Monday, May 7, 2012

Little Reasons, Big Parks and New Friends.

Every once in a while someone comes along and it feels like they have been around forever.  I have connected with so many gorgeous people through my blog.

I receive so many wonderful emails from readers thanking me for writing.  Thanking me for being honest.  Thanking me for saying "out loud" what they have been thinking for years.

I am very guarded with whom I let into my little world.  Which seems strange as my world is an open book on this blog.

A lot of it has to do with the level of security I would like to give my family, but mainly it is because of my high wall.  I have been burnt before.  Many times.  Letting people in and being crushed not long after.

I am slowly letting down my wall and finding that there actually is beautiful people in this world, that are genuine and want to be apart of my life for no other reason than to just "be".

As I packed the Five Little Reasons into the car on this gorgeous Sunday, I had no butterflies.


Which is weird, as I was heading up the north to meet a gorgeous reader whom I have come to grow close with.

Meegan and I  started chatting through my blog a while ago, through my Facebook page and twitter, and it then turned into Private Messages and then to iMessages on our iPads late at night, when our babes were sleeping and our husbands were working.

We decided to meet at New Farm Park.  Neither of us has been there in years, but I remembered the climbing tree forts and gorgeous flowers.

As we drove in the parks driveway, I messaged her to look out for my car.   I saw her in the distance and again was conscious of the fact that I had no butterflies.

Very unlike me.

I stepped out of the car and said hello with a great big hug.  It was like we were long lost friends.

After discovering that the park's playground is being refurbished, we decided to find a shady tree and enjoy our picnic.

I am in awe of how children have no social fear.  Well, the Five Little Reasons don't.  And neither did Meegan's gorgeous children.  They were buddies from the first "want some popcorn?".

Then they spotted the tree.

No Lucy!  Camille can not climb the tree.  And Oliver... you are a bit little too!

Let's face it.  There is only so many minutes that a tree in a field will satisfy children.   So we packed up and after plonking our things in the car, and having a potty stop, we started walking.

With no where to go.

And it was good.

I have promised to take Meegan and her family back to have a "real" photo shoot.

You know... when I have time to snap more than one photo, before I have to race off to catch one of the Five Little Reasons.

And have time to direct the subjects to how to pose.

And have time to think about the composition a little more.  ::Sigh::

Until then, I am happy with the snaps I am taking and love the memories I am creating for my children.

And the friends we make along the way.

My life is a little fuller.

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  1. such a beautiful post. I hope that can be me one day. Its my high wall that stops me too. x Your photos are gorgeous

  2. I agree, a lovely post :) you seem like such a gorgeous person. I love how you always like my photos on instagram :)

  3. Oh WOW!!!

    Firstly, can I just (publicly) say - ditto!
    I'm sure we have been the best of friends for years, right?! :)

    I love the photos you took of our 'date'..
    Only one disappointment - we didn't get a selfie of US!!!

    The day was a gorgeous one, even thought the kid park was closed.
    My Clowns and I had a ball with the FLR clan!!
    And I can't wait to go back to NFP as well...

    Name the day Danielle, and we will be there.
    With bells on.

  4. Love this blog post. So warm and from the heart.

  5. Such a gorgeous post. I love to read such nice stories of when blogging crosses over to real life.

  6. Aww lovely post Danielle. Can't believe they are still renovating that park!

  7. oh i love this - the community that blogging creates and builds is breathtaking xx

  8. such beautiful read, and I must Admit Meegan is aa one in a billion and we also have forged the same links! Consider me a new blog follower of yours...and friend of Meegan is a true friend of mine <3

    adayinmylife xxx

  9. Good on you for just doing it Dannielle!
    And seriously, how cute are those pigtails? :)

  10. Lovely. Nice to hear about a bloggy meet-up, and especially one that was hard for you to do, originally. Loved seeing the photo of your 8 kids all together.

  11. That is why I love blogging..connections are made, they grow and thing, you are meeting in real life. Nothing better. I have done it quite a bit since last year.,.and I so recommend it. Love the the picnic!
    Love from Denyse


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