Friday, November 30, 2012

J Lilly Fashion Christmas Giveaway

Thank you to everyone who entered.

The Winner is...

 Congratulations Kerry!  Shoot me an email at with your details so we can get your Jewlery Set to you asap!


When I first met Robyn at one of our local markets, I was drawn to her gorgeous and unique jewelery.  I could have spent hours rummaging through her tables and finally asked if she had a "store".  Of course!  Robyn has a wonderful Facebook store.

J Lilly- Fashion.

Some of my favourite pieces are:

My list goes on and on.  I have already started a Christmas present list for some of my nearest and dearest. 


"I have recently discovered that I have a passion for making beautiful pieces of jewellery. I also love to find interesting and individual pieces in sterling silver. I'm a big fan of the vintage look but am also fascinated as to where modern jewellery is heading. There's no limit - as long as it makes you feel special..." Robyn

And for one Lucky reader, Robyn has put together a gorgeous gift pack to receive just in time for Christmas.

All you have to do is head to J Lilly - Fashion's facebook page and "like" them.  Then leave me a comment below telling me that you have and what your favourite item on her page is.

Simple and easy.

Competition closes Friday 7th December at 6pm and is open to Australian residence only. 

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Garage Storage!

If you have been here a while, you would know that the garage is the hub of our house.  We are outdoor peeps.  The Five Little Reasons spend most of the weekend on the Driveway.  As my girlfriends and I sit on our outdoor lounge, the Five Little Reasons and their friends ride their bikes, play giant lawn chess, street hockey, cricket and any other ball game you can think of, as well as do their arts and crafts all on the driveway.

See the back wall?  That is our school station.  Shoes, school bags, hats and schedules all easy accessable.   You can find information about our School Station HERE.

I store all of our Christmas paraphernalia in our garage.  I was told many years ago that the roof in our QLD home is far too hot for such precious items, so I no longer try to balance at the top of a ladder while shoving a 8 foot tree box through a 60x60cm square manhole.

As you can see, I am pretty organised.  With the growing collection of bikes, trikes, scooters, rip riders, street hockey gear and all other types of driveway toys, I have to keep it neat and tidy.  This room gets cleaned out every weekend.  While the kids are playing, I am resorting, cleaning and sweeping away all the dirt, leaves and grass that makes it way back in again every single day.

Everything has a home, which is clearly marked.  Even the Five Little Reasons know where to find things.  

To make life easier, the clear box next to the "Beach Toys" homes ALL of our swimming clothes.  It makes it so much easier to grab the box, sit on the lounge and hand over a Reasons swimmers and vests.  The clear box below homes all the rain coats.  

All the clear boxes above the balls hold all the various craft items. 

Christmas decorations, Easter and other special holiday paraphernalia.  It is easy to see and find what we have.

Painting necessities and Music equipment.  

When a child grows out of a pair of shoes, they are put in the "hand-me-down shoes" box, ready for when another pair of feet are big enough.  

When I see basic school supplies on special throughout the year, I will place them into the "School Supplies" box.  Plenty of the Five Little Reasons favourite contact paper, folders, even glue sticks as low as 50c each, helps make January easier on the wallet.

Down the other side of the car is the Lawn Mower, a ladder, a "garage" vaccum cleaner (I bought a cheap one for picking up all the things I don't wish to have my Dyson subjected to), plus some extra large speakers which Brett won't let go of and the Five Little Reasons blackboard.

We don't have the room anywhere to keep the drum kit set up permanently, however it is easy to set up and pack away.  During the holidays, it will stay out for longer, either in the garage or lounge room (until I get sick of it and we pack it away again!)

Oh, and see that giant blue box at the bottom?  The one with the red X on it?  That holds secret items purchase throughout the year ready to be wrapped and placed under the tree.  Ssh... now you know my secret hiding spot!  :)

Do you have a garage?  Do you have a shed?  Where do you store things?  

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

And the winner is...

What an awesome response to the Tiger Tribe toys competition. 

Thank you to everyone for entering.

The winner is...

Congratulations Karen.

Please email me at with your details so we can have the awesome toys shipping to you.

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Tiger Tribe Review and Christmas GIVEAWAY!

When the Five Little Reasons received a package from Tiger Tribe with some Stocking Stuffer gifts to review, I knew immediately that the contents would be a hit.

We headed out into an open space near our house to test the toys.

First up, Hayden received a Tiger Tribe Zing Glider.  He is totally attached to this toy.   It has been pulled out every afternoon for two weeks straight.

 It is very easy to use and "rip" proof.  Zing it and watch it fly over 30 meters.  We had so much fun with the Tiger Tribe Zing Glider.  

It comes in a range of designs and is suitable for kids 6+ (and dad's of any age - yes, Brett had a lot of fun too!)

