Monday, October 15, 2012

The Countdown Has Begun

I am calling it.  Christmas is very close.  I could almost put up the tree. 

I won't.  But seriously, I could.

10 weeks until Christmas Eve.

Less than 4 weeks until Santa arrives in the shopping centres.  YES!  FOUR WEEKS!

I start decorating the house in all the Christmas paraphernalia in just over 4 weeks.

Brett's rule.  Not mine.  I have to wait until after his birthday in November. 

I have started shopping, planning and organising our Christmas.

Oh... and add two of the Little Reasons birthday's just DAYS before Christmas. 

Are you ready?  Have you started shopping?  Are you EXCITED?!?!

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  1. I'm at the planning presents in my head stage.

  2. I bought red and green pickled onions the other day for Christmas. They get hard to find in the supermarket close to Christmas.

  3. We haven't been home for Christmas since....well i can probably count the times i have been home for it (all my life) on one hand, i don't think i've put the tree up at all since Sean was born....i could be wrong, but i don't think so.

  4. I LOVE Christmas, love it. I am itching to put up the decorations, we are in a different house this year so I need to plan it all out. Unfortunately no littlies left in this branch of the family so lots of the "fun" has gone out of the I spend time in the toy department looking for toys to donate to charity instead :)

  5. The littlelest presents are all on layby (toys only, still got clothes to do), just got to get the big ones present (TV- waiting till post christmas sales though so she can pick). Need to organise the gifts for the grandparents from the girls. Then thats all the presents done as we don't buy for anyone else.

    Oh I have to organise presents for KMart wishing tree.

    Then I need to make the girls stockings for Christmas mornings and decorate my house. OMG I get to decorate MY HOUSE this YEAR!

  6. I'm done. Well for shopping anyhoo... seems the kids will be elsewhere for the big day though. Guess that means the other half and I may be able to escape camping! Weeeeee!! xxx


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