Monday, December 23, 2013

Creating a Children's Bedroom Haven with Furniture Online

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Creating a space for children to call their own is very important.  When you have a large family, it makes it harder to make sure that there is enough pockets in the house for a child to retreat when they want some "time out". 

As adults, we have much more space in the home.  I mean, our bedroom is our bedroom, lounge room is a lounge room and we even have a separate office space.

When it comes to the Reasons, their room holds it all.  Bedroom, desk, storage and sometimes a lounge area.

With this in mind, you really need to think about the type of furniture you put in the space to keep it functional, practical, but also a "haven" for your children.  Start with one BIG piece (usually the bed), add a good storage piece and then work from there.  

Furniture Online have a fantastic, budget friendly range of furniture, for all aspects of the home.  They have done the hard work for you - choosing the best possible manufacturers to ensure you get great quality at the lowest possible price.  Cutting out the middle man always makes for a happier consumer and should you find ANY product at any other competitor at a lower price within the 30 days of your purchase, they'll beat the quoted price, guaranteed* (conditions apply)

Here are some of my favourite "Kids Room" pieces:

Space Saving to the MAX.  If you have 2 children sharing a room, two of these on opposite walls would work really well.  Giving each child their own space and plenty of storage for a small price tag.

I love matchy match suites in kids rooms.  This set is clean and streamline and can easily be dressed up with accessories.  Plenty of storage and a trundle for when guests stay over.

Once you have figured out your main pieces, now you can start creating a haven for your child.

I suggest you check out the Kids Storage Furniture next.

Furniture Online has many options to personalise your child's space, including many Chests & BookcasesBaby Furniture - Cots & Prams and plenty of Kids Storage Furniture!

Check out a few of my favourites from Furniture Online:

Dinosaur Bookcase
Magic Garden Book Shelf

JellyBob Creative Station

How cool are these space saving arm chairs for Kids!?

Check out Furniture Online to experience
  • Convenience and Low Prices
  • Lowest Price Guarantee
  • HUGE range
  • Faster Delivery
  • Efficient & Friendly Service

So what is stopping you organising your Child's space this New Years?  

For a limited time - Furniture Online is offering Five Little Reasons readers 10% off store wide!  Just use the code 10OFF at checkout!

PS:  Wish list for my bedroom
European Love Seat Sofa

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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Deck the Halls!

I am serious when it comes to Christmas decorating.  I start early November, and aim to have it all done a few days before the start of December.  Our growing collection of Christmas books make an appearance and the Christmas Movies start getting a work out.

I usually start by hanging the lights and decorations on the house.  Not many, but enough to add to the magic of Christmas.  They hang on the house until the other preparations are complete, when we sit on the letterbox and have an official "lighting of the house"


This year, we have 5 tree's in the house.  Yes... FIVE!

The little boys purchased a $10 fibre optic tree with their own pocket money for their room, their weary eyes slowly falling with the magic glow every night.

The girls then decided they wanted a tree for their room.  They purchased a purple tinsel tree for $5 and decorated it with a collection of silver ornaments we had spare.

Not wanting to be left out, Hayden then purchased his own tree - along with $10 worth of green baubles.   His favourite colour.

They then gathered around to decorate their tree in the family room.  The growing collection of decorations, every single one handmade, are treasured by the Five.   They take their time reminiscing and showing off their creations - some dating back 10 years.


Finally, we have our Family Christmas Tree.  I have fond memories of looking up at what was perceived as a giant Christmas tree when I was a little girl, so when Hayden was born, it was a must that we purchased the biggest tree our house could hold.

And every year, I take my time to carefully decorate the tree.  Making sure to imprint the magic into the Five's little minds for them to have their own memories in years to come.

I spend a day erecting the tree - adding over 1000 led's as I go, and then another day placing all the ornaments on, making sure not a spot is bare.  Then, the Five add their name baubles on the tree, along with the "heart" of the tree.

Some might say corny...  we call it traditions.

This year, Joshua was nominated as the star catcher.  A responsibility that is taken very seriously.  It's the final part of the Christmas preparations.

Let the festivities begin...

Monday, November 4, 2013

A Fresh Start - Five Little Reasons Relaunch

After having the last few months off, I have finally had that "re-spark" moment.    You know the one?  Where you suddenly remember how much you loved doing something and a fire in your belly starts to swell and the excitement you once had makes you giddy.

I have always loved my blog.  For many reasons.  I love to share.  I love to connect.  But my main reason is because I love to write.

Special thanks goes to Kelsey from Kreated by Kelsey who designed the new look.  Kelsey was so easy to work with and got my vision straight away!  Thanks Kelsey!

So here we go.  A fresh new look and a fresh new start.

I am ready.  Are you?

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

4 months on...

To say that I have been going through some personal stuff is an understatement.  The past 4 months have been my personal worst in my entire life.

I have done some soul searching before.  Many times.  But this time it has been different.  I dove deeper into my heart and mind than I ever have before.

Let's go back 4 months.

June 2013.  I hit an all time low.  Rock bottom.

I was taking on way too many things.  Taking on too many of other peoples problems.  Spending way to much time "helping" others and not taking care of yours truly.   Years of putting other people first had finally taken its toll.  The whirlwind of events that followed was excruciating for the few people around me to watch.  I spiralled out of control.  In many ways.

