Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I don't do conventional photo albums.

I like to combine our photos and home videos into a DVD.

We have a nice collection of them for different occasions.  Every birth, birthday, special occasion get's it's own DVD.

I then do a end of year DVD.

The Five Little Reasons LOVE sitting down and watching the DVD's.

Here is our 2010 DVD.

Grab a cuppa, turn your computer speakers on and enjoy.



Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Snapshot

Life goes so fast, that it is nice to sit back on a Sunday night and reminisce about the week that was.  I carry my phone everywhere I go, snapping photos that ordinarily wouldn't be a blog post in their own right.

I am walking the kids to school now.  It is a 10-15 min walk, up and down the hills.  I really enjoy it.  

This is the result of not using the car for 4 days, and a small child
leaving the side door of the mamavan ajar.  DOH!  

Lucy walked into the corner of a stone bench top. OUCH!  
I am so thankful for medical superglue.  Whoever invented it is obviously a parent.  I was trembling at the thought of having to pin her down for stitches.

The gummy smile that now looks up at me.  She made an extra $1 for this tooth as, even though it was only days away from falling out itself, this tooth was accidentally knocked out by her big brother!

My favourite earrings at the moment.  
Nobody likes them.
They make me happy.

Saturday night out with my gorgeous hubby.  
We went to a school fundraising trivia night.
Our table won!
Just sayin' :)

To end our week, we took the dog to the local off-leash doggy park.  
While Brett played with the dog, 
and socialised with other dog owners, 
the Five Little Reasons and I discovered some ducks... 
or are they geese?

I honestly don't know!

Your turn!  Link me up with your Sunday Snapshot!


Friday, June 24, 2011

Winter Thoughts

Winter has set in .   There is a slight breeze that brings that chill on my lips.  They crack.   They hurt.  

I have stocked up on moisturisers, lip balms and bath soaks.  Winter calls for flannel PJ's,  woollen blankets and thick doona's, and we live on the Gold Coast.  Where 5 degrees (41F) overnight is considered freezing.

We snuggle up together more in the winter.  As if instinctively.

The Five Little Reasons come to us in the morning, and burry themselves under the doona.  They always say "I just want some cuddles".

The days are still warm enough to not have to lug around our big winter coats.  Sometimes just a long shirt is enough.

Denim jeans are a must.  They are a staple in our house.  We each have 2 or 3 pairs.

We live in a beautiful city.  Well, we live in the 'burbs, almost in the sticks.  It is smack bang in the middle of the bush.  We are surrounded by creeks, rivers and farmland.  We are also only 1/2 hour away from the ocean and some of the best beaches in the world.

As I pack away the bathing suits, the beach towels and the summer PJ's to make room for the thick fleece dressing gowns, flannel PJ's and the yummy jumpers, I say goodbye to the sand, picnics and sun-baking for 6 months and think of ways we can explore our world in our jumpers.

When he sees a camera, Oliver's smile at the moment is very squinted.

So, when I finally capture a natural smile, I am ecstatic.

Shadow Dancing.

I take a moment to soak in my gorgeous family and how blessed I am.  I have a husband whom I adore, and who adores me.  I marvel at the souls our children are becoming.  I take pride in the bond that they have formed.  They are very protective of each other.

Our life isn't perfect.  We have had some major struggles.  But it is what it is, and we take it all by the reigns and run with it.   We have learnt to let go of a lot.  We try our darn hardest not to get swept up in the drama.  It is a peaceful place to be.

I tell it as it is, and my closest friends appreciate it.  I found this quote the other day and it is exactly how I feel.

"It is better to be hated for who you are, than to be loved for whom you are not."  Unknown.

As the sun goes down at the end of each day, we huddle together and count the colours in the sky.

Amongst all the little things, I have to remember the bigger picture.  This is life.  The BS doesn't interest me.  I want to enjoy every second.  Create a life that makes me feel good.  Surround myself with people who make me feel good.   But in the same breath, have patience and understanding for how different we are.  My best friend and I come from very very different worlds.  We still discover new things about each other {usually over a glass of wine or two}.  Heck, we even have some pretty different morals.  But hey, we are best friends.  We understand each other.

Brett and I have been totally in sync lately.  And that has been a hard place to get to.  Life has been tough the past few years.  We finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.  And it shines so very brightly.

Remember - Don't ever assume.  You just never know what is really happening behind the happy smiles.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pimp My Ride

I have wanted to give the kids little 4-B a makeover since the day we got it.  It was purchased 2nd hand from ebay for cheap.  It has been a great addition to our driveway fun.

