Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The year that was...

As this year is coming to a close, I wanted to take the time to thank you all for being such awesome readers this year.  My blog has been growing at an alarming rate and I am so very grateful for the opportunities that it has brought to my little (big) family.

2012 has, with out a doubt, been one of the most challenging years of my life.  However, I have no regrets.  I love my little family and all the struggles that we face just make me stronger.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and may 2013 be full of light and love.

Yet another Tradition.  The Five Little Reasons and their Ooma & Santa!

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Friday, December 21, 2012

2012 Christmas Tradition Adventure! Part TWO!

Read Part ONE here!

It was quieter than I remember.  Maybe because we were there a little earlier?  In any case, it was nice to be first in line for the train.  

Hayden decided to explore the Christmas decorations section, while Lucy, Camille and the little boys rode the train.  

It was Camille's first time.  And the look of wonder in here eyes was magical.  

My heart skipped a beat.  

Or two.

And then it was time.  Time to see the Big Man in Red.  

We crossed the train tracks and made our way into his secret office.  Joshua knocked on the door and an elf answered saying Santa was ready for us.  Cookie, his reindeer, lay sleeping on the ground.  With a bellowed laugh, he welcomed us in.  

The Reasons beamed and immediately ran over to start running off their lists and questions.  Oh the magical questions.  

How is Mrs Claus?  How are the reindeer?  Are the elves happy?  Are you paying them in candy canes or peppermint chocolates?

The assumed their positions and the photographer snapped away.  

Then it was time to go, and they said their goodbyes. 


We made our way out of Santaland and spent some time searching for a new Christmas book or two.  Another tradition. 

Without knowing what was ahead of us, we chose "Russell's Magic Christmas

Along with a "hide and seek" Christmas book.

Then it was time.  Time to head to our next destination.

As we navigated our way through the crowds, we saw the twinkle lights in the distance. 

And it was spectacular!

I read each window (page) carefully and full of expression.  Five Little Reasons and Two Gorgeous Friends listening carefully.  Taking in each word.  Experiencing every sparkle of every window.

As I reached the final window and announced the words "The End" the crowd around applauded.

I hadn't even noticed the audience that had been listening to my every word.  A father thanked me for such a dramatic reading and the crowd dispersed. 

I turned to Brett and laughed.  I should have charged!

We then slowly made our way to see the Lord Mayor's Christmas Tree, which had only been officially "lit" just a few hours earlier.  

It was at this point that I had a minor break down.  Seven kids, three adults and a bustling city centre will do that do a mother.   

It was after the 2nd time I lost Camille in the crowd that I announced that it was time to end our adventure.  

Kids were tired, mama was stressed and I was getting increasingly uncomfortable in the heat and humidity.

We made our way back to the car, turned the air-con on high and drove  home.

It was hard work.  Really hard work.  

But there are Five Little Reasons why we do it.  


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Thursday, December 13, 2012

2012 Christmas Tradition Adventure! Part One!

Have I mentioned by big desire to create and nurture our family traditions.  It is on the top of my radar.

Every. Single.  Day.

More traditions are jam packed into December than any other month.  For obvious reasons.

It isn't called the Silly Season for nothing.

Jam packed!



Totally worth it!

There are Five Little Reasons why we do it all.

This year, my gorgeous friend Belinda and her two boys joined us for our adventure.  And it was so lovely having them with us.  Friends that make me smile. 

As we set up North in the Mama van bound for the "big city", the Reasons watch Christmas movies while Brett and I take the time to talk.  The first time in a while that we have had a whole hour to just talk.

We needed it.

My "Elf" jeans!

Hello Brisbane City!

Arriving at the Myer center, we find a park and start our journey to the Pancake Manor.  This is the 4th year we have taken the Reasons there for a pre-adventure dinner.  And they love it.

I mean, who wouldn't love pancakes for dinner!


Another tradition - a photo montage on the steeps of the Pancake Manor!

