Tuesday, January 29, 2013

{Giveaway} Back To School with Stuck On You!



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Today marked the first day back at school for most Queenslanders, which means getting back into routines and structure.  While the Reasons were at school, I reorganised our Homework Station ready for the year. 

Thanks to Stuck On You, the Reasons received a present each today to celebrate going back to school.  We are all set for when homework starts.  The Personalised Stationery was a big hit with the Reasons!

Thick Triangular Pencils perfect for the junior years.
HB Pencils.

Make sure you fill your Homework caddy with plenty of HB pencils, coloured pencils, textas and crayons, a ruler, an eraser, a sharpener, sissors and glue.

Browsing through the awesome range at Stuck on You including Kids Backpacks and lunchboxes, Invitations and Stationery, A HUGE range of Labels along with some personalised Home Essentials like laundry baskets and cushions, makes it was difficult to narrow down to one item each.

I decided to get the Little Reasons a Wooden Name Puzzle each.  These are perfect for keeping them occupied during homework time.  Not only are the perfect for teaching them fine motor skills, along and recognising their name, they can also use the pieces to trace their name, count the letters, learn the colours and more.

Thanks to Stuck On You, one lucky reader will receive a $50 voucher to spend on anything they wish!

All you have to do is head to the Stuck On You website and tell me in a comment below what item you would choose and what colour and image you would include.

Entries are open to Australian residents only and competition closes Monday 5th February 2013 at 6pm.  



This competition has now closed.  


  1. I would LOVE to get my girls a designer bag tag each, their current ones have endured years of abuse and are finally about ready to fall off. I would love to get Petals for one, Fantasy for another and Oui Oui for my oldest. They are soooo super cute!

  2. Pink backpack with carousel design. Love Stuck on You!

  3. Girls Wooden Name Puzzle for Summer and I would also get another for Lily.

  4. Hi to all the Reasons!
    I have 5 little reasons of my own, so we would order the family pack in Retro colours & pick the bee image.
    That I think would keep them all happy!

  5. I would love the wooden puzzle box in the green, red and blue colours. No image needed apparently. :-)

  6. I love those name puzzles! What an awesome idea! But since my little miss isn't too fussed on the 'girly' colours, I'd have to get the green/yellow/blue etc combo. And also get one for my little man too :-)

  7. I would love the blue laundry hamper, a good incentive for my son to put his dirty clothes into the right place.

  8. My favourite is the http://www.stuckonyou.com.au/wooden-name-puzzle-and-box.html, and it would definitely be pink!!! everything is pink lololo

  9. Hi there :-) I love the personalised drink bottles, and would choose the 'Tradies' design for my little 2.5yr old who is starting pre-kindy this year. Gorgeous website! :-)

  10. I'd get the 5plus value pack in Bambino (my son likes green) and a cricketer as the image - he is so into cricket. We are about to run out of his iron-on labels so this prize would be awesome.

  11. I ordered my son the 5+ value pack as he starts prep this week, I love them, iron ons were easy to use and all his school stuff is now labeled and looks great!
    I would would choose to get the same pack for my 2 year old, as she heads off to occasional care this year, the cheap lables I got her from another brand don't even last 1 dishwasher cycle! She would choose pink with butterflies.

  12. hey danielle,
    I think little miss would love the pink and white striped beach towel with her name on it, this way i will get mine back!!!
    ang xx

  13. I love the drink bottles! I would go with a Retro Robots image for my boy :)

    Sarah Fleming

  14. I would get the height chart with the train image for my four year old. He loves measuring how tall he is, loves trains and loves spelling his name, what more could you want!!! They allocate the colours for you which are great for the train image!

    Michelle Hay

  15. As a mum of three aged 8 and under
    The washing's a disaster, is it any wonder?!
    So, I'd opt for the laundry hamper, either single or double
    To hopefully cut back on the washing trouble
    I'm hoping this would keep things in the laundry more neat
    And in pink, with their names added, for an extra treat!

  16. I'd probably buy 2 x spot activity packs, one for each of my children that have just started back at school.

  17. I love the homework pencils, Miss 7 is always losing and looking for her lead pencils :
    http://www.stuckonyou.com.au/homework-pencils.html. These pencils would help my sanity!