But it lacked pizzazz.  And the battery was loosing it's oomph.

So, this week, I finally gave it the glamour it needed.  A couple of cans of spray paint and a new battery  and Oliver loves his new ride.

See all the marks from where the stickers were?  They were taken off when we got it. 

Doesn't the grill look so much better black!?

Can I just say that spray paint is my new best friend!  I have another project I am working on, again with spray paint and I am in heaven.  The stuff is ingenious!!!


Monday, June 20, 2011

The Big Chop

After 2 plus years of growing my hair, within an instant, I decided to cut it all off.  I am sick of the routine of pulling it back into a pony tail everyday.  It has been below my shoulders for over 10 years.

My problem started with my very thick head of hair.  I have A LOT of hair.  This in turn means that it takes me a good 1/2hr to blow dry it, and then another 1/2hr {at least} of straightening it... and even then, it doesn't look like I have done anything.

For some reason, I thought this was something I had to live with forever.  Then some girlfriends told me they can thin it out.


Cut my hair thin so I don't feel like "Cousin It"?

How did I not know this??  

So, I googled "haircut".

I know... genius hey!  

And this photo popped up.

Now, I love Rachel Adams and I fell in love with this haircut straight away!  I uploaded the photo to my phone and rang the hairdresser first thing this morning.  Being a Monday, they of course had an appointment available!  Perfect.  

I timed my appointment during nap time, and I left the 3 littlest with hubby who just so happened to have the day off.  Awesome.

The hairdresser was so excited when I told her I wanted a "makeover".  I guess I was a good break from the routine of all the trims.

They had a special makeover package.  Shampoo & conditioner, a treatment (which was so lovely), full style cut, eyebrow wax, eyelash tint.

I was ecstatic about the eyebrow wax, as I had been trying to hide my eyebrows under my fringe for a few weeks now!  

I know!

And now, for the big reveal...

I feel so much lighter.  It is a tiny bit shorter than I wanted, but I love it.

Hopefully, it won't take me long to do in the morning.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday Snapshot

I had a break this week to reevaluate my blog.  I guess every beginner blogger arrives at this point sooner or later.

Anyone who knows me in-real-life, knows that I thrive on routine and structure.  And I guess, in my head, my blog needed that.   I plan to bring more of a routine and more structure to my blog, and I really hope you like it.

I am going to start with my new Sunday night post called "Sunday Snapshot".  I would love for you to join in.  It involves posting a short summary of your week.  What did you get up to?

Here is my first "Sunday Snapshot".

Visiting my grandma in hospital after she had a fall and broke her ankle.
I walked in after nap time this week to find my baby girl standing in her cot.
{Note to self:  Must pull sides of cot up from now on.}

The action right outside my front door after a
neighbour crashed his motorbike into the front of Brett's car.
Our neighbour is ok, but has broken his knee in 16 pieces.

A "Pimp My Ride" makeover!

Sunday night burgers made by Brett.  They were yummy.
Happy Sunday everyone.  

Please leave the link to your "Sunday Snapshot".


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cars, Mack Trucks and new friends.

It takes a really exciting movie to get the Five Little Reasons to the cinemas.  The Disney/Pixar films are always top of the list.  I remember the first movie we ever took Hayden to see.  It was Cars and it quickly became a family favourite.

It was 5 years ago to the day.  Hayden was 4 and a half.  

Since then, we have almost worn out our copy of Cars and we have a nice little collection of the licensed toys and clothing.

It is one of those movies that the little kids are mesmerised, the bigger kids love and the adults don't mind watching.   There is a little element of humour thrown in there for us.    

And the soundtrack is AWESOME.  I love a fantastic soundtrack!

So, guess what we are HANGING for?

Cars 2

Off the back of the hugely successful Disney/Pixar Cars, this year, Lightning McQueen returns to tear up the screen with best friend, Mater, for an international adventure as they go up against the world’s fastest cars in Disney/Pixar Cars 2!

  1. Finn McMissle: "Finn McMissile, British intelligence."
  2. Mater: "Tow Mater, average intelligence."

Love it!!!

We have watched the Cars 2 trailer a bunch of times already.  

We are very excited.

I am excited.

Sad?  No WAY!!!

And look what I walked past the other day.  

Just when I thought we had enough lego... Cars2 lego!!!

And how clever is this?
10. More. Days.

This is not a sponsored post, however we do receive movie tickets to see Cars2 thanks to Nuffnang.  Wanna get your own tickets?  All you have to do is blog about Cars2.

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