Friday, June 22, 2012

{Brett's Write Mind} The Bipolar Me: Part One - An Introduction

My name is Brett, and I suffer from Bipolar Affective Disorder. Our parents would have called it Manic Depression. Their parents probably would have locked me away and suggested electro-shock therapy or a good old fashioned exorcism.

This “condition” is as much a part of my life as my wife and my children, so to sum it up in a single blog post would not be fair to ‘it’, or me.

I will not be filling your heads with stats or figures. I will not be boring you with endless quotes from ‘celebrity’ sufferers like Russel Brand, Kurt Cobain and Carrie Fisher (yes friends, Princess Leia was bipolar!).

This will be a personal approach to a very personal story. My story.

One of the most difficult aspects of this illness is trying to describe to people what it “feels” like. I find it even more difficult than trying to explain my colour blindness, trying to explain what I see. I will try my best to describe what I feel.

Helping you to understand will, at the same time, help me to understand. I am learning more about this illness everyday. I realise that this is a marathon, not a sprint, and we will be together until we hit the finish line.

Over the weeks to come, I will go a little deeper. I will try to explain exactly what this illness is, from a human perspective, rather than a clinical one. The highs, the lows and the middles. How it affects my life and the lives of those around me. I will go through the various treatments, medical or otherwise that I have been through. I will share my fears and hopes for the future, a future that is hard to see sometimes.

This will be an important leg of my bipolar journey, and I am happy that you will be sharing it with me.

Oh, and go and check out my Wife's blog.  She wrote about our "Secret" a little while ago.  Here is the story from her perspective.

Peace & Love,


  1. Hi Brett,

    I look forward to reading your story. I met Danielle at DPCON12 this year and she is a fantastic woman. You must be one hell of a guy to have snapped her up.

    Love & stuff
    Mrs M

  2. Wow, this is so raw, so honest...your courage is amazing

    Thank you for sharing your story



I am a Mama of Five. A wife to one. I believe in documenting life using stories. I love telling you mine and would love to hear yours.

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