Monday, November 19, 2012

Tiger Tribe Review and Christmas GIVEAWAY!

When the Five Little Reasons received a package from Tiger Tribe with some Stocking Stuffer gifts to review, I knew immediately that the contents would be a hit.

We headed out into an open space near our house to test the toys.

First up, Hayden received a Tiger Tribe Zing Glider.  He is totally attached to this toy.   It has been pulled out every afternoon for two weeks straight.

 It is very easy to use and "rip" proof.  Zing it and watch it fly over 30 meters.  We had so much fun with the Tiger Tribe Zing Glider.  

It comes in a range of designs and is suitable for kids 6+ (and dad's of any age - yes, Brett had a lot of fun too!)

Next up, Joshua pulled out a Tiger Tribe "Tim Flying Bird".  He sat in the grass and read the instructions.  After a few twists (and no batteries), the bird started flapping in his hands.  As he let go, it started to fly.  Joshua thought it was the bee's knee's.  Suitable for kids 6+, this bird can fly up to 45 meters!

When we headed back home, Lucy and Oliver decided to test their gifts.  Lucy quickly started making some cards for her friends with her new Sweet Thing Stamp Sets (Forest Friends and Flowers 2)

You can't go wrong with the gorgeous colours and cute designs of these stamp sets.  Lucy was thrilled and after browsing the website, she has decided that she wants to add the Sweet Things Stamp Set - Birds and Sweet Things Stamp Set - Hearts to her collection.

Oliver received, what I think was the best of all.  I totally love the Magna Play Set.  Designed and illustrated in Australia, these sets are brilliant for keeping kids occupied in the car, on a plane or anywhere you are these holidays.

Everything stays put as they either create their own designs or follow the included instruction cards to create an image.  And there are plenty of sets to choose from including a Creative Creatures set, a Secret Garden set and a Things That Go set.

It all packs away neatly into it's own magnetic case, so there are no lost pieces!

This set has been a fantastic addition to our "Homework" box.  A couple more of these Magna Play Sets is definitely on our stocking list.

And finally Camille received a Baby Bells Rollers Duck.  She has been pushing it around the house and takes it everywhere in her little handbag.  It is made from sustainable plantation forest wood and has rubber wheels so it doesn't scratch the floor or walls.

This would most definitely make a really stylish baby gift and comes in a Duck, Dog, Bird, Kangaroo and Elephant.

All of these toys pass the Five Little Reasons test and have been a wonderful addition to our playtime.  And thanks to Brand Meets Blog and Tiger Tribe, we have a set of these toys to giveaway.

Winner will receive a pack valued at $113.70 including:


Tiger Tribe Zing Glider RRP $14.95

Tim Flying Birth RRP $19.95

Sweet Things Stamp Sets - Forest Friends and Flowers 2 RRP $11.95 each

Magna Play Set RRP $34.95

Baby Bell Rollers - Duck RRP $19.95

All you have to do is visit Tiger Tribe and in a comment below, 

1: Name THREE "Active Toys"

2: Search the website and tell me the name of the stockest nearest you!

This competition is now closed and the Winner can be found HERE

Five Little Reasons received the gifts from Tiger Tribe.  All opinions are 100% ours. For further information please read our Disclosure Policy

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  1. Jumped on over to Tiger Tribe :: Loving the range of toys!
    Three active toys :: Inflatable World Globe – 50cm, Timmy Junior – Flying Bird, Wooden Balance Bike – Red.
    Nearest stockists - Maudie & Me – 84 Wood St, Mackay, QLD, 4740, Australia

  2. three active toys- alphabet big ball 40cm,easy kite diamond,flying bird
    nearest stockists near me-Funky Kids – Karrinyup – Shop 122, Karrinyup Shopping Ctr, Karrinyup, WA

  3. Active Toys - Flying Bird, Inflatable World Globe – 50cm, Alphabet Big Ball – 40cm
    Nearest Stockist - Chatterbox Toys - Shop 5 22 Bainbridge St, Ormiston, QLD

  4. How great are the Magna Play sets!?! Love them.

    The Felt Ball - World Globe, Wooden Balance Bike, and the Alphabet Big Ball are pretty cool too.

