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A Five Little Reasons Christmas Tradition Adventure. Part TWO.

Continuing on from PART ONE.

We left the Pancake Manor with full bellies and started walking through the city.  We marvelled at the people, the sights, the sounds and the smell of the busy city.  It was bustling.  I came to the conclusion that it was a "normal" amount of busy.  Normal for the city.  Even though to us... it was packed.

We headed back down to the Mamavan {who has been affectionatly renamed "Rudolf" at the moment because, yes, I am one of those idiots driving around in a Reindeer car.  Again, there are Five Little Reasons I did it!} and we used the boot as our dressing room.

Off came the syrup stained t-shirts and on went their Christmas outfits.  If you are a follower on my facebook page, you would have seen me stressing about finding red dresses for the girls.  I have to take a moment to mention my horror that someone has suddenly decided that my innocent SEVEN year old daughter is in the same league as a teenager.

You see... my petite little girl has finally grown into size 7 clothes, which means, that she is no longer in the "little girls" section of the department store.  She has graduated to the not-so-innocent clothing range for 7-14 year olds.  I burst into tears when I couldn't find a gorgeous little girls baby doll dress for my little girl.  Instead the backs are lower, the hems higher and the sweet fabrics have been replaced with glitter skulls and horrible prints.   Not only that... but I can no longer find co-ordinating outfits for my girls.

Let me get this straight.  I don't often put my kids in matching clothes.  Ever.  But I do regularly like them to be in co-ordinating colours and styles.

Christmas is exempt from my rule... so I searched and searched... for WEEKS!

I finally found two matching dresses, in the right sizes at Country Road.  And after all my tears, I didn't care that I was paying $60 for each dress.   ::sigh::

They are gorgeous though.  And a little big, so I will get my moneys worth!  ::wink wink::

So, after we had finished out wardrobe change, wiped the sticky faces clean and brushed their hair, we headed back up the elevator.

We walked through the departement store, admiring all the decorations.  The hanging silver sparkly birdsnest wreaths, and the shinny stars that hung everywhere.

We headed up to the top floor and met my Sister and her family.

Oliver & Sean ~ Best Friends.

We finally arrived on the top floor of the Myer Centre.    As we stepped out of the elevator, we saw the magic kingdom in the horizon.  This is when we told the Five Little Reasons where we were going.  As if, they didn't already know!  :)


As we waited in line, the kids watched the Polar Express take children around the tracks.  The driver was loud and fun, and was giving them high fives as he passed.

The track when right around the back and through a tunnel.  The elves kept watch.

Camille and daddy having fun!

We then crossed the tracks into the middle island.  Santaland.  We were met by an "Elf" who showed us the way to Santa's Den.  We spent some time chatting to Santa and patting his Reindeer called "Cookie". I sighed with happiness at my children whose eyes lit up when Cookie started breathing as he slept.

The creepiest rubbish bin around!

After we said our goodbyes to Santa {who is the REAL Santa by the way}, and last cuddles to Cookie, we made our way back over the train tracks.  While I was waiting for our Photo prints {see at the end}, Brett jumped in the queue for the train.  Thankfully it wasn't very long.  

As the Five Little Reasons grow older, I hold onto the magic even tighter.  Hayden is still in the midst of the magic, and I am treasuring it.  This was the first year that he was too tall for the train, but when I turned around to find him writing a letter to Santa, my heart skipped a beat.  

We packed up our treasures and headed out of Santaland.  We went for a quick wander through the Trimmings section, looking at the perfectly decorated Christmas tree's that the department stores proudly display.

Onto stop 3.

As we entered the Mall, we found ourselves stumble upon the Salvation Army Wind Band playing Christmas songs.  We stopped to watch for a moment, when something magical happened.

One by one, the Five Little Reasons climbed up onto the stage that was behind the band.  They danced their little hearts out while passes by smiled with joy.

The crowd grew, and my Five Little Reasons were having a ball.

As more and more people stopped, more and more children joined in.  And then the trumpet player jumped up onto the stage with the children.  They danced around for a couple of songs and the crowd went wild.

So. Much. Fun.

A quick pit-stop for a well needed coffee and we walked through the busy crowds up to our next destination.

King George Square is the home of our City Hall.  And at Christmas time, the home of the Lord Mayors Christmas tree.  It is totally solar powered, making it even more special.

As we danced around the tree, stepping on the sidewalk lights that kept changing from red to green, we took time to soak it all in.

We left King George Square ready to visit our final destination.  As a child, I remember visiting the Myer Christmas windows.  A new theme every year. A new magical memory for my children.

Lucy singing along.

Joshua figured out that it is louder when you put your ear to the glass.

It was a long night, and as I paid the $45 in parking, I made peace with the fact that it is all worth it.  My exhaustion is all worth it.

There are Five Little Reasons who have a little more magic in their memory banks.

Merry Christmas.  Love the Five Little Reasons.

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  1. What a fabulous time. And I love the girls dresses. Especially with the belt - just beautiful.
    Merry Christmas!

  2. I remember going into Brisbane at Christmas and looking at the Myer and David Jones windows - it was one of the highlights of Christmas. We've started doing the same with our children as well. I was actually in there last night (sans kids) - and did the Pancake Manor and the markets in K.G. Square. It was packed! The city is just so beautiful at this time of year. What great memories for your family.

  3. This is a lovely post to remember.. your children are gorgeous and you've continued a wonderful family tradition for you Reasons. Xx

  4. All kinds of wonderful!! And that santa photo with little miss with her legs crossed, omg, gorgeous!

  5. this is totally beautiful, your children are beautiful and what a gorgeous Santa photo.... I too love tradition and search for weeks for co-ordinating dresses and outfits so you're not alone. I love this post and hope to instill traditions like this in my 3... love love LOVE!


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