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{Review & Giveaway} The Best Ever Birthday

And The Winner Is....

The "Lolly Shop" birthday cake was my FAVOURITE.  But I never had it.  I am waiting for a year that I get to make it for one of my girls.  And I totally feel for your mum.  I, very badly, made Hayden's 4th birthday cake... it was a disaster.  I was devastated, but he thought it was the BEST cake EVER!  

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I love birthday's.  Who doesn't?

But I am a novice when it comes to organising one.  I need help - especially when it comes to themes and food to go with that theme.

Enter an awesome Book:

The Best Ever Birthday by Louise Fulton Keats

recipes inspired by Margaret Fulton

It's Lulu's birthday and she needs to plan her party, but what theme will she choose to make this the best ever birthday?  Join Harry, Grandma and Nutmeg the dog in this storybook and cookbook as they help Lulu prepare for her special day.

The Five Little Reasons loved Lulu and Harry's story and loved deciding what theme their next birthday party would be.

But this book is more than just a story book.  There are heaps of awesome recipes to help theme an "Outer Space" party, a "Fairy" party, a "Dinosaur" party, a "Fancy Chefs" party and more.  Everything from snacks, drinks and even the cake to complete the party theme!

With easy to follow and simple recipes, the kids can easily get involved with the planing of their birthday party.

Lucy and I made the "Rice Paper Rolls" this week and they were devoured instantly - and so healthy.  Who says a party needs to be full of junk food??

Thanks to Nuffnang, I have a copy to give away to one of my readers.  Just leave a comment telling me what your favourite childhood birthday memory is.  Entires close 6pm Thursday 14th June and winner will be announced on Friday 15th June.

Product Talk by Nuffnang as per my disclosure policy.

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  1. My sister made me a butterfly cake for my 6th birthday. We played musical chairs and I hit heads with a boy as we went for the last chair. I was knocked unconscious (so I don't remember that part!) but came to quite quickly. The TV show It's a Knockout was quite popular so we all kept joking about that. It's a happy memory for me :)

  2. Wow that seems like a fantastic book!! It is so important to get kids involved in the decision process with their parties. I think these days it has been very built up, and they have lost their true meaning along the way. Getting kids involved (in this circumstance) is so important! :)

    My favorite birthday would have to be when I turned 12 - I had my first ever birthday party. My mum and dad decked the shed out so it was like a disco and we got lots of food and soft drink (which we were NEVER usually allowed to have!) And I got to have 6 of my girlfriends sleep over, we all had mattresses on the floor and it was like a giant bed lol, it was a typical girls party/sleep over where we talked about boys and did our hair and make up lol so much fun!

  3. How awesome.. I remember having my friends come over for a slip and slide party, we went trhough a lot of dishwahsing liquid lol, and i had a mini mouse cake from the ww kids cake book (long long time ago lol)

  4. Sarah (sarahlovesherkiddies on IG)June 7, 2012 at 12:57 PM

    My favourite birthday memory was the home parties I used to have. I can remember the fun and excitement at having my classmates come to my house!
    I can also remember the delicious cakes my Gran would bake for us. They were so beautiful and special and super yummy!

  5. My favourite birthday memory is spending every birthday with my extended family (aunts, uncles, cousins, grandma) and having a huge meal that all the aunts had cooked and mum making a cake from the good old Australian Women's Weekly birthday cake cookbook. I also had parties with my friends but always remember fondly the big family gatherings.

  6. My best memory is Mum's cakes. She would always make me lovely extravagant cakes from, uh-hem, a famous womens magazine cookbook. She worked so hard on them and was always so proud of herself. That is my favourite memory. My friend Katie was always present at my birthdays i think one year for my birthday she came out boating for the weekend with us that was pretty special for me. My son, Sean and I love cooking together and reading together. We read together everyday and we cook together at least once a week. This would be a perfect book for us to combine the two and as i'm not very creative in the kitchen it would help with new ideas too.

  7. Rebecca Branthwaite-BonJune 7, 2012 at 8:53 PM

    My favourite birthday memory was having a birthday at what was called the Billabong Factory. It was an indoor play centre with Kenny and Belinda Koalas (now at Dreamworld). You could choose which Koala you wanted for your party, you had koala party hats, games and even scrummy ice-cream cake! I used to love it and so did my friends!! Best ever birthdays were there!!

  8. One year my Grandmother gave me a wish. It was such a beautiful thought. I did not take the decision lightly, finally deciding upon the most gorgeous pair of red patent leather Mary Janes.


  9. My favourite childhood memory was simple. We didn't have a lot of money growing up, but we ALWAYS got to choose what it was we wanted for dinner on our birthday night. I LOVED that!! My boys get parties now (whether be for friends or just family), but I still let them choose what it is they want for dinner that night :-)

  10. I have a great memory for my 10th birthday My aunty and cousins made me a t-shirt. They wrote on it with bubble paint......remember that stuff? I wore it to school that day and I was so proud. Every year we got to choose what we wanted for dinner, and I do this now for my girls.I am always trying to look for different things to do with my kiddies for their birthday. We are a very healthy house hold as My oldest daughter gets stomach migraines which is set off by certain foods( mostly preservitives). A book like this in our house would be a very welcome part of our family. My girls are always in the kitchen with me on a sunday baking things for their school lunches.

  11. My 8th birthday - I was given a pair of red and yellow rollerskates and I spent the day skating up and down our very, very long gravel driveway. My mum made a chocolate cake with strawberries and my Nan fell through a camp chair... A funny, silly memory!

  12. My best memory is when I cried on my birthday because my friend had to leave!!! Lol

  13. My best birthday memory would have to be when i was given a Baby Born Doll! I had wanted one for ages, and it was really out of my parents price range - so i was sooo excited when i got it!
    I also loved that we always got to pick what we were having for dinner on our birthdays!

  14. One of my early childhood birthday memories was when my mum made me a 'lolly shop' birthday cake. It was looked so good, but right before everyone arrived the top part collapsed. Lol. I think my mum was more upset about it than anyone.

  15. My favourite birthday memories are pouring over the Women's Weekly cake book months before the actual event choosing my cake! With 2 brothers that was a well worn book!

  16. My favourite birthday memory would be when my mum gave me a baby alive doll. I had always wanted one and she finally gave in- on my 40 th birthday !!!!!!!
    Couldn't believe that she remembered after all these years.

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