    Billy Lidz, in Berwick, VIC, is my closest stockist.

    Too cool, Tiger Tribe. :)

  5. Active toys- pocket kites, loona balls ballon covers and the felt world ball globe
    Nearest stockist- House and Doll, Bulimba

    Very cool site.

  6. Wooden balance bike-red, flying bird, alphabet ball-40cm.
    Stockest near me is Millie Jones - Jindalee
    Love the magnetic toys. Great idea.

  7. OMG - Gorgeous toys!! Love Tim Bird!

    Three active toys: Pocket Kites / Timmy Junior - Flying Bird / Inflatable Soccer ball -20cm.
    Closest store to me: Too close LOL! Puzzling at Robina Town Centre.

  8. Three active toys - Wooden Balance Bike, Pocket Kites and Inflatable World Globe!
    Stockest nearest to me is Baby Bunting, Helensvale! :)

  9. The Easy Kite Diamond, Inflatable world globe and Flying bird

    Closest stockist is Kidstuff at Cronulla NSW

  10. Active toys; Timmy Junior - Flying Bird, Loona Balls - Balloon Covers and Pocket Kite's.

    Nearest stockist; Bellamac, Moonah Tas.

    Thank you, Danielle :)

  11. Hello - we love Tiger Tribe! All this stuff I haven't seen yet is exciting! I'm thinking Christmas presents for my nephews!
    Active toys - Flying Bird, Inflatable World Globe, and Pocket Kites
    Nearest Stockist - Karrinyup, WA (they need more north of the river!)

  12. Active toys
    Timmy Junior – Flying Bird
    Loona Balls – Balloon Covers
    Wooden Balance Bike – Red
    Nearest Stockist
    Lellow - 3a/ 25 Lonsdale Street, Braddon, ACT, 2612

    What a lovely competition, just in time for Christmas :)

  13. What a fantastic prize pack!

    3 active toys we love the look of are the Wooden balance bike, the pocket kites and the felt ball globe. Perfect for our active toddler (and the tweens can have fun too)

    My closest stockist is Cadootje in Newstead, Tas. :)

  14. I love the Manga Play Sets for some creativity and imaginary play.

    The three products that I am naming are: Wooden Balance Bike – Red, Pocket Kites, and Flying Bird.

    Nearest Stockist: Kids Central – Marion – Shop 1090 Westfield Marion, Marion, SA.

    Thanks Tiger Tribe for advising me of this competition, and Five Litte Reasons for organising this promotion.

  15. Gibson's Homewares in Noosaville are our nearest stockist - was only there last week picking up a magna play set!

    Love love love Tiger Tribe!!

    Active toys are: wooden balance bike, flying bird and pocket kites.

  16. Wooden balance Bike, Inflatable stripey ball and the Pocket Kites.
    Our nearest store is Baby Bunting – Geelong – Geelong Homemaker Centre, 235-237 Colac Road, Geelong, VIC, Australia

    Great idea before christmas! :)

  17. Love Tiger Tribe products!
    Three active toys; inflatable soccer ball, Timmy Junior flying bird, Wooden Balance Bike in red.
    My nearest stockist is Chatterbox Toys in Ormiston, QLD.

    Thanks for the chance to win :)

  18. Inflatable World Globe, Flying Bird, Pocket Kites - Baby Bunting, Ringwood, VIC

  19. My favourite three of TIGER TRIBE'S active toys are the pocket kite, Timmy Junior - Flying Bird & the Wooden Balance Bike. Was happy to actually find 3 shops in our nearest town, but the one we know best is Entropy – Garbutt - Shop 6, Hyde Park Centre, Corner Kings Rd & Woolcock St, Hyde Park, QLD only 135km away which is so much closer than I expected! Yay - more stocking stuffer ideas !!!

