Friday, June 15, 2012

{Fashion of a Stay At Home Mum} Changes

My sense of fashion has changed dramatically over the past 15 years.  When Brett and I first got married, I would have considered myself very fashionable.  I wore "in" outfits.  Purchased from high end clothing stores.  Size 8-10.

Then I fell pregnant and all bets were off.  I got claustrophobic in clothing and thankfully our first was a Summer baby so I could lounge around in my normal shorts and extra large tank tops.

My career as a Stay-At- Home Mum had begun.  After having Hayden, I didn't leave the house much.  I wore what fit, never taking into account what I actually looked like.

As the years went on, my body changed... dramatically.  I put on the most weight after Lucy's pregnancy.  Weight I have never really lost.

Our budget was tight.  Really tight.  So I never bought any new clothes.  I made do with whatever I had.  Which was not much.  I would only buy clothes on clearance racks or from "cheap" shops.  $10-$12 for a top was a bargain.   Looking back now... they were a bargain for a reason.

Fast forward to now.  I am done having babies and I am ready to start embracing the woman I have become.  I have "settled" into my new body shape - or rather, my body has "settled" into it's new shape.

I am really looking forward to sharing this journey with you.  A journey that is going to force me to take a good hard look at myself.  Not the person I know and love, but the body I hate and despise.

How can I love the person I am so much... but cry at the reflection in the mirror?

I am slowly taking the step to try on more things.  Not judging them from the racks.  And I am sooo surprised.  I am wearing pieces that I would have NEVER thought I would ever wear.  And what is more... I am actually loving them.

Are you ready to take the journey with me?

I am totally in love with these pants.  
They are high wasted (perfect for the muffin top) and so comfortable.  

I am totally in love with this blouse.
The colour is divine and it has a gorgeous detailed neckline.

Virtu Bobbins Scarf
This is the longest, softest and most treasured scarf in my collection.

Outfit gifted to me by Virtu as per my disclosure policy.

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  1. Love this outfit Danni and those pants look like da bomb!

    1. Thanks Kelly. They are so so comfortable. Thinking of going and getting them in the purple too.

  2. Don't know what size to order in these pants or how to work it out seeing as they are a Plus size???

    1. Virtu's clothing goes from size 12 up (who would have thought size 12 was "plus" size...right?) They have a really good sizing chart, but I have found that these pants are a little loose, so if you like them tighter on the waist, I would go one down from the chart. They will exchange anything. Oh, and there are some "real" stores too. Their actual stores are just gorgeous!

  3. I am the complete opposite D, am more fashionable now than I ever was! Still a huge dag though ;) Love your outfit here - especially the scarf & look forward to following your journey xx

    1. Well you just suck Renee. :p I think the past 12 months I have been figuring out what "style" I am. Now that I am comfortable with a particular look that I like - I am enjoying just trying as many things as I can.

  4. You look beautiful Danielle! And like Dani always says to me, smile dammit, this is supposed to be fun. :P

    1. Awww... thanks. And I know right. I am still training Brett to take a damn photo (he took literally 50 this day), so I was a bit over it in the end. Most were out of focus or cutting my head off. ::Sigh:: Might use the tripod next time. :p


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