  11. We are a little addicted here!!! We have 28 Skylanders but only 1 Giant one, so this pack would be AWESOME!!! 3 kids, 3 favourites, Trigger Happy, Tree Rex and Warnado.

    Email address yturbett@yahoo.com.au

  12. I was reading about this competition when my eldest son Aiden (5 next week, Skylander addicted!) came in and yelled: Skylander Giants!! Why is it on there? I told him about your competition, (which he listened to with wide eyes and huge grin!)and this is his entry:

    We have lots of Skylanders but not many giants. I hope to get some for my birthday next week. My favourite Skylander is Bouncer.


  13. Two big Skylander fan's here! We have 12 Skylanders and 1 Skylander Giant. B's (6 y/o) favourite is Drobot and S's (4.5 (y/o) favourite is Trigger Happy.


  14. THe kids all like spiro and have too many (six between the three of them) but hey they paid for them with their own money!


  15. My son's friend has lots of Skylanders but my son's waiting until his birthday to start collecting. Top of his long list is...Tree Rex!


  16. My 3 obsessed sons have 40 skylanders, our fave is HotDog as it looks like a Pug and we love Pugs.

  17. We have only just got into it and my son absolutely loves them!!! he has 3 at the moment as we only just got it on the weekend so it'd be nice to have another 3 more to his collection!

  18. I have lost count,now I dont know which to buy,
    apparently the faves are Eyebrawl and Hothead because they are "cool" and "giant"

    (there goes me being the fave parent being only 5'1" and hubby being 6'!)


  19. Skylanders is a great game! We have 20 small Skylanders and 1 giant. Mr 8's favourite is "Crusher, because he's boss of the mountain skylanders".


  20. We don't have any, but we would love some, thank you for the great competition!

  21. My boys are mad about Skylanders at the moment. Would love to win this for them. My email address is grant-deanna.platts@live.com

    Thank you so much for a great opportunity to win an awesome prize for little ones :)


  22. We have about 14 i think? Two of the big giants, and the rest are the little guys. We Shroom Boom is our fave :) iam.kylie@hotmail.com

  23. My 2 Boys have 3 Skylanders and I love the quiet When its on so mum loves it too:) Favorite Character is Jet Vac. What a Great Competition my email is al_bensemann@hotmail.com

  24. We have 14 and Chill is our favourite as her catch phrase is "Stay Cool" which we use often with the boys.
    mattshanartz@gmail.com - thank you :)

  25. 5 - favourite is whatever one in shop that we don't have as we walk past. My fav is the one I'm not pestered for.

    Pandoraandmax at gmail dot com

  26. our favourite is Drobot, we own 3 skylanders, rockymum@me.com

  27. My son was given some (5 original skylanders, doesnt have giants) for his birthday in december which he has become very attached to, so we've been trying the last several weeks to use them on a reward system to try and help with his issues with his learning/consintration and behavour at school as he is finding it hard to socially fit in which is always hard for autistic child with new teachers and routine. So each friday I reward him with one new skylander and so far were on week 3 and no major issues.

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to enter such a rewarding competition for someones loved one to win.


  28. We have 9 and a few on layby ! But still not enough according to Master 4 and 6 !!!! Our favs are Trigger-Happy and Camo

    Email is jenipizzi@gmail.com

  29. We don't yet have any but Master Five made me stand with him for 5 full minutes in the (whole) Skylanders aisle of BigW on Sunday, plus we read the Myer toy catalogue that came in the mail today and he instantly shouted "Skylanders!"
    Better than any Easter egg!

  30. Hi!My grandsons have 11. Tree rex is their favourite (maybe as he was their first !) Thanks, kevpetaryan@bigpond.com

  31. Tom says : Tree rex is his favourite and he has 8 including giants.

    Mum says: This little man is a Skylander Fanatic and too many is never enough. This pack would rock Easter.

    Tom says : I like the fire stone one too.

    mandy.ferry at gmail.com

  32. We are Skylander MAD here!!! We have 40 and our family's favourite is Legendary Slambam because he is super powerful and can freeze bad guys!


  33. We don't have any yet, but they are on my list of birthday ideas for my children. Mr almost 5 loves Spyro.


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