I was lost.  Well and truly struggling to figure out my way.  And I was starting to hurt myself more than I realised.  I started looking for ways to numb the pain.  To attempt to feel happy again.   I didn't care anymore.  I told people what I thought of them, not giving too hoots who I hurt along the way.  I started to consciously let everyone down.  And the main person I was hurting was myself.

Then the day came... I got stuck.  Completely stuck while the world continued around me.  I couldn't move.  I literally didn't move.  I spent weeks in bed.  Ignoring everyone.  I stopped blogging.  I stopped studying.  I stopped writing.  I stopped.  I deleted everyone from my life.  100% handing the reins over to Brett who, thankfully, stepped up like I have never seen him before.

I had so many emotions swirling around, but the one that sticks with me is anger.  I am so angry.  With the world.    I was questioning every single thing.  My relationships.  My mothering skills.  Everything.

And down I kept going.

I am the first one to be there to help when others are in need.  I am the first one to give my ALL when I see someone hurting.  This time, I needed to help myself.  Brett didn't know what to do.  And no one else was stepping up to the plate.  I wondered why that was.  Was it because I wasn't worth it?  Was it because I was really good at pretending?  I understood that people had their own things going on... but so have I over all the years, and I have always been there for them.  My head was totally messed up.

I don't know what finally switched, but I carried my sorry arse to my GP.  I knew I needed help.  I have never asked for help before.  Not for me.

I was diagnosed with severe anxiety and stress.  The bottom of the bottom.  My GP wanted to put me in an ambulance and send me straight to the looney bin.  I was done.  Well and truly done.

I don't know how, but I managed to convince him that I was not *that* bad.   He gave me a script and a referral to a phycologist.   I promised that I would walk out of his office straight into the phycologists office.

I never went.  I convinced myself that enough was enough and I started hauling my arse out of my hole.

I am not going to lie.  It has been a big struggle.  But I am slowly getting there.


But surely.

So, here we are.  High enough now to start joining the real world again.  Spending more time looking after myself.  Putting myself first.

I am still angry.  I struggle every day to keep my anger at bay.  And most of the time, I don't even know what I am angry about.  I am angry at myself for not looking after me.   Angry for allowing myself to be disappointed time and time again - even when I expect people will let me down.   Angry at people for not being there for me.

I am slowly finding my happy place and realising that I put way too much pressure on myself.  I want to be my perfect self.  But I need to realise that I already am.

I am an awesome mother, wife and friend.  And if others can't appreciate that, then I don't have time to dwell in self pity because of it.

I need to let go of the grudges, slow my racing brain and enjoy the life I am living.

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

Becoming a Mother has been my greatest life accomplishment.

My heart is full.

My life is complete.

Happy Mother's Day!

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Making Mornings Easy with Uncle Tobys {Giveaway}

And the winner is...


Shoot me an email at so I can get the prize out to you!

I don't think I need to tell you that mornings at the Five Little Reasons house are hectic.  We have a "loose" schedule, but of course, mornings happen and most of the time we just go with the flow.

The kids wake at about 6:30am and we have to be out the door at 7:55am sharp.  Needless to say, we need breakfast to be quick, easy but most importantly nutritious and filling.

The Five LOVE oats, however I have never been a fan of standing at the stove making a huge batch of porridge.  I always make waaaay too much and it somehow manages to get it everywhere.

We discovered Uncle Tobys Oats "Quick Sachets" last winter and they were an huge hit.





something the Reasons can make themselves!  No more stirring forever and having to clean the stovetop every morning!

And as a mother, the fact that oats are made with no artificial colours or flavours means that I can trust the Five are having a healthy, nourishing and varied breakfast every morning and will have enough energy to get them through the day.

Did I say easy?  Seriously.  Just empty the oats into your microwaveable bowl, fill the sachet with milk to the fill line, pour over the oats and cook for 90 seconds.  Let it cool for a bit and serve.

 The hardest part is choosing from the NINE different flavours.  Hayden's favourite is Golden Syrup.

Uncle Tobys want all young Australian families to have the opportunity to start their day with a healthy bowl of oats and have launched the My Little Oats campaign.

Find tips for getting your little ones onto oats, request your own free sample and your Little Reasons can make their very own placemat to help encourage a healthy breakfast routine.

Uncle Tobys Oats Quick Sachets have been given the Five Little Reasons stamp of awesomeness!

To celebrate the My Little Oats campaign, Uncle Tobys have an awesome prize pack for one Five Little Reasons reader to help warm your family this Winter.

 1 x Winter's worth of Oats - The prize will be delivered to the winner as 2 cases of UNCLE TOBYS Quick Sachet Oats Classic Variety; 2 cases of UNCLE TOBYS Quick Sachet Oats Fruit Variety; and 2 x cases of UNCLE TOBYS Quick Sachet Oats Original. In total you will receive 340 Quick Sachets.

1 x Canon Video Camera RRP Value $400 to help you capture your family's warm moments.

To enter: Leave a comment below telling me your favourite Uncle Tobys Oats Quick Sachet flavour and also tell us how you entertain your kids at breakfast time.

*Open to Australian residence only.  Competition closes midnight 17th May 2013 and winner will be announced Sunday 19th May.

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