Monday, May 28, 2012

The $100 Clothing Challenge

One of the most frequently asked question I get is "How do you afford a large family?" By shopping smartly.  Clothes shopping doesn't have to cost a fortune!  And I am off to Big W to prove it. 

Brett handed me a 100 Dollar Note and the conversation went like this:

Me: "What is this for?   Ooh... can I go shopping?  A pair of new shoes!?"
Brett  "You can get yourself a new pair of shoes.... or I challenge you to get all FIVE of the Reasons an outfit each"
Me: "One outfit each?"
Brett: "Yes"
Me:  "You don't think I can do it!"
Brett: "No, you would rather buy a pair of shoes."
Me:  "Well...yes, but I like your challenge, however what is in it for me? A new pair of shoes if I succeed?"
Brett:  "Forget the shoes... you have enough shoes"
Me:  "A girl can never have enough shoes... but I will accept your challenge".

What have I done?  For a moment I didn't think I could do it.  I headed into BigW with $100 note in hand.

Brett took 4 of the Reasons to the toy section while I started in the boys section with Hayden.  He scoured the clothing racks for something that took his eye.  We found a pair of jeans and a long sleeve shirt.  Easy!

Joshua had already told me that he wanted a pair of black skinny jeans.  I had told him not to get his hopes up and that he might have to be happy with a blue pair.  But I found him some black skinny jeans and picked up Oliver the matching pair.  He then spotted a shirt that he had to have.  I smiled and told him to put it in the trolly.

I was really happy to see that most of BigW's range have adjustable waists.  A must in our house.

I found a shirt for Oliver - and at the price they were, I went back after the challenge and bought him another 3!

The girls took longer.  So many options!

Lucy scoured the racks finding item after item that she just had to have.  She found a pair of Jeans that she loved and finally chose a shirt.

I then headed to the Babywear Section.  I spotted some pink "jeggings" a mile away and knew I had to have them for Camille.  I found something to match and was excited that it was actually a dress - TWO outfits in one!

BigW have loads of winter essentials... cheap as chips.  Which means that you can get one in every colour.  These long sleeve shirts are great to wear as an extra layer under any item of clothing.  Throwing one under a t-shirt is great for Autumn and Spring.

Can you spot the $4.74 "Wintersuits?".  Great for babies to sleep in.  
So many great buys in the Babywear section.

Check out this stash of clothes Lucy compiled. 

Total amount for this stash of 8 items?  $75.65.  This includes the thick puffy Jacket ($15.  Seriously!)

So, what was my final tally for the $100 challenge?  Are you ready?

Hayden wearing $9 jeans (yes, that is not a typo) 
and a $5.84 Long Sleeve Shirt.
Total Cost $14.84
Lucy wearing her $9 Jeans and a Tee with Lace $11.84
Total Cost $20.84
Joshua sporting his Black Skinny Jeans $14.88
And his $4.48 Mum Tee
Total Cost $19.36
Oliver loves his Black Skinny Jeans $14.88
and his Letter Tee $4.48
Total Cost $19.36
Finally Camille models her Pink Jeggins $10
and her Striped Knit Dress $15
Total Cost $25

Total cost to deck the Five Little Reasons out $99.40

I am so happy with BigW's range and prices.  And the quality is wonderful.  I challenge you to head into BigW and check out their range.

Brett.  Challenge complete!  Now... where are my shoes?

Sponsored by BigW as per my Disclosure Policy

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  1. wow that's great!!! I might try and do something similar (though have already bought winter stuff!) but maybe in summer, surely I can take $200... and buy 5 outfits per child. Make sure they mix and match, and technically I'd have way more than 5 outfits!

    1. That is exactly right. Brett didn't believe me that Camille top - is actually a dress. She is wearing it again today with a pair of tights, but in spring it will look great with just a pair of knickerbockers underneath! They had an awesome range of plain clothes (I like the plain ones) but they also had a great array of licensed stuff too!

  2. This is totally brilliant. Love it. I also think that Big W should so send you a pair of shoes for doing this post for them :) N x

    1. Imagine how many shoes I could buy at BigW for $100. I totally LOVE BigW women's shoes! :)

  3. Well Done.
    I love Big W's range. So cost effective and still nice and funky.
    Think I might just have to go and get the mum top for my son :)

    ps - hope Brett came through with the shoes!