Have you spotted how cheeky Oliver is this year.  We are totally in love with his cheeky, comical personality!

Yep.  That's Oliver.

My girls.


After dinner has been demolished, we pay the bill and head back down into the bottom level of the underground carpark and start wiping the stickness off the Reasons and change them into their "photo" outfits!

Phase 2 of the adventure now begins.  We slowly make our way up to the top of Myer.  Window shopping as we go.  Lead and Follow.  Follow and Lead.

Stopping along the way when the Reasons called me for a photo op.

They are just too funny.

And then we arrived at Santaland...

Continue to Part TWO here!

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Karma Soap Company! A Giveaway!

And the Winner is....

Congratulations Stakky32.  Shoot me through an email to 


I don't need to tell you that we have sensitive skin issues at the Five Little Reasons home.  You all know that Brett is a fair skinned red head, and with that comes the dry itchy skin.

We have tried many things over the years.  And we keep coming back to Goats Milk soaps.

The Karma Soap Company has the most delicious Goats Milk soaps and accessories. Felicity is so passionate about her products.
"I have a love, ok more an addiction that anything, nothing illegal, immoral or dangerous (if your not my wallet)!   My love is for handmade soaps."
After unofficially starting her business in December 2010 by making all her family and friends handmade soaps for Christmas, Felicity officially launched in February 2011 after such a positive response.

The Five Little Reasons favourites are

Peppermint Goats Milk Soap

Strawberry Bubblegum Goats Milk Soap

Coconut Moisture Bath

 We use the Moisture Bath on the Five Little Reasons.  It contains pure coconut oil which softens the water and moisturise skin at the same time as cleaning their soft skin.  And it smells devine!

And check out these gorgeous range of Cupcake Soaps!
Christmas Tree Goats Milk Soap
Christmas Pudding Goats Milk Soap

Felicity from The Karma Soap Company is offering my readers 15% off any order over $20.  Just put in the code 5REASONS at checkout!  Limit 1 per customer and is only valid for Australian residence only. 

And what is more...We have a $20 gift voucher just for one of YOU!

All you have to do is head over to The Karma Soap Company and tell me what you would spend your $20 on and why.  

Leave your answer in a comment below along with your details.  Competition closes Monday 17th December at 8pm and is open to Australian residence only. 

   "A special thank you to you Felicity, it has been so hard being a mumma of a premmature bub with not being able to use wipes except for organic ones - no soaps- pretty much no nothing because of sensitive skin, so sensitive it would make her cry.But not tonight! The goats milk soap was brilliant, her skin was left fresh and soft - she even loved playing with it. I had no teary baby and no red rashy skin...
Whilst she wasnt teary I was it was so nice to finally have her relax and have fun!
Thank you so much for all the love/time and quality that you put into your products! ♥"

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Funky Genes - A Giveaway!

And the Winner is...

 Congratulations MichVee!  Shoot me through your details to ASAP so that we can get your Poppy doll to you before Christmas!


I have been a fan of Funky Genes for a while now.  Gorgeous toys, funky clothes and do you remember the gorgeous Pajamas that the Five Little Reasons modeled?

My favourite items over at Funky Genes right now are the gorgeous May Bunting Necklaces.

And I am still totally in love with the Alimrose Soft Dolls

Tara is giving Five Little Reasons readers 20% off Almirose Toy range - just in time for Christmas!  Just enter the code RUDOLPH at checkout.  One discount code per transaction. Discount is valid until Sunday 16th December.


Not only that - Funky Genes have FREE Christmas wrapping!  This makes me seriously excited.  

And today, I have One Alimrose Doll up for grabs!  All you have to do is pop over to Funky Genes and tell me your #1 favourite item in the store.  


Then post a comment here with your details and if you would like a "Poppy" or a "SuperHero" doll for your little one for Christmas!



Competition ends Sunday 16th December at 8pm.  Australian residence only.  


Goodluck and Happy Shopping!



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