Saturday, May 28, 2011


What a day.  Lots of work, paid off with lots of fun!  

I am exhausted, so off to soak in a bubble bath.

More to come...


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Family Rules

We eat dinner together every single night.

Actually, every meal is eaten together at the table.

But at dinner, it is slowed, we talk more and of course, we are joined by daddy.

The kids take turns at saying "Grace", while we hold hands around the table.

They usually say one of a few poems which they all know by heart.

If it is one of the bigger kids turns, they will ad-lib with something very heart felt.

I purchased this particular bus roll months ago, but only just got around to having it framed.

It is now and "extra" that either Hayden or Lucy read after grace each night.

I was even chuffed when, without prompting, Lucy wrote some of the lines on a birthday card for her friend.

As you can see, it is in our kitchen, and that little desk is actually the kids computer.

So the bus roll is in a place where it will be read many times a day!


Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Over the years, even though we consider ourselves minimalists, our collection of "stuff" has grown, but we haven't really added much storage to accommodate it.  In the process, some of our "treasures" have been buried in a box, or at the bottom of a cabinet.

I am sure you can all relate.

When we first got married, all of Brett's vinyl and old books took pride of place on the bookshelf.  Then eventually the grown up books were slowly replaced by the ever growing collection of children's books.

And they bred.

Like bunnies!

My kids LOVE books.  I guess all kids love books.

Eventually, the original "War of the Worlds" was replaced with "Where's Wally".

I don't regret this, however it meant that our grown up books were forgotten.

This week I finally bought a bookshelf and when we pulled out our books, they were covered in inch thick dust.

Brett is very happy that his books are breathing again.  He sat like a kid under the Christmas tree, going through them all.  

I added a little piece that I rescued from my grandma's house.  It was hidden in the bottom of her TV cabinet, swimming in mud and water.  A bit of TLC, and although it will never work again, it looks pretty good on the shelves.

Notice the very bottom shelf is empty.
The reason's name is Camille.  

Brett is now talking about grabbing the rest of his vinyl stored at his mums house, as well as hitting a few old bookstores in the hunt for some other lost treasures.

The plan is to have this unit full of vinyl and I did purchase this particular shelving unit with that in mind - perfect size boxes for records!  But for now, it will double just fine.

Now to start saving for some wall to wall shelving for our library so we don't have to remove 20 books to get to one hiding in the back.

**Edited to replace wildfire with bunnies, because, as a really lovely reader reminded me, wildfire does not in fact breed.  Bunnies do.  The books here are also like wildfire... they spread everywhere!  :)


Monday, May 23, 2011

Change in Seasons.

I am a girl who changes her hair colour often.  Even my hair cut.  My hairdresser loves me as I am a "Whatever you feel like doing today" kind of a client.  She could suggest bright pink and I would probably run with it. 

Thankfully she hasn't.


Anyway, as usual, I was getting a bit bored with my blonde, so I asked my Facebook followers if they thought I should stay blonde, or go back to dark.

It was unanimous.  

The one thing that has been consistent with my hairdresser appointments over the past 18 months is that I am trying to grow it long.  I haven't had it below my shoulders since high school, and I want to get it a bit longer and work with it for a while before I decide to cut it all off again.  

However, after looking in the mirror, I decided to add some more bangs.

I am not very good at doing hairstyles.  I am hopeless with the hairdryer, and even worse with the straight-iron.  But I can do a mean pony tail, and I have mastered blowdrying my fringe.

I would LOVE to be able to straighten my hair, all glossy and long and gorgeous, but in reality, I do not have 5 mins to spare in the mornings... let alone the 30-40 mins it would actually take me.

I also have the type of hair that HAS to be washed every morning.  

If I don't, it sticks to my head.  


So doing one straightening session a week just doesn't work for me.  

Boo.  :(

So, what do you think?


Sunday, May 22, 2011

SEVEN - The 2nd Little Reason - A Birth Story.

I remember the day that my precious 2nd baby, my first daughter was born.  It rained that day, something that has continued every year since.

I was woken by mild contractions at 7.30am, 4 days before her due date.  As we waited to see if it was the real deal, I remember spending time with my little boy.  Hayden was only 17 months old.

By 10am, we knew it was "time" and we headed into the hospital.  On arrival, I was told that I was 4cm dilated and to make ourselves comfortable as we wouldn't be going home.  Hayden's birth was a marathon, so when the OBGYN on call asked if I wanted him to break my waters to speed things up, I accepted with pleasure.

I would have never imagined what happened next.  The contractions went from being 5mins apart and bearable, to back to back and screaming the house down excruciating.

