Monday, December 12, 2011

A Five Little Reasons Christmas Tradition Adventure. Part ONE.

I have always been big on creating family traditions that the Five Little Reasons will remember.  From having a Christening Gown, hand embroidered with all of their names, to doing annual adventures to celebrate magical moments.

Doing such events is stressful and hardwork.  I sometimes don't get time to enjoy the moments myself, as I am so busy trying to have it all go to plan... Brett and I have said too many times "Take a deep breath... there are Five Little Reasons why we are doing this".  That is where our name came from.   Five Little Reasons.

Our Christmas traditions aren't any different.  Taking 5 little children out into the big wide world is stressful and hard work.  But it is worth it.  We started our Christmas Family Tradition a few years ago.

Our event this year happened to fall on the same day as Joshua's pre-school graduation.

My big 5 year old graduating from Preschool!

Can I just take a moment to tell you about our "farm" kindy. 

These cows... they are my boys cows.  Nothing will convince them that they belong to someone else.  
When we drive over the hill to kindy, Oliver always pips up "Mama, my cows are out!  MY cows are OUT!"

Joshua and one of his cows.

After the cake was cut and the tears dried up, I took Lucy for a haircut, while Brett took the others home for showers and a nap.

When the hairdresser asked if Lucy would like her hair curled... Lucy smiled and said yes.  Seriously... what kind of a question is that?

We then headed home and I packed the final items into the car.  At 2.45pm, we hit the road, collecting my adopted sister and her family along the way.

As we drove up the highway, we listened to Christmas music.  We reached Brisbane city at 3.35pm and headed into the Myer Centre carpark.  It took us another 10 minutes to find a park and 5 minutes to get out of the car and all organised.  When we pressed the button for the lift, my adopted brother-in-law noticed the parking rates sign.  Late night prices started at 4pm - $20 all night.  I looked at my watch.  It was 3.50pm.  I looked at the sign again.  If we left at 9pm, it would be over 5 hours.  We would have to pay the MAX daily rate.  $45!   CRAP!  I tried to figure out if it would be wise to drive out and come back in after 4pm.  It would cost us $15 already and we hadn't even left the carpark, and another $20 for the night.  After cursing and kicking myself for not researching carpark prices earlier, I rode the elevator 2 floors up annoyed that I would be spending $45 on parking.

As we came out of the underground, we started making our way through the bustling hum of the big city.  Brett lead the way, while I followed behind, snapping photos and counting heads.    

The Five Little Reasons and their Two Little Reason adopted cousins were already on an adventure and we had only just begun.

And then we found our first destination...

The Pancake Manor in Brisbane city is built in an old large church.  So pretty inside.

My little boy in amongst all the big boys.  He is growing up way too fast. 


So. Much. Fun.

After we filled our bellies with pancakes, icecream and banana's for dinner, we left the restaurant, heading to our adventures next stop.

Continue on to PART TWO.

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  1. That is far too cute!! I love how they were all sitting on the steps together, and then eating the amazing pancakes - but my gosh I have never heard about parking being that pricey :)

    I love following your five little reasons!


  2. I love the pancake manor, Jonathon takes me for my birthday every year...Great pics, can't wait to read more...and see the finishing photo. :)


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