  20. 3 active toys are Timmy Junior - Flying Bird, Wooden Balance Bike - Red & Pocket Kites (love these kites!)

    Closest shop near me is The Laurel Tree at Henley Beach South

  21. Super Clay – Flower Pot, Jet Racer Aeroplane Set, Rag Doll – Ruby

    Nearest Stockist: The Play Room – Osborne Park WA

  22. Wooden Balance Bike – Red
    Easy Kite – Diamond
    Timmy Junior – Flying Bird
    stockist is: Baby Bunting – Moore Park Supa Ctr – LG 02, Cnr Todman Ave and South Dowling St, Kensington, NSW

  23. I LOVE Tiger Tribe!
    Active Toys:
    Timmy Junior - Flying Bird
    Inflatable Soccer Ball - 20cm
    Wooden Balance Bike - Red

    My nearest stockist is Baby Bunting (Kawana Waters, QLD) Within walking distance!
    Cheers xx

  24. We are already big Tiger Tribe fans! We love playing with their balls especially, like the inflatable world globe and inflatable soccer ball. Out little fellow is just big enough for the balance bike too.

    Our nearest stockist is Lollipop Kids, Beaumont St Hamilton NSW

  25. Already love Tiger Tribe! My kids have already asked Santa for a red wooden balance bike, a flying bird and the 50cm inflatable world globe. Looks like I'll be heading over to our nearest stockist the Scott Dibben Chemist in Kotara to make sure their christmas wishes come true.

    1. Sorry clicked on the wrong profile the above comment is mine. Thanks

  26. Easy Kite - Diamond, Loona Balls and the Alphabet Big Ball. Our nearest stockist is Lellow in Braddon, ACT

  27. Flying bird, Balance bike,inflatable globe!
    NEarest and dearest is puzzling at robina town centre:)
    From SImone - 25 Corai Close, Pacific pInes QLd 4211

  28. Pocket kites, flying bird, inflatable world globe-50cm
    Our nearest stockist is chalk kensington , Vic

  29. We are big Tiger Tribe fans in this house!
    Active toys are: wooden balance bike in red, flying bird and the pocket kite (a favourite from Grandma)
    Our nearest stockist is Laugh and Learn – 207 Avoca St, Randwick, NSW

  30. 3 "Active Toys": Inflatable World Globe – 50cm, Wooden Balance Bike – Red, Pocket Kites
    My nearest stockist: Baby Bunting – Auburn – 241 Parramatta Rd, Auburn, NSW
    Thank you


    I love Tiger Tribe toys - so creative & such great quality!
    3 Activity toys: Wooden Balance Bike, Flying Bird & Easy Kite - Diamond
    Nearest Stockist: Babyroad – 260 Leach Hwy (cnr Norma Rd), Perth, WA, 6154

  32. Active Toys: Wooden Balance Bike, flying Bird, Pocket Kites.
    Closest Stockist: Lily and Sapphire, Coffs Harbour NSW.

  33. Michelle Hay
    Active Toys, Wooden Balance Bike red, Alphabet Big Ball 40cm and Inflatable World Globe Closest stockist Little Peoples Linen, 211 Old Cleveland Rd, Coorparoo, QLD, Australia. Thanks

  34. Active toys. : Pocket Kites, Inflatable World Globe, Flying bird.

  35. What great toys!

    Active toys: Timmy Junior - flying bird, Wooden balance bike - red, Easy kite - diamond.
    Closest stockist: Millie Jones – Shop 10 Jindalee Central, Jindalee, QLD, Australia
    :) Thanks!

  36. Active Toys:
    * Timmy Junior - Flying Bird
    * Pocket Kites
    * Loona Balls - Balloon Covers

    Closest stockist is Milk - Princes Hyw Fairy Meadow NSW

    Love their range and have a few things already.