I jumped in the shower in the hope that the hot hot water would help with the pain.  I lent on my knees over a stool, hot water soothing my back.

It didn't help.  I started spiralling out of control.

The midwife brought in the gas, and left.  I had no idea what to do with it, and after sucking probably 1/2 the bottle in one breath, my head spun and I nearly threw up.   I screamed at the midwife when she walked back in.  How dare she dump the gas in front of me and not show me how to use it.

I wanted an epidural, and yesterday.  The midwife said she wanted to check my dilation first.  I screamed at her that if she touched me before the epidural, I would punch her.

I got my epidural at 2pm, without an internal.

Looking back later, I realised that I was actually in the transition stage, and if I was given an internal, they would have discovered this and not given me the epidural!

At 3pm, I was ready to push.  I asked for the mirror.  I could see my baby crowning and with a 2nd push, her head popped out.  We waited a minute to see which way she would turn her head, and after the OB checked that the cord was clear, he told me to push slowly to get her shoulders out.  As soon as the did, he said "GRAB YOUR BABY" and placed my hands under her arms.  With one last push, I lifted my baby up onto my tummy.

In doing so, I saw in the mirror that she was, in fact, a GIRL.  I was positive I was having another boy, so I remember looking at Brett, tears streaming down my face, and asking "Is it really a girl? Quick have a look... Is it a girl???"

At 3.14pm, after 7.5hours of labour and only 2 pushes, our gorgeous Lucy was born.

We laid there, having skin to skin contact for over an hour.  I didn't want to let her go.  My parents came in after about 1/2hr with Hayden who was so gentle with his "LaLa".  We told him her name was Lucy, but he kept calling her "LaLa".

She still gets called LaLa today.  But she is no longer out Baby LaLa.

She is now SEVEN!

Our Baby LaLa

Beautiful Seven Year Old!

She wanted a fish for her birthday.
So as we gave her a small tank for her room,
and one little fighter fish whom she has named "Taylor".  

Her 1st SEVENTH birthday cake on her actual birthday.
She also took a treat to school for all her classmates.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sunsets & Bubbles.

The skies have been enchanting us with their gorgeous sunsets full of colour lately.  Our latest pastime is to sit on the trampoline at dusk and count all the colours in the sky.  

The record is 6.  

Pity my husband is colour blind.  

He can't play.


Brett has been in love with the moon lately.  

He woke me at 4.30am the other day.

"Hunny, wake up, you HAVE to come and see the moon".

It was freezing, and I was sick, so I declined his offer.  

Something he is yet to forgive me for.  

He takes any opportunity to tell me how amazing it was that morning, and how I missed it.

Did I mention it was 4.30am?!  

I am NOT a morning person.  Even more so in the winter.


I am slowly getting over this cold.  And one perfect way to warm your soul than to have a nice relaxing warm bubble bath with the sweetest little cherub in the world.

As we soaked until our fingers and toes were prunes, I soaked up every minute I got to have some timeout with my baby girl.  

She is growing up way to fast for my liking.  8 months old already.  It only seems like yesterday I gave birth to this astonishing creature.  

My heart stops.

I am complete.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Small Change, Big Results!

I have been wanting to do a "Gallery" wall for a while now.  Two things have stopped me.  

1. I was unable to find the perfect frame that was totally me.  I found some gorgeous frames.  But I wanted something that was ME.  I wanted something a little kitschy, a little bold and something really different.  Something that would pop.

2.  I didn't want to spent $30-$40-$50 on each frame.  

In my adventures to deck Lucy's birthday party out on a budget, I came across the corner full of frames at the local op shop.  

After searching to find ones that had the glass and back intact, I bought 5 frames for... $6.50.


I took them home, and started painting.

Do you really think I would paint them a boring grey?  


It took me 4 days, but finally I finished all the coats.

I then took them to the framing shop and had some matt boards made.

I then added some of my favourite photos.  Taken by me.  Cause that just makes me smile even more.

And Viola!

Did I mention my favourite colour is RED?

I am extremely happy with them.

Exactly what I wanted.

AND I can keep adding... all along the wall.

I hear you ask... so what was the total cost?

Here is the best bit!

Frame - $1/$1.50
Matt Board - $7
Total Cost Per Frame - $8-$8.50
The smile it brings to my dial - Priceless!

{Full disclosure and all, I did spend $25 on paint (undercoat and red), but I used about 1/20th, so I have enough to paint about 100 more frames!}


Smile Sunday

I have a couple of Bus Rolls/Posters in transit.  I can't wait to get them up on the walls.

I just found this one and thought it would be great for my hubby.



Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Queen of Hearts.

I am totally burnt out from an exhausting day after a week of being sick with a bad cold and chest infection.

