Monday, May 21, 2012

A Family Day.

Brett and I decided last night that we would keep the big 3 home from school today and have a "Family Day".  The past few weeks have been hectic, draining and lacking in quality time together.  Brett works weekends.  He also works all public holidays.

Family time is sacred and rare.

We felt we needed a slow paced family day.

We walked slowly and consciously told the Reason's how much we loved them.  I particularly spent some time with Hayden today.  Talking, laughing and remembering.

I took time today to look at him.  Really look at him.  He is growing into such a wonderful young man.  He will be 10 this year.  TEN!  I can't believe it.  When did he get so grown up?

We needed today.

We really needed today.

I posted on Facebook this morning, asking if you ever let your children take a day off school for no reason.  Some of you felt very strongly about children not taking days off school unless they were sick.  And I do agree.

The Five Little Reasons never have a day off from school.  They all have a near perfect attendance record.

But we needed today.

And it was good.

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  1. Hi Danielle,
    My parents took me and my brother and sisters out of school and took us to Expo 88 for the week along with 2 other families. We had the best time and I still remember it with fondness. It didn't affect my schooling in the slightest and I doubt I would remember what I did that week if I had been at school instead :)
    Family relationships are so important!

  2. Go you!!! Def think family times are important and family relationships more so then school days.. But then.. That's easy for me to state that when that is our chosen education style.. Love how you took the kids off to be with their dad :)

  3. Family time is so important. Sometimes we just need to step back and enjoy one another. So glad to hear you had a wonderful day with your reasons:)

  4. I would do the same thing! I wish my parents had done that when I was growing up.

  5. My Mum and I never got to spend much quality time together once they started the business, so every now and then, Not often at all, I would ask Mum if we could spend the day together and we would. I loved those days, they were so special. A little time out from everything else, just for us.

  6. You have to take family time when you can get it - they grow so quickly! And, if you can't get it - make it - well done!

    Congrats on being such awesome parents xx

  7. We had days out here and there, it didn't impact our education at all. You know you kids and what they need. And this looks like exactly that. Look at the smiles. Win, I say.


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