Thursday, February 20, 2014

{How To} Jewellery Station - Quick, Easy & Cheap

One thing that every woman admires when they come into my home is my Jewellery Station.  I made this a while ago after finding an old Silky Oak window frame on ebay.  For $10.

I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.  And I love it.

As my collection of necklaces and bracelets grows, I need to add some more funky handles to the sides.

I wandered through Target recently and came across the trolly full of markdowns.

You know the one.  Full of items that have missing parts, damaged packaging or even broken bits.  I found two gorgeous white frames and I knew I had to have them.

Sure, one had cracked glass and the other a missing backboard.  But for $8 each, I didn't care.  I knew it didn't matter for my project.

After a quick trip to Spotlight for some cheap fabric and some trim, I headed home.

As the Five Little Reasons ride their bikes, I sit on the driveway and start my quick little project.

Staple Chicken Wire to inside of frame.

Staple your favourite fabric to the back of the frame.
Hot Glue some trim to hide the staples.

Add some hanging wire.

This one was a gift for a friend, so I put the wire both ways as I was unsure of how she wanted to hang it.

Here is the one I made for the girls room.  They have all their hair clips, and bits and pieces on there.  I also added some little hooks on the bottom to hang their headbands and necklaces.

It really is an easy, cheap and oh, so gorgeous project.

How do you store your Jewellery & hair clips?

**Please make sure that you keep safety in mind and hang it high enough for the little ones not to reach.


  1. I love your jewellery frame in the bathroom, very nice! The kids clip holder is too cute. I made my daughter a ribbon holder for all her clips but still find them laying around all over the place grrr!

    1. I tried a ribbon board... but earrings can't be hung. Lucy is pretty good at putting them back. Otherwise, she knows they will go in the bin! :)

  2. AWESOME!!!! I am so making one & then I am so sharing this post on my blog once I have made it!! I have all the things in my shed so I am off to make one!!! I have been using a cork boardd & all the thumbtacks keep popping off! AWESOME!!!

    1. I tried a cork board... but yes, the thumbtacks aren't good. I tried a ribbon board... but earrings can't be hung. Have fun making one!

  3. Cool!! Personal you own your home? I rent and unfortunately we cant hang ANYTHING up as our land lord is onto it! I would love to try your idea out i'll have to think of another way to display! Thanks Claire :)

    1. What about making one from a smaller frame with a stand? Then you could stand it up on a dresser or bathroom bench.

  4. Great work! I do love a little crafty crafty project. :)

    1. I want photos when yours is done Suger! :)

  5. Robyn - J Lilly FashionAugust 30, 2012 at 8:10 PM

    Thanks so much Danielle. That's so cool - and effective. I might consider doing one for my jewellery stall at the markets.
    I use shade cloth in my picture frames and have added legs so that they can stand, but I really like the chicken wire because you can use whatever pretty fabric behind it.


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