Next up, Joshua pulled out a Tiger Tribe "Tim Flying Bird".  He sat in the grass and read the instructions.  After a few twists (and no batteries), the bird started flapping in his hands.  As he let go, it started to fly.  Joshua thought it was the bee's knee's.  Suitable for kids 6+, this bird can fly up to 45 meters!

When we headed back home, Lucy and Oliver decided to test their gifts.  Lucy quickly started making some cards for her friends with her new Sweet Thing Stamp Sets (Forest Friends and Flowers 2)

You can't go wrong with the gorgeous colours and cute designs of these stamp sets.  Lucy was thrilled and after browsing the website, she has decided that she wants to add the Sweet Things Stamp Set - Birds and Sweet Things Stamp Set - Hearts to her collection.

Oliver received, what I think was the best of all.  I totally love the Magna Play Set.  Designed and illustrated in Australia, these sets are brilliant for keeping kids occupied in the car, on a plane or anywhere you are these holidays.

Everything stays put as they either create their own designs or follow the included instruction cards to create an image.  And there are plenty of sets to choose from including a Creative Creatures set, a Secret Garden set and a Things That Go set.

It all packs away neatly into it's own magnetic case, so there are no lost pieces!

This set has been a fantastic addition to our "Homework" box.  A couple more of these Magna Play Sets is definitely on our stocking list.

And finally Camille received a Baby Bells Rollers Duck.  She has been pushing it around the house and takes it everywhere in her little handbag.  It is made from sustainable plantation forest wood and has rubber wheels so it doesn't scratch the floor or walls.

This would most definitely make a really stylish baby gift and comes in a Duck, Dog, Bird, Kangaroo and Elephant.

All of these toys pass the Five Little Reasons test and have been a wonderful addition to our playtime.  And thanks to Brand Meets Blog and Tiger Tribe, we have a set of these toys to giveaway.

Winner will receive a pack valued at $113.70 including:


Tiger Tribe Zing Glider RRP $14.95

Tim Flying Birth RRP $19.95

Sweet Things Stamp Sets - Forest Friends and Flowers 2 RRP $11.95 each

Magna Play Set RRP $34.95

Baby Bell Rollers - Duck RRP $19.95

All you have to do is visit Tiger Tribe and in a comment below, 

1: Name THREE "Active Toys"

2: Search the website and tell me the name of the stockest nearest you!

This competition is now closed and the Winner can be found HERE

Five Little Reasons received the gifts from Tiger Tribe.  All opinions are 100% ours. For further information please read our Disclosure Policy

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Monday, November 5, 2012

Don't Judge a Book by it's Cover.

If you haven't picked up by now,  I will tell you that I am a very confident person when it comes to my body.  I have accepted what I look like.  And I honestly don't care what other people think of me... on the outside.  However, when it comes to my personality, I am very insecure.  I crave people to love me.  For who I am. 

Now, I understand that some people won't like me.  I get that.  Totally.  However when they don't like who they "think" I am, it really hurts.  When I am called a bitch or arrogant by people that I don't even know... it really gets my goat.  Who do they think I am???

I received an email recently from an person I know, basically telling me how she now admits to having judged my character incorrectly when she first met me many months ago.  To her, I was "another loud mouth opinionated and annoying mother".  I was a person who you heard before you could see, someone who had an opinion about everything and someone who came across as "arrogant and happy to walk all over everyone around me."

The email cut me to the core because she basically confirmed all my insecurities about myself.   I have struggled for a very long time about how people see me.  I am one of those people who doesn't make a good first impression.

I am loud and an extrovert.  I am opinionated.  I am self-confident.  I am secure in my beliefs.  I am passionate. 

But that does not make me judgmental, arrogant, aggressive or cantankerous.

Having an opinion doesn't make you judgmental.  I am the least judgemental person you will ever know.  I accept everyone for who they are.  I accept everyone for who they want to be.  I accept everyone for what they want to do.

But I have an opinion.  Actually, let me correct that by saying that I have my own ways.  I have had 5 children.  Five very different births, five very different personalities, five very different parenting tacktics for each child.

10 years of trying different things, different ways, different "opinions".  With this gives me experience.  A wide range of experience.  And with this comes a well informed, well thought out opinion.  But it is MY opinion and I understand that what works for me, doesn't necessarily work for others.

After receiving said email, I did what I normally do when someone judges my character - I retreated. Completely.  I keep to myself in social situations, I only speak when spoken to and I flutter in and out of places without people knowing I was there.   I took one of the Reasons to a birthday party recently and found myself sitting in the corner chanting "Do not say anything, do not say anything" whilst the lovely mums around me chatted about life.  I didn't engage. 

It was horrible.  And I cried all the way home.  

I LOVE engaging with people.  It is who I am.  And I love who I am.

I am glad this Mama emailed me to let me know that after getting to know me better, she admits she judged me very harshly.  I am nothing like what she first thought. 

I am kind, I am gentle and I am open minded and tolerant.

I wish people were like this of me.  Don't judge a book by it's cover.

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