  37. Wooden balance bike - red
    Timmy Junior - Flying bird
    Easy kite diamond

    My nearest stockist is Paperartzi in Echuca, VIC


  38. active toys:
    Flying bird,Pocket kites, wooden balance bike-red

    nearest stckist:
    Baby Bunting – Bella Vista – Shop 14, Totally Home Bella Vista, 4-6 Celebration Drive, Bella Vista, NSW, 2153

  39. My three Active Toys from the website are: Flying Birds, Wooden Balance Bike - red, and Pocket Kites.

    The nearest stockist to me is: The Toy Soldier – 391 Hampton St, Hampton, VIC, Australia

  40. 3 active toys - the pocket kite (we love ours, stays in the pram for outings), the new tim bird kite (might be next on the list) and the alphabet ball looks like a great gift.

    Our nearest stockest is Billy Lidz – Shop 6 Blackburn Sqr, Berwick, VIC and that is stillabit of a drive....

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  41. Three active toys Timmy Junior - Flying Bird, Easy Kite - Diamond and Pocket Kites.
    Oh a day of flying kites, memories to create with my children.
    The pocket kites, I think will be brilliant to keep in the glove box of the car when we have to travel.(we always take our own picnic lunch when we travel, these will make a grass verge into a air field!!)
    Our nearest stockist is in our local town(bit of a shock actually!) Chinchilla Toyworld, 97 Heeney Street, Chinchilla Qld, 4413

  42. 3 Active toys are: inflatable world globe, flying bird, and the wooden balance bike - red. My nearest stockist is: Baby Bunting – Gepps Cross Home Maker Ctr.
    Renae Georg -

  43. 3 Active toys are :The Felt Ball - World Globe, Wooden Balance Bike, and the Alphabet Big Ball. But there are so many cool active toys including the flying bird and pocket kites.

    My nearest stockist is Mercato Designs - 3/526/532 Port Hacking Road, Caringbah South

    Catie Fielder -

  44. We love tiger tribe!

    3 fun active toys - Wooden balance bike, Timmy Junior Flying Bird, Pocket Kite

    Nearest stockist - Kidstuff Manly NSW

  45. Kim m galwayst@hotmail.comNovember 21, 2012 at 10:34 PM

    My stockist is amazen games and puzzles which is a great shope five min from home, toys are pocket kites, wooden balance bike and inflatable world globe

  46. Easy Kite Diamond - perfect for my Miss 10
    Timmy Junior Flying Bird - prefect for my Miss 7
    Alphabet Big Ball - perfet for my Mr 4

    And my nearest stockist is Baby Bunting at Gepps Cross Homemaker Centre. I will be having a look next time I'm at this shopping centre for sure!

    Sarah Fleming

  47. HUGE Tiger Tribe fan - such awesome products.
    Active toys - inflatable soccer ball, wooden balance bike, easy kite - diamond.
    My nearest stockist is Groovy Kids at new farm, qld but I do love online shopping and support Haggus and Stookles which are Brisbane based as well.
    Fiona Rendalls

  48. Wooden balance bike, world globe, Alphabet ball.
    My nearest stockist is Bella rose boutique, Nelson bay nsw.

  49. My nearest stockist for feeding my Tiger Tribe obsession is Geppetto's Workshop Sorrento VIC

    3 Active Toys are : The Wooden Balance Bike
    Easy Kite
    Flying Bird

  50. How fantastic and just before Xmas!!

    The Wooden Balance Bike
    Pocket kite
    Flying Bird
    Funky Kids – Karrinyup – Shop 122, Karrinyup Shopping Ctr, Karrinyup, WA

