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Shoes, Shoes and More Shoes {Giveaway} from Hey Skippy!

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Thank you again for everyone who entered the giveaway.  The judges had a great time reading through all your responses.

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There is no secret that I love shoes.  I don't have a lot of shoes.  But my collection is growing.


The Five Little Reasons have inherited my love for shoes.  Lucy's collection is growing and even the boys have certain shoes that they must have!

The problem with my children's feet is that they are wide.  Another thing they inherited from their mother.   This means that most "store bought" shoes do not fit properly, resulting in an increased risk of foot deformities like blisters, bunions and even rolled feet.

I met Michelle, from Hey Skippy,  early last year and fell in love with her range of awesome children's shoes straight away.

Check out these Hubsche's.  Perfect for little ones, especially first walkers!

Camille in her Pink Hubsche's!

Oliver in his Red Hubsche shoes.
My favourite of all are the Puddle Jumpers.  These gorgeous polka dot leather shoes come in a range of colours and a very large size range starting from 9 month old babies up to ladies size 5!

Camille LOVES her Pink and white Polka Dot Puddle Jumpers!

Hey Skippy's range of shoes cater for all types of feet and specialise in wide feet and high insteps.  They stock functional light weight health shoes for your little ones which provide arch support, breathable insoles and flex grooves for ease of movement!

When it came to fitting the Big Reasons with school shoes this year, I didn't hesitate ringing Michelle.  Hayden, Lucy and Joshua have been wearing their school shoes for over 2 weeks now and they are holding up extremely well.  I have already noticed Lucy isn't rolling her foot and I am blown away at how they have held up with scuffing!

When choosing children's shoes I recommend that you:

  • Measure their feet every time you purchase new shoes.  The length of the shoes should exceed the length of your child's foot by at least 10mm.  12mm is ideal.
  • Consider the actual size of the shoe rather than just the number marked on the shoe.  Check the width of both the toe area and the heal.
  • Check every month or so to see if your child's shoes still fit, especially when they are in a growth spurt.  Remember that they will more often outgrow their shoes well before they outwear them.
Michelle takes great pride in measuring your child's foot.  If ordering online, she will ask for measurements, rather than your child's shoe size, to get the perfect fit.

Hey Skippy should be your first stop for fitting Stylish, Unique and Affordable Quality Kids Footwear!

Would you like to get your little one a pair of Hey Skippy shoes?

Here is your chance.

WIN a $40 voucher for your child to choose their very own pair of Hey Skippy shoes.

To enter:

Head to Hey Skippy on facebook and after liking their page, get your child to choose the style and colour of the shoe they would like, and in a comment below tell me what they chose and why you like them!

Competition closes 6pm QLD time, Friday 22nd February 2013.  Australian residence only.

Disclaimer:  I already purchased Hey Skippy's shoes for The Five Little Reasons.  I loved them so much, I asked Michelle if I could do a review.  She also offered a voucher for giveaway.  No payment or product was exchanged for this review.  

Opinions are 100% owned by Five Little Reasons

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  1. My daughter loves the pink leather bambini flower sandals - "because they are pink and I like flowers".
    Have liked the page - looking forward to checking them out for next time we need to buy some shoes! They are gorgeous.

  2. The watermelon shoes! LOVE! When I showed them to my little girl she thought they were pretty cool. You didn't mention their awesome range of clothes and hair accessories.... I could spend so much money! :)

  3. My 2 year old and I love the white leather bambini sandals. It's hard to find quality sandals and these look like they would last :)

  4. Polka Dot puddle jumper shoes in the red with white dots. My daughter chose these as she liked how a lady beetle could be added to the shoe!

  5. I am a massive fan of Hey Skippy! My little Master 2 has very wide feet and I am so impressed at the range of wide fittings Hey Skippy have. He has already had two pairs of Ginoble sandals in brown suede, getting the second pair only because his feet grew so fast over summer, the shoes still look like new. What mummy doesn't love that? :) I can't wait for the winter stock to arrive as we will definitely be heading back for more gorgeousness for his tootsies although I have got to say I am very much in love with the red Hubsche already, very dapper xx

  6. destout83@hotmail.comFebruary 15, 2013 at 11:34 AM

    My 23mth son would love a pair of hubsches in red size 7 :). love the look of this store :)

  7. Stephanie (SEA MUMMY)February 15, 2013 at 8:41 PM

    Ohh i think I have been looking for shoes like these - they are cute stylish and good for baby's growing feet (I guess my 2 year old isnt really a baby... but..... :-) ) We searched the photos and we talked about them - and Ellie came up with her little finger pointing pointing to Polk a Dot Puddle Jumper Shoes with a ladybug slider - shes running around the house yelling i need bug shoes need red bug shoes.... Cute cute! We'd love to win a pair of these (or a voucher for some money towards a purchase!) xx Thanks great blog about the things I love most in the world for my all of my kids - shoes!!!!

  8. My 18 month old love the Polk a Dot Puddle Jumper Shoes lol becuase she loves lady bugs... Thank you for reviewing these, my baby girl has short fat feet and it is so hard to find shoes that fit and look great! and considering her first real word (after mum lol) was Shooooesss...

  9. Finding shoes to fit my wide footed daughter can sometimes be so hard , these look great though

    My daughter loves the pink puddle jumpers

  10. We alllove the polka dot puddle jumpers, they are so cute!

  11. My little man likes the European Design-this Paoh Canvas Shoe - because they look like Daddy's shoes!

  12. Polk a Dot Puddle Jumper Shoes, polka dots are gorgeous a favourite print/pattern

  13. Lachlan liked both the Kickers and Umi black shoes, because they look like Daddy's.
    I like his choice as well because they look like good shoes :)

  14. My daughter loves the White Leather Bambini Flower Sandals, anything with flowers she absolutely adores.

  15. Oh wow I love them all, my daighter has wide and fat feet like me so its hard to get nice school shoes so the Laura Ashley school shoes would be perfect

  16. Shoes! Glorious shoes!!!
    Chocolate and Light Pink Patent,
    But while we're in the mood...
    Polk a Dot Puddle Jumpers,
    My daughter just loves them all,
    Especially those with flowers,
    Slide on accessories get the thumbs up,
    Lady Beetles and Stars sound fantastic!
    It was just too hard to choose
    Only one pair of shoes,
    From Hey Skippy's Shoes,
    With all their glorious shoes!!!!!!!! :)

  17. the white bambini sandals as being summer who wants hot, sweaty and stinky feet ahhh!

  18. The only child awake here is my 16 mth old son and he pointed to the red Hubsche brand shoes with the velcro tabs and I think he has great taste already!! Gorgous shoes, now I know where to come to shop for shoes :) Kay

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