Friday, March 16, 2012

Hello Blogger Event - Brisbane Workshop

As I drove out of my driveway on Sunday morning, I was nervous, but also excited for my trip up to Brisbane.  You see, I was heading to Hello Event's very first Blogger Workshop.  What made it more special, was that I was honoured to be guest speaking at the event.  

I was chuffed when Danielle and Melissa asked me to talk about my tips on Photography for Blogging.  



I drove up the highway to Brisbane, using the kid free time in the car to practice my Australian Idol audition.  


Really LOUD!

As I zipped around in Brett's little car, the GPS sent me on a small, but wild goose chase.

{Mental Note:  Ken, our Australian GPS voice, needs upgrading.  He clearly hasn't taken a tour of the new roads.}

I arrived at Tenneriffe and childhood memories came flooding back.  I remember going to "Paddy's Markets" as a child.   Mum would spend many hours on the top floor, rummaging through fabric.  My brother and I would spend our time walking the halls looking for treasures.  

These days... Paddy's Market's is home to a new bunch of people.  Literally.  It has been turned into apartments, as has most of the other building in Tenneriffe.

Small trendy coffee shops laced the streets.  Anywhere else and sitting on milk crates, with another milk crate to rest a tray with your coffee and cake on, would not be socially acceptable.

Excuse the dodgy photo.  I had parked in the next street and felt like a real paparazzi taking this photo through the windscreen of my car!  :o

I teamed up with the talented Zoe from Little Harp Photography and A Boys Mumma and we shared photos and tips with the attendees.

It was my first time speaking in front of a crowd. 

Seriously.  First. Time.  Ever!

I felt very unprepared - even though I had run through my "script" many many times.

We shared some basic, but effective photography tips including:

  • The fact that you don't need an expensive, top of the range camera to take stunning photos.  A point and shoot and even an iPhone can give you beautiful photos.  Whatever you use, make sure you LEARN how to use the camera properly and try to take it off auto as much as you can.  Put the instruction book for your camera on your bedside table and read a page or two every night.  

Taken on an iPhone 3gs

  • Create a story with your photos.  Take a photo of the same subject from different angles.  Don't be afraid to lie on your belly, or stand on a table/chair to get a different perspective.  Creating collage boards is another way to tell a story with photos.

Step back once in a while to take a photo from the distance to give the view of the story.

Create a story board.

Take a photo of the same subject from a number of different angles.

Get down on the grass.

Think bigger when taking a picture of small things.  (Toes)

  • Watch out for photo bombing and busy backgrounds.  When taking the photo, don't just look at the subject, create a nice back ground.  Make sure that the object or person is the place that they eye is drawn to.  There is nothing worse than having a gorgeous subject only to have your eyes be lead to look at the ugly washing basket in the background.

  • I try not to do much editing, however for the internet, some simple brightening and colour saturation makes your photo POP.  Keep in mind that what you see on the internet won't necessarily print the same way.  

I also learnt heaps of things from the other guest speakers.

Thanks to TRX Photography.

Melissa from Suger Coat It started the day with some blogging basics.  She spoke about why we blog and how to find your niche to expand your blog.

Danielle from Hello Owl showed us some examples of "Who is doing it right".

Kelly from Be A Fun Mum and Jacqui from CRAP Mumma are both very enthusiastic ladies with so much information to offer.  They are both a very big inspiration.

Maddie from Li'l Magoolie is so very talented.  OMG.  Check out her blog.  She is a graphic designer and everything you see has been made by her.

Sass from Life of the Bees knows her stuff when it comes to blogs.  She has designed some gorgeous blogs and talked in HTML lingo like it was her second... no... first language.

Stacey from Veggie Mama had some awesome advice on the legalities of blogging.  From copyright information to deformation legalities, she knew her stuff.

Thanks so very much to Danielle from Hello Owl and Melissa from Suger Coat It for inviting me to attend and speak at the Workshop.

Thanks to TRX Photography.

I thought I was prepared, but looking back, I wasn't as prepared as I would have liked to have been - purely from the point that I had never been to a workshop, so I didn't know what was involved.

Thanks to TRX Photography.

I hope to be involved again in the future.  I will be bigger and better.



If you are a QLD Blogger - either just starting out, or a Top Gun - Check out Hello Events.  They are going to put us QLDers on the map.  We have some pretty awesome bloggers up here!

See you at the next workshop!

Thanks to TRX Photography.

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  1. It was indeed a wonderful day.
    You did a fab job of speaking in front of a crowd for your first time....I would never of guessed.
    I' m so inspired from being at th workshop.

    1. It was an awesome day Trudie. See you at the next one! :)

  2. Hey Daneille
    You showed No signs of nerves from where I was watching, I thought you were someone that must have done that heaps of times! Great Job!

    1. Thanks. I was shaking and so nervous. But I feel much more confident now and will do much better next time (if there is a next time).

  3. You take beautiful photos Danielle, it would have been great too be able to see you talk. Hope to attend one in the future where you speak, I need some photo tuition I think!


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