Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sunday Control

Sunday has always been our family day.  The day we spend together.  No matter what.

When it comes to our daily life, I am the one who controls it.  I know the kids schedules, I know when they will start to whinge for food, I know when someone is going to crash and I know when we are going to be looking for a toilet.  My day is controlled around all these things and I like to be in control and on schedule.  It makes me stress less.

Brett has been taking control of our Sunday's lately.

And it has been good.

He has taken us on some pretty cool adventures.  Not telling us anything about where we are going.  I reckon he makes it up as we go.  But that is what makes it awesome.

It makes it difficult to dress for the day.  But I manage to put an outfit together and get the kids dressed.  Throw some jumpers and water bottles in the car.

Apart from that, I don't do anything.  After a quick trip to the supermarket, Brett packs the esky and we jump in the car.

And we drive.  I hate driving, so I am happy to let Brett control the car.  Any time.

Following the GPS, we make our way north.  I still have no idea where we are going.  The Five Little Reasons watch a movie in the car.  A couple of them nap.  Brett and I use this quiet time to talk.  About life.

We aren't in Kansas anymore.

By this stage, I am questioning him.  "Where are we going?",   "I don't think this is a good idea.",   "Look at those clouds sweetheart... are you sure you know what you are doing?"

He doesn't say a word.

We finally reach the end of the road.  And I mean that literally.  The road ended.  As we walked to our picnic spot, he tells us to go and explore while he sets up the table.

I love Brett's version of a picnic.

Simple.  Very simple.  But hey, I didn't have to do a thing.

After lunch, we packed up our things and started walking along the river.  Next thing I know... we are on a boat.

I whisper into Brett ear, "Those clouds don't look too good".  He smiled.  He wasn't concerned.

We cruised along the Brisbane River like tourists.  I have never seen this end of the river.  It was awesome.

Not as glamorous from the outside hey?

Such gorgeous ferry docks.

Then we saw the bridge.  I can't recommend going for a Ferry Ride under the Story Bridge enough.  Just awesome.

As we got off the boat at Southbank, I again looked at Brett and questioned the weather.  Do you see a recurring theme here?  We still didn't know where we were going.  Looking back now... Brett had no destination in mind.  The journey was our adventure.  

We found ourselves in the QLD Museum.  After I took the girls to the toilet, and Brett took the boys to the toilet, we found a corner under the stairs where we parked and had a drink of water and rested our little legs. 

We then headed downstairs to the Energy Education playground.  Brett and I tried to create enough energy to run the washing machine.  It was HARD WORK!

Then we started walking again.

Following undiscovered (to us) pathways along the river.  We just walked and explored, finally boarding the boat to take up back up the river.

I was amazed at how the weather had changed so quickly.  It had turned into a pretty gorgeous afternoon.

Sometimes plans don't go the right way.  Brett didn't realise that on Sunday's, the City Cat's only go as far as Brett's Wharf.   Pretty ironic really.

So, we had to walk the almost 3kms back to our car and after a day of walking, this was no easy feat.

The first half was along the river boardwalk, and when that ended, we were walking along un-footpathed streets.  With massive trucks delivering containers to the massive ships.

It was scary, I was tired, the kids were tired and I snapped at Brett.  How could he not plan this a little better?  My sweetheart offered to run back to the car and bring it back to us.

We kept walking.

We finally reached the car and slowly packed the car.  I was cranky and Brett was trying to deflect my crankiness.  I was cranky that it was now dinner time and wanted to know his plan for dinner.  He thought for a moment and then drove.

After filling out bellies with food, we pulled into the garage at 9.24pm.

Brett has promised to plan "just a little bit" with future adventures.  I have promised to "let go" more on our adventures.

And there will be future adventures.

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  1. Sounds like you all had a awesome day as a family :)

  2. This may have been unplanned, but it sure does seem like you had a lovely time! I think we might start making out sundays a family day too (its usually clean up day which is annoying!) hehe maybe I will plan it a little though :P

  3. SarahlovesherkiddiesMay 12, 2012 at 11:58 AM

    How fantastic Danielle! I would so love my hubby to take our family out on days like this that he has planned (somewhat lol). If I didn't plan days out/activities for our family then we would stay home or within 15 minutes of home our whole life.

    I've had hubby messaging me this morning asking what we should do tomorrow for mothers day. Grrrr, you tell me!

  4. How very brave of you Danielle - I am somewhat of a control freak and this would be difficult for me to take - lovely idea though - enjoy mother's day where ever it may take you xoxo

  5. I'm exactly the same, always questioning, sometimes snapping. It's good for us, the letting go of control. After all, a fabulous day was had and what an adventure. Looking forward to reading more about the next one or two or fifty. :)

  6. Love this, and the honesty that went along with it. Would have been very easy for you to tell it as though it'd all been peachy..but let's face it, that's hardly reasonable with a family of 7 and an all day adventure. Loved it :)


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