Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Past

Hayden was born 3 days before Christmas and we didn't leave the hospital until early afternoon on Christmas day.  We were supposed to leave on Boxing day... but as Brett and I sat in our hospital room, eating the delicious Christmas Dinner with all the trimmings that the private hospital had put on for us, we felt a little twang for all our family and friends at home enjoying the day.

So we tracked down the paediatrician to do the final check on our newborn baby and signed ourselves out of the hospital.  We surprised our family when we rocked up at my parents house... bringing the BEST Christmas present ever!

Hayden - Christmas Day 2002 

Christmas changed in so many ways that year.  Christmas had new meanings to me.

As we sat around, celebrating our new little family, I remember thinking to myself that this was what life was all about.  A gorgeous hubby, a new baby... I was one very lucky girl.

I was a little sad that we didn't get a Santa photo for Hayden's first Christmas.  Heck, in the madness of the day, I didn't remember to even get a photo of me with my two boys.  But the memory is stuck in my brain.  I guess that is when my obsession with Santa photos began.

The following year, I made sure I got a photo of Hayden with Santa.    I was determined from the start to have my Children in a nice "smiley" Santa photo... without me!  We would visit Santa numerous times to get used to him.  I would go slowly.   I wouldn't push them.  I have been lucky that only a couple of times it has been a mission to "desensor" a child.  A couple of years ago, it took me about 8 times of walking past Santa and waving, before Joshua would venture inside the Santa "enclosure".  The first time he did, he walked in, and then right back out again.   The next time he walked in far enough to give Santa a high five.  A few more times and I finally got "The Shot".

Hayden's First official Christmas.  This was taken on his 1st Birthday.

Hayden - 2 years old.  Lucy - 7 months old.

Hayden - 3 years old, Lucy - 19 months.
Joshua cooking in my belly.

Hayden - 4 years old, Lucy - 2.5 years old, Joshua - 5 months old.

Hayden - 5 years old, Lucy - 3.5 years, Joshua - 17 months old.

These are BOTH 2008
Hayden - 6 years old, Lucy - 4.5 years old, Joshua - 2.5 years old, Oliver - 4 days new.

I was due to have Oliver after Christmas.  
I dressed the 3 Little Reasons and had their photo taken on the 14th December.
Oliver arrived 5 days later.  I was determined to get his first Santa photo taken, so when Brett picked me up from the hospital on the 23rd, I told him we were going late night shopping just to get the photo -  even if I was in pain after having a caesarian.

Hayden - 7 years old, Lucy - 5.5 years old,
 Joshua - 3.5 years old & Oliver just turned ONE!

Hayden - 8 years old, Lucy - 6.5 years old,
Joshua - 4.5 years old, Oliver - 2
& Camille 10 weeks.

Our Santa photo's are displayed in our Santa Album.  The Five Little Reasons love flicking through the album.  

Do you do Santa photos?  Do you "prep" your kids or are you one that takes home a "screamer" photo?  

More to come on our Christmas traditions... and of course, our 2011 Santa photo!

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  1. That's a great idea. What brand is that album. I love it.

  2. It is cute, isn't it?! I bought it from Big W about 5 years ago. I haven't seen it since.

  3. Oh my gosh! Totally jealous of your gorgeous photos!!! And the album is amazing! I so would have a brag album if I were you too!!

  4. Naw that is great! It's amazing to see how they grow! It makes me excited about what my kiddies will look like in years to come!

  5. That is fabulous Dannielle! You are blessed with such lovely kids who no doubt are blessed to have you as their mum.

    I've got something similar framed for each year from 2005 but haven't done ours this year just yet. The kids can't believe all the changes as they have looked through the photos. I go with the screamer photo if that is what it is cause sometimes that just happens! They need to know about their tortured childhood ;)

  6. I'm a new follower of your blog, I think I found my way here from daisy or perhaps My Big nutshell. Anyway, I also have 5 kids, and have Santa photos every year from 1992, my 19yr old refuses to be in them now but I have a 10 week old baby so another 17ish years of Santa photos to go!
    Your album is lovely and your kids are too!

  7. You remind me so much of me. My first born missed his Santa photo too. We were let out of hospital at 6pm Christmas Eve and Santa was done. I was so determined to have my third's Santa photo that I went in the day after leaving hospital and lined up for ages after a c/section just so I could get that Santa photo. I'm working on our Christmas album when time allows.


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