Friday, June 8, 2012

It's All About Me.

I am pretty comfortable with who I am.  

Are there things I would like to change?  

But they are not things that make me who I am.
They are superficial things, like to be thinner, or shorter (yes, you heard that right!)

So, I thought I would write down 5 things that I like/love about myself, and 5 things that are my weaknesses.  I am not sure if I want to change my weaknesses, but it is healthy to recognise them and understand that they are a part of who I am.

So... here we go.

  1. I love the Wife and Mother that I am.  I am proud to have the children I have, and I know that Brett and I are doing a wonderful job.  I believe in my marriage and am very happy with who I am spending my life with.
  2. I love that I am organised.  It comes naturally to me.  I have excellent time management skills and even with 5 children, 8 and under, I am rarely late... and even when I am, it is NEVER more than 15 minutes.
  3. I love that I appreciate the little things.  I always take a moment to soak in things people have said or done for me.
  4. I love that I am a fiercely loyal friend.  Watch out if you hurt someone I love.
  5. I love that I know how to use a drill better than my husband.  I am very resourceful and I can fix anything.  I do not rely on ANYONE and I choose to live with my soulmate.

  1. Cooking is one of my weaknesses.  I can cook basics, and we eat very well, however I do not enjoy it and wish it was a passion.
  2. I can sometimes be too trusting of people and can be easily burnt.  I will never learn my lesson.
  3. I can never eat just one stick of kit-kat.  I need the whole bar!!!
  4. I am talkative and can sometimes say things that get taken completely the wrong way - and I usually don't even know it at the time.  
  5. Hair is a weakness of mine.  I wish I knew how to use a straightener, a curling wand... heck I wish I knew how to do a nice plait.   

And 10 random things about me:

  1. I am 5"8 - 173cm's tall.
  2. My favourite flower is The Peony.
  3. I can touch type at 60WPM.
  4. I do not like liquorice.
  5. I went to 4 schools.  2 primary and 2 high schools.
  6. I am an internationally qualified Ice Hockey Referee.
  7. I can drive a stick.
  8. My favourite cuisine is Mexican.
  9. I am a little afraid of heights.
  10. I can not swim in the ocean.

Now that you know a little more about me... you HAVE to tell me all about you.  

Don't leave me hanging...

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  1. LOVE this post! Its great to know your own strenghs and weaknesses!
    About me.
    1 thing I like - I am a great mother, cook and wife. :) Well I think so anyway lol
    1 thing I find my weakness - I dont have enough patience for anything lol bad mummy!
    1 thing random - Music makes my world around, I cant really do much without music in the background spurring me on :p
    Have a great day Danielle! x

  2. 10 Random things about Me.
    1 I have 5 children.
    2 I had an 11 yr gap between the last two.
    3 I eat M and M's wrapped in marshmellows
    4 I love pens, you can never have too many pens.
    5 I collect squashed pennies (amongst other things)
    6 My favourite colour is Purple.
    7 I have heaps of recipes and cookbooks, but I'm not a very good cook.
    8 Neither my husband or I can drive.
    9 I can't knit,crochet,swim, dance or type.
    10 I still enjoy colouring in

  3. I loved reading this post all about you :)
    Ok... So a few things about me... I'll blog it!

  4. This sounds very therapeutic!
    Mother of 2, Mum to many
    Love to cook (when I feel like it lol)
    hate mess
    not being organised depresses me
    lies anger me
    Hate that age has made me a cynic.
    Love and miss my friends
    Love the ocean
    Passionate about design.
    and as the saying goes 'to be 18 and know what I know now'


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