Saturday, April 7, 2012

Five Little Reasons hit Dreamworld

The biggest thing I love about having a blog is being able to expose the Five Little Reasons to things that Brett and I wouldn't ordinarily be able to offer them.

When we received our ticket to check out Dreamworlds "Dreamworks" makeover, I don't know who was more excited.

After having Naomi from Seven Cherubs and her family, Zoe from A Boys Mumma and her two gorgeous boys and Amy from My Life as a Cake and her little family at our house killing time before the event, we headed into Dreamworld.

When we arrived, of course, I started snapping touristy photos.

After we were escorted inside the park, we headed to our dinner party where we fed the tribes and were given some awesome goodie bags.

Dreamworld has many awesome eating areas with plenty of atmosphere.  I would totally have a birthday party here.

After dinner we headed into the new Dreamworks Animation Precinct.  I was reluctant to think that anything was going to be different - however, Dreamworld have outdone themselves.  The set is Aah-May-Zing!  You totally feel like you have been dropped in the medieval fairy-tail land of Shrek's Faire Faire Away.

The precinct is full of awesome cheeky photo spots so you can still get a great photo even if you missed getting your picture with Shrek himself.

The rides are the same, however, because they have been totally made over, the kids thought they were all new!

One of my highlights of the night was getting to spend time with Naomi from Seven Cherubs and her gorgeous family.  I got to know her eldest, Chelsea, a little more and discovered that she is madly saving for an SLR camera and would love to be a photographer.  I made her night when I handed her my camera and said "Have fun!"

By this stage, it was time to head to King Julien's Theatre in the Wild to watch the 20 minute Madagascar Live - Prepare to Party Show.  It was FANTASTIC.  I love any show that keeps all FIVE of the reasons captivated for the whole time!  My kids are big Madagascar fans.

The lighting when we arrived was green, so we had fun cackling like witches. 


After the show, the big kids ran off for more ride fun and I took the little two down the bottom of the precinct for an explore.  We bumped into the beginnings of Po's Garden which will be a new Kung Fu Panda land due to be complete in late 2012.  It will have all new rides and attractions.  

Kung Fu Panda is another Five Little Reasons favourite, so we are looking forward to this land being opened.

I spent some time towards the end talking to the Dreamworld staff, who have a renewed energy after the makeover and agreed that it was long overdue.  I was telling them that we had Dreamworld passes for 3 years, until last year we decided (because it was getting so tired) to jump ship to the "other worlds".  Brett and I had already been talking about coming back to Dreamworld before this event, and after seeing the makeover, we have made up our minds.

Unlike the other theme parks, Dreamworld is geared (in my opinion) towards the little ones so much better.  There is so much for them to do - not just this precinct.  Tiger Island never get's old and the Australian Wildlife Experience is a classic!

I would like to thank Megan from Reprise Media and Dreamworld for including Five Little Reasons in this event.  We had an absolute ball!

 Dislaimer:  Five Little Reasons were invited to this Event for Bloggers.  We were not paid in anyway, but we received a goodie bag for each of the children.  We were never obliged to blog about the event or Dreamworld.

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  1. Sounds like you guys had a fabulous time, Danielle. Love the photos, especially with the characters statues from Shrek (I love Shrek lol).

    I would love to take my girls to the Gold Coast and do all the theme parks. Maybe one year we will get there when I go back to work.

  2. Wow. We haven't been to Dreamworld in years, simply because we were thinking there was not much there for the little ones and that we needed to wait a few more years..... but definitely going to plan a trip now! Thanks Danielle!

    Naomi is such a lovely lady huh! I had the pleasure of meeting her at the POM's retreat on the Gold Coast last month. Glad you all had fun a Dreamworld!

  3. So much fun that night and thanks so much for having us over to visit before hand. Love your family and loved spending more time with you. N x

  4. So great to see all the reasons and Mr Reason all in the one place. OMG, the ball land? I could've stayed there the whole night. Easy! Soooo fun.

  5. It was such a great night, and so good to see you! Poor little Guy, just was't happy at having his photo taken!

  6. Your Reasons are simply gorgeous! One of my blogging goals is to get invited to one of these dos. Looks like so much fun!!


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