I am so far behind in my blog that I think it is crying from neglect.

So, lets start at the beginning...

Mothers Day.

I am blessed.  

No doubt there.

We opt to not spend loads of money on Mothers/Fathers day.  Instead, we cherish the handmade gifts that our children make.  

It brings them so much joy to make me a flower out of a tissue and a paddle pop stick.  

Like, for real!

When I woke on the Sunday morning, I was told that I MUST say in bed.  I heard little feet scurrying around the house, obviously looking for their handmade treasures that they had hidden from me.

They all bounded into our room with such delight.  Sheer joy and pride of their perfectly made gifts.

As we sat on our bed, snuggled in our jammies, I went through their cards and gifts one by one.  

Glitter and sequins invading the sheets, children playing under the doona.

It was magical.

Amongst my gifts was a book of coupons, made by Hayden, and including things like "One Stacked Dishwasher" (he helps unload it, but never to load it!) and "One hour of babysitting Camille while you have a bubble bath". 

My heart melts.  The gifts get more personal with age.


Not mine.

I am not ageing.

Just sayin'.


The week that followed started with Oliver and Joshua getting chest infections, and nasty colds.

Which in turn ended up with a sick Mama, and a sick baby girl.  

Not. Fun.

I had been waiting all week for today.  

The first FULL day I had out, on my own, absolutely NO children, in over 8 years!



I left an expressed bottle for Camille and some mash vegies and prayed that she would cope.

Turns out... she did, but refused any food/drink all day.  

As soon as she saw me pull up in the driveway, she was screaming in delight for her feed.  

And it was good.  

So, what was I doing all day?

My gorgeous brother gave me a voucher for a "Fundamentals Cake Decorating Class" for Christmas.  

Something he knows I would NEVER spend the money on.

I do not spend money on myself remember?

So he knew not to give me cash.  I HAD to go to this class.  And it was SO. MUCH. FUN!

Here is a sneak peak of my creation.  

You will have to wait until after Lucy's Birthday Party for the full view.

Her invitations went out on Friday.

It is slowly coming together.

I have been collecting these for weeks!  

I hope the kids like it.

Oh who am I kidding?


Thursday, May 5, 2011


I am currently stocking up on cool Bus Rolls for around my home.  I want inspirational quotes for my kids to grow up reading;

Every. Single. Day.

I love to look ahead and imagine my children in their 20's/30's and hope that they look back at their childhood, remembering all the little things that I did.

I am running out of walls.

Maybe I should do a gallary wall with them ALL on.

This is today's favourite.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011


We are no longer in the age of A3 cardboard, glitter and stickers for school projects.  Actually, I retract that.  I bet Lucy is the one that pulls out all the stops on a huge, hand crafted poster.

Hayden, however, is not that kind of child.  He thinks differently to other children.  He isn't a child to sit down and write, but he will type.

So, when he came home with an assignment task, we knew straight away that he would create it on the computer.

We had a lot of fun making this with him.

Hope you like the finished result.

Remember to turn your volume up!  
The first 15 seconds is loud, but the rest is quiet.  :)


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunshine after the Rain

It has been raining on and off for what seems like an eternity.  The Easter holidays were miserable, accentuated by that the fact that we had 2 very sick babies.  Needless to say all the big plans we had for the holidays went right out the window - and our driveway was neglected.

So when the sunshine finally came out today, the garage door squeaked open and the bikes cheered as they were finally wheeled out for some Driveway Delight.

The sun was gorgeous.

Not a cloud in the sky.

A heavenly 26 degree's.
(78F for my American readers).

One of the dad's up the road made a ramp for the bikes.  

Oliver didn't want a bike or scooter... It was much more fun on foot!

The kids started asking for morning tea, and with about 4 or 5 add on's, I am always reluctant to bring out fruit.

'Cause it costs a small fortune to feed just my kids.

I can't afford to feed fruit to yours too!

However, popcorn costs nothing!

And the kids LOVE it.

Especially when they get to watch it pop!

On the driveway of course.

So my house stays clean!

It was a BIG hit!
Usually I pop it when they are at school and keep a big container for school lunches - so they never actually get to see it being popped!

After lunch and nap time, we headed out the back.

'Cause the sun hadn't disappeared!

My affection for the sun is growing every day.

How could it not!

Oh, and have I mentioned lately how much I love eyelashes?

Here is another set to grow in love with.

Every day I marvel at the creatures my children are.

I watch them grow.

Sometimes, it seems, overnight.

I love discovering something new about them.

What they now like or dislike.

Or even a brand new freckle.

Eyelashes AND Freckles.

What more do I need?

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