Thursday, December 13, 2012

2012 Christmas Tradition Adventure! Part One!

Have I mentioned by big desire to create and nurture our family traditions.  It is on the top of my radar.

Every. Single.  Day.

More traditions are jam packed into December than any other month.  For obvious reasons.

It isn't called the Silly Season for nothing.

Jam packed!



Totally worth it!

There are Five Little Reasons why we do it all.

This year, my gorgeous friend Belinda and her two boys joined us for our adventure.  And it was so lovely having them with us.  Friends that make me smile. 

As we set up North in the Mama van bound for the "big city", the Reasons watch Christmas movies while Brett and I take the time to talk.  The first time in a while that we have had a whole hour to just talk.

We needed it.

My "Elf" jeans!

Hello Brisbane City!

Arriving at the Myer center, we find a park and start our journey to the Pancake Manor.  This is the 4th year we have taken the Reasons there for a pre-adventure dinner.  And they love it.

I mean, who wouldn't love pancakes for dinner!


Another tradition - a photo montage on the steeps of the Pancake Manor!

Have you spotted how cheeky Oliver is this year.  We are totally in love with his cheeky, comical personality!

Yep.  That's Oliver.

My girls.


After dinner has been demolished, we pay the bill and head back down into the bottom level of the underground carpark and start wiping the stickness off the Reasons and change them into their "photo" outfits!

Phase 2 of the adventure now begins.  We slowly make our way up to the top of Myer.  Window shopping as we go.  Lead and Follow.  Follow and Lead.

Stopping along the way when the Reasons called me for a photo op.

They are just too funny.

And then we arrived at Santaland...

Continue to Part TWO here!

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