Saturday, August 27, 2011

I need a brain dictaphone.

When I was working, pre kids, I was a secretary in an accounting firm.  I would be on the computer all-day-long.  Typing away.

I remember the day my boss handed me his dictaphone and asked me to type it out using the transcriber.

I had never used one before, but I loved it.  It had a peddle, so when you were typing, you controlled it using your foot.

I need one in my brain right now.

Everyone tells you when you are pregnant with your first, that your brain will go to mush after the baby is born.

This is so right!

I find myself lying awake at night, or in that first 10 mins of waking in the morning, and my thoughts are racing.  My best writing comes to me then.

But when I sit down to type...  



I can't remember a thing.


I have a few specific things I want to write about.  

But I am finding it difficult to get it all together these days.

Doesn't help that I haven't had more than 4 hour sleep each night for the past week.


My stories sound so good in my head, but I just can't get them out.

So, my plan is to carry around a dictaphone.

Nothing fancy.  Just my mobile phones voice recorder.

But hopefully it will work and I can get some more blogging done for you to read.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Snapshot

What a week.  Do you ever get to the end of the week and sit back and wonder where it all went?  Dump all your phone photos and get a nice snapshot of what you were up to.

Camille's first taste of strawberries.  
She is in love!

Monday Milkshakes with Daddy.
The week seemed so promising.
I had no clue what was about to happen.
Getting 5 kids dressed and ready to go is always fun.
Girls ready.  

Sat them on the couch while I got boys ready.
2 mins later... O.U.T.

My baby boy.
Very sick.
Breaks. My. Heart.

A mid-week trip to Ikea.
Man this girl can eat!

These kept me going this week.
And 60% less fat means I can have more.
We have been having problems with our bedroom door for a while.
But being that the kids rooms are at the other end of the house, 

we never shut our door - so it was never on the top of our list.
Lucy took a nap in our bed {sick} and the door majorly stuck shut.
Took me 20 mins, a hammer and a screwdriver to finally get her out.

My biggest baby carrying his hockey bag.

Joshua's bunker today.
Hayden's laptop.
3 Movies.
My poor baby.

How was your week?  Link me up with your Sunday Snapshot.

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Saturday, August 20, 2011


So.  What do you think of my new look?

For those of you who subscribe, you will have to head to the actual site to check me out!

It is something I have had in mind for a while.

I can't take any credit for it.

Suger did it!

I love it. It is very ME!

Head over and give Suger some love.
Pretty please?

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Snapshot

What a week.  We have all had colds and coughs.  Brett, Camille and myself were hit the hardest.  In fact we are still trying to shake the end of it.  

I have written this week off and I am ready to start a fresh.  

I love the clean slate that Monday's bring.

Anyway, Sunday Snapshot is a time to dump all your phone photos and create a little summary of your week.  

My little buddy Mario. 

 We have been blessed with some stunning Spring-like Winter days.  
Great time to roll in the grass.

 I made this slice that I found on Pinterest.  
Cookie Dough base, Oreo middle and fudge brownie top!
Served warm with a scoop of ice-cream.
Need I say more?

 Spent a little time in my 2nd favourite store.  

 I finally coughed up enough courage to 
go on the Superman roller coaster today. 
I emptied all my pockets.
I was strapped in.
The ride started.
It goes though an underground city for a bit, before you "launch".
Just before take off...
We were all escorted off the ride, in the dark.
I lost my buzz and I am not sure if I will ever go on it again.

Happy Sunday Everyone.

Link me up with your Sunday Snapshots.  I would love to see what you have been up to this week.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Decorating in my own style.

I have found a new love.  Finding old things, or even new things and creating something just for us.  I love looking around the house at all the little things that I have created.  

 I have been addicted to Pinterest lately.  Don't know what it is?  Oh my... you have to go and check it out.  

Find me HERE

Anyway.  I have seen a few examples of a "Jewellery Station", and immediately, I knew I had to have one.  My growing collection of earrings and rings had no home.  I had most of them hung on a glass vase, and the rest throw into the bottom of a small jewellery box.  

I went on the hunt for an old window frame.  I visited 3 scrap yards in our area, but no luck.  So, I had a quick look ebay.

I found, and purchased one right around the corner from my Mother-in-laws house.   Best bit.  It was a STEAL!  

So Saturday, we packed up the kids and headed for a dinner at the in-laws.  Of course, killing two birds and passing by the seller to pick up my window frame. 

Yesterday, I headed to my all time favourite shop, Bunnings, and bought some chicken wire, nails and a handle.  Then headed to spotlight to choose my fabric.  

What do you think?

While at Bunnings, we stopped in Brett's favourite shop.  Typo!!!  I fell in love with their letters (last time I was there, they only came in one white font).  I knew EXACTLY where I was going to put them.  

We have a section in our TV cabinet where the DVD player etc are supposed to go.  We have NEVER used it for that - with babies, we quickly learnt that if you don't want little fingers touching the player, then you put the electronics behind locked doors.  So this little space has housed a small speaker for the past 8 years.  

I LOVE the letters in there.  And if little fingers push them over, I can just put them back (unlike the blue ray player that will be destroyed by little fingers!)

What have you made for your house?  I want to make another smaller jewellery station for the girls room.  I am thinking a round frame painted white!?  Need to keep searching for something perfect.


Monday, August 8, 2011

Sunday Snapshot (on a Monday)

I am sorry to those who tuned in last night for my Sunday Snapshot, only to find me MIA.  After a big weekend, I crashed with a Sinus cold.  After a rested night - well, as rested as I can get with a 11 month baby - I am feeling a bit better today.  Head has stopped pounding.

So, for those that are new, the idea of Sunday Snapshot is to dump all your phone photos and create a little story of your week.

We made a few trips to Brisbane this week... for various things.
I hate driving.  Just sayin'

A mid-week dinner date with friends.
I played the "skill tester" machine in the kids room.
I won 4 stuffed toys!
I rock!

A sign for Lucy's Door.
Keep Out
Kids Only
No Parents!
I saw where she was going with "Chids".  LOL

We walked past this pinball machine.
I shoved $2 in it for a laugh.
He played for over 30 mins!
He is good - he kept getting bonus credit!
Have I mentioned how much I love him?
Just sayin'

I really wanted one.
But I envisioned the Five Little Reasons 

throwing Angry Birds all over the house.
These were GIANT!

My Life!

Monday Morning Madness!

Have a great week everyone!  

Leave me the link to your Sunday Snapshots!  I would love to see what you have been up to!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Instructions for Lego Instructions.

I hate lego.

Finding little pieces of plastic spread around the house does little for my patience.

I have been known to suck it up in the vacuum cleaner.  

 If you step on a piece in the middle of the night, be prepared to silently scream whilst hopping around like a monkey.  

The 5 Little Reasons however, LOVE their lego.  They each have their own little collection.  Hayden's collection is the biggest, and Joshua's is still growing.  Oliver has a little collection of duplo, but he isn't far off graduating to "big boys lego".

I thought I would share with you, what I do with the instructions that come with a new box of lego.  I learnt many years ago, that if I don't do this, the instructions usually don't last more than a week.  

Tools required.  
You can pick up a laminator for about $30.
I use mine ALL. THE. TIME!

Tear the lego instructions apart.

Laminate each sheet.

Punch a hole in each sheet and
join them together with a key ring.

One length of wood - I used bullnose skirting.
Of course, I spray painted it!

I chose to hang them at the end of the little boys bunks.
You could hang it anywhere.

Lego Instruction Storage!

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