Monday, June 25, 2012

Holiday Fun Instagramed

It is no secret that I love taking photos.  And I love Instagram.  It is an easy way to snap our adventures, without having to lug around my DSLR.  But I do love my DSLR and must carry it around more often.

I would love you to follow me on Instagram.  I am @fivelittlereasons

Brett has just joined too (now that they have Instagram for Android... man loves his android)  He is @DaddyReason

Here is our first day of the holidays in Instagram form.

And away we go!

Hot Dog, Milkshake and the Pacific Ocean.

I felt like Michael J Fox in these shoes! 

I can totally bowl.  The guy next to us... could not!

Five Little Reasons

Q1 Building.
Up until recently, it was the tallest residential
building in the southern hemisphere.
3354mtrs high.  74 flights.
Fastest elevator ever.
Got from bottom to top in 43 seconds.    

This kid cracks me up on a daily basis.
"Mama!  Take a photo of me pretending to fall!"
He also told me that if the glass wasn't there,
he could totally bomb dive into the pool below.

Aah, the serenity! 

Totally going back again on a clear day with
my DSLR to capture what I know would be an epic sunset.  
Tomorrow will be a much slower paced day.

What have you got planned for the school holidays?

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  1. Hello. Q1 is awesome hey. I love your pics especially the one with all the kids in a circle. That was great! We are off to the museum tomorrow to check out the dinosaurs. Theres supposed to be some interactive exhibit for the kids i thought we'd check it out and maybe the science centre, maybe. Then we are having a picnic by the river....I'm quite excited to spend the day with my BFF and her daughter (and so is Sean), she works full time and we never get to spend the day together. YAY for school holidays. Hopefully see you too xx

  2. Wow!! What beautiful photos :)


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