Saturday, May 26, 2012

Five Little Reasons and a Football Game.

When we were given tickets to see the Gold Coast Suns play Port Adelaide, Brett suggested we just take the big 3 Little Reasons.

I disagreed thinking that it would be a great day out as a family.  We had 7 tickets, so seating wasn't a problem.  And let's face it.  It was a football game.  I was happy to leave the seats and wander the grounds with the babies if needed.

We packed up some food, water and jackets and drove to our local train station.  The tickets included free public transport - and you know me, I like to do the whole deal.  Experience the whole adventure.

As we walked from the car up to the platform, Brett told the Reasons the rules.  Don't walk too far ahead. No running.

Just B E H A V E!

Standing on the platform scared me.  Five children.  Two adults.  Major drop OFF the platform.  FAST trains.  I had a slight panic attack.

As I held Camille in the Baby Bjorn and Oliver by the neck of his jacket, the 3 Big Reasons stood quietly, arguing about who was going to push the button to open the door.  I snapped at them as they pushed and shoved to be the "leader".  I envisioned being on the News because a child had fallen in front of a train.   I cry just thinking about it.

The train came to a stop and we boarded a relatively empty train.  I settled the fighting over who was siting where.  "I wanted a window seat".  "I want to sit next to Daddy".  "I want to sit on the other side".

FFS just sit down and shut up!  Already my patience was wearing and we had only just begun!

We arrived at the station and followed the herd.  Every 30 seconds I was counting heads.  We boarded the bus to take us to the Stadium.  It was full and we had to stand.  That wasn't a problem, until Joshua decided he wanted to bus surf and not hold on consequently falling on Brett who nearly landed in an old couples lap!

The bus arrived right at the Stadium's gates.  Thankfully we were early so there wasn't many people there.   I got Camille out of the Baby Bjorn and we slowly walked around taking it all in.  The Five Little Reasons were handed balloons and posters and were very excited.

All I kept thinking was "Thank you sir... for yet another thing for me to eventually have to carry, or confiscate, or deal with tears because it has popped!"  ::sigh::

We made our way up to our seats and the excitement was still lingering.  Brett sat with the big boys while I took Lucy, Camille and Oliver down to "explore".  The "playground" was fun, but Camille was getting tired and Oliver was not big enough to enjoy it.

I headed back up to our seats and tag teamed Brett.  He took the boys down to the playground while I sat with the other 3.  Brett made it back just in time for the start of the game.

Camille continued to grizzle and fidget on my lap.  Lucy complained about the sun.  Joshua wanted to run off and see all the friends from school that he kept spotting.  Hayden sat quietly... but not watching the game.

In the 2.5 hour time span of the game... I estimate we watched a combined total of 20 minutes.

"I'm hungry."  "I'm thirsty."  "I want to go to the toilet."  "The sun is in my eyes."  "That's MY balloon."

All of these said with a high pitched, whiney toned voice.

"I told you to Sit Down."  "OYE! Don't climb the chair."  "Oliver come back!"  "No... I am not buying anymore food!"

All of these said with a high pitched, whiney toned voice.


Obviously, our kids don't watch football.  They don't know the game.  And let's face it.  2.5 plus hours is A LONG TIME!

So, just before the 3rd quarters end, we started heading down the stairs.  We walked slowly to the front of the stadium to the "practice field" which, evidently, was filled with all the other "bored" and restless children.  I watched the little 2 run around while Brett kicked the football with the others.

Finally it was time to go, and we headed back to the bus station.  Camille whinged the whole time... clearly ready to fall asleep.  I felt the moment that she fell asleep by the dead weight she now became.

I looked at Brett with an "I'm sorry. You were right" look.  We slowly walked to the car.  It was clear that we were both exhausted.  

Five Little Reasons and a football game just don't mix.

But we can strike it off our "Adventure" list.

Joshua and the Prep J class Rino "Raymond".  

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  1. Oh, you are so brave. I'm not even emotionally equiped to get public transport by myself! At least you'll have some nice photos and a few memories, plus you never have to do it again!

    1. Brave alright. But... I do it for the memories! :) And TG I don't have to do it again. No more football games! LOL

  2. Oh the timing of this blog was perfect! this is the exact same lesson that I learned today with my 5 little ones.Luckily we boarded the wrong bus back and ended up at a blues festival with a magnificent ice cream stand and the kids ended the day with a smile!

    1. Sounds wonderful. Ours ended with them not realising how stressful the day actually was for Brett and I. That is our goal every time. :)

  3. Oh Danielle! We have made similar mistakes with our 5. What I imagine will be a lovely, family day out turns into me ranting and raving at the kids, the kids complaining and hubby and I giving each other those glances of "What were we thinking?".

    Glad you all made it home with no one injured, everyone fed and hopefully ready for bed!

    1. Even in the midst of "What was I thinking?" I continue with the adventure. We could have easily pulled the plug and headed home... but really, it was an adventure and we have to make it until the end. Thankfully, they are all now snoring their heads off!

  4. I love that post :) And I love even more that you still made it an adventure. If that were me and my Hubby and even just with our little Miss, I can garentee someone would be in tears by the end of the day!

    Love your blog xxx

    1. Thanks Camilla. Always an adventure here! :)

  5. You are a brave woman for trying. Our kids grew up at the football and were always quite good at watching. I think Luigi's yelling was always amusing for them and electrical gadgets and lots of food help too. I don't think I would take Violet. She is a totally different child.

    1. Funny you say that. I *thought* I took enough food. But let's face it... there is only so much you can eat. And we deliberately left all "electronics" at home. I did look around at one stage and see quite a few iPhones/iPods being played with while the parents enjoyed the game. I guess if I actually wanted to watch.... LOL

  6. Bugger. Whilst I'm sorry it was exhausting I'm glad to know I am not the only one that tries to create exciting oppotunities for my children and in turn is faced with boredom, whining, etc.
    I know it is an age thing, and whilst I love them dearly I look forward to the age where they will understand and hopefully appreciate a little more.
    You win some you lose some. that's my take on it anyway. keep trying.

  7. Your very brave Danielle. My partner has been offered tickets to the Port Adelaide V Adelaide game on July 7th. And he wants us to go, but its a night game and I am not too sure about going to a crowded game of football with a two year old in the middle of winter.

    Looks like it was a good day out anyway, even though it didnt all go according to plan.

  8. WHen we lived closer to the MCG we would take the littler ones just for the last quarter as that was all they could cope with. When it is a full game, we only take the school age kids and I stay home with the younger ones. It is a bit frustrating to split up all the time, but it does save the sanity!

    Congrats on giving it ago - it made for a very entertaining post at least!


  9. Loved your post, really needed to see a post like that at the moment, have experienced these days many times with my 4, or often 6 when my sister and I join forces on weekends when going solo. Sometimes, it just doesn't work out, even looking back, it's just a bit of a "ugh" memory, but I'd rather have tried than not.
    My dinner/park play with my friend of 5 lasted only 1 hour today and was an entire afternoon of chaos followed by the youngest falling in the lake and me jumping straight in after to rescue her....sigh.


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