Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Our New Boudoir {The Big Reveal}

When Brett and I first got married, like most, we didn't have a lot of money.  We went to Super amart and picked out some nice, but cheap furniture.  We were also given a bunch of furniture from family.

It was nice and lasted, but just wasn't "us".  We did it in a hurry.  Picked the first thing in our price range and went with it.

About 5 years ago, we upgraded our lounge room into something more us.  The hand-me-down couch had seen better days, and the new couch didn't match the hand-me-down TV cabinet.

I was content with our bedroom until last year.  Our old bed was solid wood.  I hated having a bed end.  I hated it's dark colours.  I needed a change.  I wanted it to be more "us".

So, in a spur moment, I listed our bedroom setting on ebay.

And people bit.  Hard.  I ended up getting more than what I had hoped for the 4 piece setting.  Enough to buy our new bed.

And so the makeover started.

Brett's only request was that he could have a little writing corner.

And I think I delivered.

 I am totally in love with my Instagram poster. 

Brett's Marble inlay desk I picked up for a steal on ebay.  It was a horrible painted brown.  And the red chair... $10!  It was a horrible yellowy/white colour.

Brett's clock and "Keep Calm" print - both Etsy.

 His pen containers are actually plant pots from Ikea - and at $3.99 each they make him happy!

And of course, the gloss red Expedit with legs - from Ikea.  The white pot on the right holds computer things - Brett's USB's, headphones, spare hard drives etc.  The clear plastic box holds his note pads, disks and other writing materials.  I plan to replace this... one day... when I can find a WHITE box (Ikea only have a white basket... and it just wouldn't look right!)

A bedroom can never have too many candles.

 I love our new space.  No kids allowed.

Well... ok... night time snuggles are not encouraged, but won't be denied.

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  1. It looks beautiful!! i love the bedhead!

  2. Love it! So fresh with the white and the red adds such a gorgeous pop of modern colour!

  3. very nice and I'm sure it was worth the wait

  4. Wow, that must feel satisfying to put your imagination to great work! Love the red, I think I might steel your writing nook idea... love it!

  5. Gorgeous!! May I ask where you got your bed from? We are looking for something similar for our new bedroom when our house has been built. Thanks :-)

  6. oh my gosh i am in love!!!! it looks so beautiful and romantic!!! fabulous work!!!

  7. Looks great, go you good thing!! It's beautiful. SO beautiful. And the writing corner is all kinds of awesome.

  8. love it... I have the same fan/light too :)

  9. It is stunning. What a beautiful place to come back and relax to.

  10. love it, love it, love it. Funky and stylish and modern, it's awesome. I'm sure you'll enjoy it loads.

  11. Looks fantastic. No wonder you are so happy with it :)

  12. You are SO talented!! I'm really pleased that I got to meet you at Hello Blogger. I was very impressed with your presentation and I'm determined to learn how to use my camera. :)


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