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{Review & Giveaway} The Fullmoon - Gravy Bags

And The Winner Is....

Congratulations AliciaJ.  All the best for your FIRST baby arriving soon!  

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I have never been a big Nappy Bag kind of girl.  Even when I had a nappy bag, I would carry it around empty.  I never felt the need to cart around a tonne of "stuff" but I could never find a nappy bag to reflect this.  Finally, Love Gravy at Gravy Bags, has launched the perfect nappy bag. 

I wish Love Gravy had invented this bag 10 years ago.  I am totally in love with it.  And Brett loves it just as much.  He always hated the "nappy bag" and if he was to change bubs when out, he would leave me with the bag... taking only a nappy and wipes with him to the change rooms.  Brett now loves taking The Fullmoon wherever he goes.   
Every person that has seen me out and about with The Fullmoon in the past couple of weeks have fallen in love with it just as much as me.  

I can not believe how much you can fit into The Fullmoon.  4 or so large nappies (and seriously... unless you are going over night somewhere, you don't need to carry around a whole packet of nappies), wipes, plus a travel size powder.  I was also able to put a travel size hand sanitiser and a small tube of nappy rash cream. 

The bag fits perfectly in the small basket under my bugaboo, {I hate the idea of having a bag hanging off the handle bars of the pram.  I did it once and it tipped},  and it is perfect size for Camille to carry around herself. 

I can't rave about this bag enough.  Look out all my girlfriends having babies soon.  You are getting one of these at your baby shower!
You can purchase The Fullmoon from their website.  You can buy it on it's own, or better still... they will fill it up ready to go!  Genius!


Love Gravy is giving one lucky reader their very own Fullmoon valued at $74.95.  
To enter, all you have to do is answer 2 questions.  
1.  Leave a comment telling me who you want to win this bag for;
2.  Tell me in which city Gravy Bags is located.  {Hint, you will find the answer on the Gravy Bags website!}
Also, although not a prerequisite of entry, I would love if you could please head over to the Gravy Bag's Facebook page and "Like" them.  And say HI to Love Gravy too... tell him I sent you!  {Get's me some shameless brownie points!}

Competition is open to Australian residents only and closes at 6pm on Monday 2nd July 2012.  Winner will be announced on Tuesday 3rd July at 10am.   



Gravy design bags, but not the bags you expect.

Our bags combine smart, understated design with user-friendly functionality.

We are different - in colour, style, look and feel.

Our bags are convenient and designed to meet your needs.

Gravy shuns the over-branded. We’re not in your face with branding.

Gravy is more subtle. We’re looking for the satisfaction that comes from a design that performs as intended.

We don’t expect our designs will appeal to everyone, and we’re okay with that.

Some people will get Gravy, others won’t.

Gravy - it’s a matter of taste.

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  1. Hi, I would love to win this for my sister, who gave birth three days ago to a beautiful baby girl Alana. She also has a 17-month-old, Kiara, who is still in nappies too.
    She is a wonderful mother, but she is doing it tough at the moment - her realtionship with their father is rocky, and she obviously can't go out and work at the moment, so she is struggling financially too. This would be a lovely surprise for her. Thankyou so much for the opportunity. I've also liked the FB page and mentioned you sent me :) (My email is

  2. Hi I would love to win this for my friend who has twins- she always has her hands full!
    Gravy bags are located in Melbourne :)

  3. Hi Danielle, the location is Melbourne and I would love to win this bag for my dearest and closest friend who is always there for me no matter what, she deserves something as wonderful and as cool as this for her first little bub who is due to enter this world in a couple of months x
    Ang x

  4. They ae located in Melbourne! I would love to win this fo myself (is that allowed LOL) as i am expecting my fouth bub next month, and my old nappy bag is huge!

  5. OHHHHH Gosh I would love to win this for myself I am always looking for a good nappy bag. I have tried everyone in my house(as I hate my nappy bag,its huge) I can never find anything. Whenever I get a new bag I use it and fail. :( Gravy is located in melbourne and have liked their page. :)

  6. If i won this i would gift it to my best friend who has become a mum for the very first time after one emotional and trying pregnancy that ended in weeks hospitalized before her tiny 1900gram daughter (my god daughter) arrived 5 weeks early. A new mumma can never have enough things to make life with a new born easier. this wonderful company is located in Melbourne! Thanks
    Amanda Bryon

    1. Hi Danielle ,the company is in Melbourne.

      I would like to win this for when i take my 8 month old (also a Danielle) to pick the other children up from school.we walk and her nappy bag is big and bulky and drags on the ground.
      THnakyou for the chance to win this

  7. Gravy is a Melbourne based company -
    I would love to win one for my sister and nephew. We call him cyclone Sammy & nappy changing is a challenge. Keeping still is not one of Sam's strong points and have a change station that's ready to move quickly would make my sisters life much easier!

  8. I would love this for me :) I too don't like varying around a big nappy bag & have been looking for something just like this!! Until now I haven't been able to find anything small but still big enough to fit all the bits I need for change time.
    The company's located in Melbourne.

  9. Wow love the Fullmoon, Would love this for baby number 3 I hated carrying a huge nappy bag around too I'd much rather The Fullmoon and my handbag :-)

    1. Located in Melbourne
      saekae at bigpond dot net dot au

  10. I would love to win this for a girlfriend who is about to travel by herself and four kids on an international flight. It would make life loads easier for dealing with the little ones and getting ready for sleep time on the plane.
    Gravy are based in Melbourne!

  11. Firstly for my husband and thn for myself. We have three boys and the two youngest are still in nappies, and going to try for # 4 in a few months time. Would be great for when you ask hubby to pack the "nappy bag" :0. Or even to put n my handbag instead of rummaging through nappies, wipes and creams just to find the keys. Gravy are based in Melbourne:) thanks Sharon from my4boysandme

  12. Gravy Bags is located in Melbourne :) One of these would be perfect for me I think especially on the Kindy run. Even better now that Mr 2 is toilet trained so I only need to carry nappies for Little Miss.

  13. I would love to win one of these for my husband (and me!) We are expecting baby number 5 and the one thing he is complaining about is having to carry around a BIG nappy bag again! So this would be perfect for him to use with the kids, more 'manly' then a BIG nappy bag!

    Gravy Bags are located in Melbourne. :)

  14. Gravy bags are located in Melbourne.
    I would love to win one for my little sister who's baby is 6 days old. They've just found out she has congenital hypothyroidism and they live 40 min by car to the nearest hospital. They're very sad and worried and they'll be spending a lot of time in doctors surgeries for the rest of her life. I'd love to be able to send her a surprise gift.

  15. Hi Danielle, I would love to win this bag for myself as I will be a first time mother in a few months and I hate carting around excess anything!! It would suit me down to the ground! The designers of this ingenious and stylish bag are located in Melbourne. Thanks for the opportunity to enter!


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