  51. ACTIVE TOYS - Felt Ball – World Globe – 30cm
    - Timmy Junior – Flying Bird
    - Easy Kite – Diamond

    NEAREST STOCKIST - Molly and Jack – Shop 1 91 Mulga Rd, Oatley, NSW, Australia

  52. Hi Danielle

    Love your Website and this comp.
    Wooden Balance Bike – Red, Inflatable Stripey Ball, Easy kite - Diamond
    Kids Central – Penrith

    Have a great CHRISTMAS :)

  53. Alphabet big ball, how much fun,
    Timmy Junior – Flying Bird, to reach the sun.
    Wooden Balance Bike – Red, for my son!!!

    my closest stockist'
    Baby Bunting – Gepps Cross Home Maker Ctr – BLOCK 10, 750 Main North Rd, Gepps Cross, SA

    1. Timmy Junior Flying Bird, Wooden Balance Bike, Easy kite - Diamond
    2. Baby Bunting – Auburn – 241 Parramatta Rd, Auburn, NSW, Australia

    Great stuff, Regards,Vin

  55. 1. Wooden Balance Bike – Red
    2. Pocket Kites
    3. Alphabet Big Ball – 40cm

    Nearest stockist The Bay Tree – Smithfield – Shop 1, 62 Smithfield Centre, Smithfield, QLD

  56. Timmy junior flying bird
    Ruby ragdoll
    Alphabet big ball

    Jasper Junior - Chadstone Shopping Centre, Vic

  57. Three active toys:-
    Wooden Balance Bike – Red
    Inflatable Soccer Ball – 20cm
    Inflatable World Globe – 50cm

    My nearest stockist would be:- Wombats of Wagga – 35 Thompson St, Wagga, NSW, Australia

  58. Three active toys - Wooden Balance Bike, Pocket Kites and Inflatable World Globe!

    The stockist nearest to me is Kids Central in Southland Shopping Centre (VIC).

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  59. My three active toys to pick are:-
    Wooden Balance Bike - red
    Alphabet Big Ball - 40 cm
    Flying Ball...

    My nearest stockist's are : Confetti, Wagga and Wombats of Wagga

  60. Thee flying bird (that you reviewed and looks fab!)
    The inflatable world globe (the closest we'll get to an overseas trip for some time)
    The easy kite

    Our nearest stockist is Groovy Kids at New Farm


  61. Three active toys are:
    Pocket kites
    Easy Kite - Diamond
    Wooden Balance Bike - red

    Our nearest stockist is:
    Lellow - 3a/ 25 Lonsdale Street, Braddon, ACT, 2612

  62. Flying Bird
    Pocket Kites
    Inflatable Soccer Ball
    K&K Creative Toys at Indooroopilly

  63. Alphabet Big Ball
    Wooden Balance Bike
    Pocket Kites

    K and K Creative Toys – Indooroopilly – 260 Moggill Road, Indooroopilly, QLD, Australia

  64. Wooden Balance Bike – Red
    Easy Kite – Diamond
    Inflatable Soccer Ball – 20cm

    Baby Bunting – Thomastown – Shop 1, 36 Dalton Road, Thomastown, VIC

  65. Active toys: Flying bird, Inflatable World Globe and Wooden Balance Bike

    Nearest Stockist: Infancy at Newtown!

  66. Oooh... thankyou for some of these ideas!
    The Activity toys I like best are the Easy Kite, the Alphabet big ball and the loona balls balloon covers. I can get them all from Ruby's Room in Hobart!

  67. Inflatable World Globe – 50cm
    Wooden Balance Bike – Red
    Flyig bird.

    Nearest stockist is Berkelouw Books – Bowral... Oh dear only round the corner, but the good news is that this years christmas presents are even easier to find ;)

  68. 1. Inflatable soccer ball
    2. Flying bird
    3. Easy kite - diamond

    Closest shop is in Kids Central Chermside Westfield

    (I call it Germside because of all the germs)

  69. Active toys: Easy Kite – Diamond, Inflatable Stripey Ball – 40cm and Flying Bird

    Nearest stockist: Baby Bunting – Helensvale

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