    1. I was so surprised by the costs. *Other* stores are a lot more dearer. And BigW's range is really really nice! :)

  4. Great post! When I saw your FB post yesterday about the $100 challenge, I thought for sure you were going to end up at K-Mart. however, it's very nice to see that BigW has lowered their prices as well, and not just on the plain basic stuff - my eldest girl has no jeans, so we might just do a trip to BigW soon. I love BigW toddler fleecy pj's with feet - my Miss 18 months loves them too!

    1. I wish they made those fleecy winter suits in my size!
      I was gobsmacked at the price of Jeans. Seriously... $9 is a BARGIN! Others were $14-$15 and the dearest "fancy" ones were $19.

  5. That's awesome! I am a bargain shopper too and like you say the quality can be great. The number one thing I miss about moving from Victoria to Tassie 5 years ago is Big W! There isn't a comparison in price or quality down here. Another big chain which shall remain nameless has slashed prices recently but sadly after a few purchases ive noticed quality has gone down the drain too. Good on you I don't think I could do it with my 3 let alone 5. I hope one day I can!

    1. I have also been disappointed by the quality at the "other" store lately. Which most people assumed was where I was going for this challenge. I can't begin to say how much I loved the BigW experience. Ours is a 30 minute drive from us, but so worth it. I do know that they have a few things online and I think it is something that they will be expanding in the future! :)

  6. Love a shopping victory. They do have some great stuff in there for the kids.

    1. I went back and stocked up. They have awesome stuff... including incredibly cheap shoes!

  7. Omg they have fleecy sleepsuits??Here i come!!

  8. That is awesome! I wish boatman would challenge me to something like that! Seems like heaps of fun.

    1. You only get $80 though Jess! LOL

  9. I thought you were going to head to the "other" store too. I really dislike their range and their quality.

    I often look at Big W for clothes for my kids, but rarely buy anything because they never have anything in stock. Just today I have been to THREE different Big W stores in search for the $9 jeans in a size 5, but to no avail. I have been on the hunt for these for the past 2 weeks :(

    1. I agree Kylie, I spotted those jeans long ago because instead of the daggy styles normally offered at that price, they were for once really nice, but sold out at my near Big W stores, I've re-checked both a couple of times and I don't think they ever restock it either and I can't get te sizes I need for my boys.....

  10. Your midgets are gorgeous, well done!

  11. Well done Danielle. I love Big W for my Miss 2's clothes. I go to Target for her special clothes- Sunday bests etc- but basics it is definately Big W.

    I too love the fact that their pants have adjustable wastes- so important with growing children.

  12. Love It Danielle. and Brett I seriuosly think she deserves the new shoes!!!!!

  13. I love big w stuff for me AND my kids! LOL Target lost my custom this season- for 5 years they have been the only store to stock trackies for tall mega thin girls and this year they fall off, so off to big w it was for us LOL.

    Ive lost a ton of weight recently so went to big w and stocked up on $9 jeans for me and my 6 yr old (who loves skinny jeans in boots just like mummy ;) )

    But... get thee to big w for new shoes! Last week was $5 ballet flats, this week $12 ankle boots. Im a happy shopper :P

    1. I think a trip (sans kids!) tomorrow to my local Big W may just be on the cards...!!
      Bring on the shoes!! :)

  14. Danielle, that's great! You write so well, it's really fun to read! Good Work! :-)

  15. As an old Big W employee (for way too many years!!), I used to stay right away from the place!
    But since having to clothe the three Clowns, I have been favouring Big W over both of the major competitors lately. One of them in particular just doesn't cut it for my daughter's stage of being in between baby sizes and little girl clothes that are just too 'old' looking for her.
    And the prices?! I LOVE that I can buy a few options from Big W for the same price as just one outfit from other places.
    Great post Danielle!!!

  16. I loved this post... as a single mum i have to make my money go further.. so places like BigW and Kmart are where I get my staples for me and my little man .. must say that BigW has upped the ante lately and I feel have improved a lot on price and value for money! You must have been stoked to get what you did for $100.. hope you got some shoes too!!.


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