Sunday, February 27, 2011

Organising, Big Beds and Usual Weekends

When you have a large family, you have to be good at organising.  Luckily for us, I love being organised.  Actually, sometimes it can be to my own destruction.  I don't cope well if things don't run to plan.  I plan EVERYTHING.  I can quiet easily have a "meltdown" if things are starting to turn south.  I panic... wondering what disaster I will have to deal with if something goes wrong.  It doesn't happen often... oh, who am I kidding, it happens more than I want to admit!

My biggest pet peeve is poor time management.    I have a routine and systems in place to make sure our routine runs on time.  I don't have time to dilly-dally.  Things have to get done, and I have no time to procrastinate.  If I fall even one or two steps behind... I am making up for it for a long time.

I am not a procrastinator... never will be.

Anyway... back to organisation.  I thought I would show you our garage.  As you know, it is where we spend a lot of our time.   So, our garage has all we need for our driveway fun and all our "get out of the house" organisation too.

Our Art Station.  A place for shoes .  A place for extra hats and the suncream.  And our "School Bag Station".  Each child has two hooks, one for their bag, one for their hat, plus their shoe box underneath.  If you look carefully, their name is above their hook.  And the sheet has the things they have to remember for each day (ie:  Wednesday - don't forget your violin.  Thursday, don't forget you have chess club)

Our Art Table.  This gets dragged onto the driveway for "messy" play!
Our outside toy box.  Water pistols, balls, garden bug catches, and all outdoor toys are kept in here.  
Is it obvious that I love these buckets yet?
Inside these two are beach toys (blue one) and everyone's togs (purple one)


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Remember my heartache when having to pack away the cradle?  Well, this is why...

What a cruel mama making me sleep in here just that little bit longer.

So, we had to do the big switch-a-roo.  Hayden got a new bed (I am in the middle of making over his room... stay tuned).  Oliver went into the big boy bed (previously Hayden's bed), and Camille went into the cot.  
Little Boys Room.
Why does he insist on sleeping like this?  
Look at all this space mama!  <3

Do you like all the chew marks along the rail?  
I have a feeling it is going to be even harder to put the cot away for the final time.


We had awesome weather again this weekend... so outside we went.  The slip-n-slide made an appearance, as did some bubbles and a science lesson about helium.

 Camille discovered the grass.

How cool is this shadow?  Camille flying... looks exactly like a bunny!  

Bye Bye Balloon.  
Have you ever watched a helium balloon fly away?  I seriously didn't even see it disappear.

Look how clever I am!

5 months old!  

Happy Sunday Everyone!


Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Last of the Firsts.

I sit here in tears.

My stomach is aching.

My heart is breaking.

We decided for a few reasons, that Camille was our last baby.  I knew this was coming.

I savoured every moment of her pregnancy, knowing it would be the final time I would nurture a soul into existence.  I think this is a big reason I fought so hard for a natural birth.

Today marks yet another of the final "firsts".

Today, I packed away the cradle and replaced it with the cot.

I will never again have a baby to place in the cradle.  A cradle that has been the first bed for all of my precious children.   It has had pride of place beside my bed for the past 8 years!

Eight Years!!!

I want to hang onto it for my grandbabies.  I hope that my children will choose to use it for the souls that they create.

I have a beautiful family.  I love every single thing in my life.  I love watching my children grow into the beings they are supposed to be.  But I am finding it difficult to let go.

My gorgeous best friend just came over to give me a hug.  For many obvious reasons, my husband doesn't understand what the fuss is about.  To him, it is just a piece of furniture.  But to me... it is something bigger.  It is a piece of my heart.  The memories attached to this "piece of furniture" are monumental!

I remember Hayden's nappy exploding whist sleeping in it.  I remember the day I found Lucy sucking her thumb for the first time.  I remember my boof-head baby Joshua vomiting breast milk all down the side of it.  I remember my sweet little Oliver all wrapped up in a tiny cocoon in it.  And I remember the smiles Camille has given me through the little bars as I watched her fall asleep.

Our future is so bright.  So many things to look forward to.  Some in the near future.  Some very distant. But right now, I am finding it hard to let go of the past.

I will... but for tonight, I grieve.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Driveway Delight

We spend a lot of time outside.  In our backyard, but particularly our front yard.

The standard order is:

Morning is for jumping on the tramp, playing on the fort, swinging on the swings and playing with the dog... all this done in the backyard.  Our backyard is totally visible from inside, fully fenced and safe, therefore requiring little supervision, so I get the housework done.

Cloud Watching.

Our faithful fort.  Best money we ever spent.
Cost a small fortune, but has been a huge hit for the past 7 years!
Still a bit little for the binoculars!  

Our faithful dog, "Bones".  

We then come in for lunch and have "quiet" time.

Little cherubs go down for their naps, and the bigger ones read books and play quietly in their rooms.  This is also my break time, where I sit down with my lunch, a home made ice-coffee and watch Ellen or some trashy show Brett has downloaded for me - Jersey Shore is my current favourite!

Then, about 2pm, we head out the front.

The garage door goes up.

The "messy" table is dragged out.

The art station is raided.

Fun. By. All.

And I mean All!


The neighbour kids are usually in our driveway as well.  Who could blame them?  On a bad day we always have water pistols, sprinklers, the little blow up pool, bikes, scooters and ride on cars.

On a good day we also have playdoh, painting, ten-pin-bowling, kites, street hockey, sidewalk chalk and lots of arts and crafts.

This is a general weekend for us.  We love where we live.  We bloom where we live.  We love going out on adventures, but majority of our time is spent at home.

Camille cloud watching.
Have I mentioned how she melts my heart?  Just sayin... again!  

I LOVE eyelashes!!!

Happy Sunday everyone.

Have a great week!

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