  18. I would like the wrist straps in assorted designs so when we go to a theme park or outing i kow my littlest knows my number as she is just learnint it. Also lie the look of the launcdry hampers.

  19. Love stuck on you and have used them before.
    If I were to win I'd choose a wooden name puzzle & storage box in the girl design.

  20. So much fun to play around & design.

    I would choose a Red LUNCH BOX with Elephant Girl on it. So sweet & practical.

  21. I would love a name puzzle for my little man RILEY very cute :-) and maybe a girl puzzle for baby number 3 due in 5 weeks.

  22. Seeing we are back to school,
    Id get my son a
    He would LOVE it!


  23. I would choose a navy backpack with retro robots

  24. I would select the pink backpack with Ballerina design and cocoa font. My daughter would love this as she has an uncommon name and loves to see her name on ANYTHING. The backpack would be practical to take with us everywhere. As a mum with 6 kids, it will also keep us nice and organised with all her things in HER bag!!!

  25. OK, I've just spent half an hour checking out the whole Stuck On You website and here is what I have decided.

    I'd like to get a Large Classic Name Label for each of my three kids (two at school and one who has just started daycare...TODAY!)

    I would let the kids pick which picture and colours they would prefer. I'm guessing my son would like either the soccer ball or the skull and my daughters would probably like a butterfly, flower or dog. I think either the Funky or Retro colours would be good but if the kids wanted all the one colour then that would be fine also.

    Although I've already spent more than $50 ($68.85) I would also add 100 Pencil labels to my order with just our surname written on it. Our surname is pretty unique (only a handful of us in Australia!) so their belongings wouldn't get confused with anyone else if we had our family name on it. It's always fun watching the teachers struggle to say our name "van Shooen, van Showen, van...ummmm how do you say it?'!! My son (who struggles a bit at school) said 'Mum even the teachers can't read MY name!'

    Anyway, this Stuck On You prize would be very handy indeed - thanks for the chance :)

  26. Wooden Name Puzzle and Box - Girl

  27. The easy part is choosing the Family Activity Planner, which would help us keep on track with all our activities sorted out in one place! The hard bit is choosing a design from so many cute options - I'd have to say the Woodlands design, though. It's too hard to pass up cute little critters and funky mushrooms!!!

    Thanks for the great giveaway :)

  28. Love the name puzzles in pink for my little princesses

  29. For home use.... I like silicon placemat in blue colour with outer space design for my son as it will motivate my fussy eater to sit at the dinning table during meal time.

    For kinder use...I like drink bottle with retro robot design with my son's name on it in cocoa font.It will be very easy to spot among other drink bottles at kinder

  30. The lunch pack in pink with Spring Nest design, then my daughter could have nice matching lunch things rather than old tupperware containers.


  31. I would order 3 lots of basic name lables in orange, green and yellow (boys fav colours), .... and i would get a set of designer ones for my baby with the ballerina dreams pic.

    The name puzzles are great, the 1yr old has one and i would get one for the 5yr old...


  32. Gotta get those Silicone Placemats! My two lads are incredibly messy so a Dinosaur for Hamish and Outer Space for Xavier.

  33. 5+ pack cause we need a lot of labels

  34. 5+ pack cause we need a lot of labels

  35. i would love sone bagtags for my boys lunchboxes which arr black and hard to name :) i will need to ask them which one as they have very particular choices now that i cant always pick.
    Lauren Kapper

  36. I love the puzzles! perfect for helping my little man learn the letters of his own name.

  37. Great giveaway. I think I'd go for a photobook, I've been wanting to do one for ages or wall stickers, we are currently renovating and can't wait to make bedrooms for my son and daughter (they currently share)

  38. Great giveaway! I have used these previously they are just great. I will have to restock now as we are out of our last order and have 2 extra children I would choose the Kids designer labels range in pink blue and green possible spring nest and monster derby

  39. I would choose pink backpack with Woodlands design, thanks for the great giveaway!

  40. I would love the wooden name puzzels for my 2 little boys!I would choose the blue, orange, yellow & green colours. I would also put the voucher towards some new labels as the last ones i ordered were from a different company and they fall off in the dishwasher!!

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