Sunday, November 27, 2011

The little things.

I took on a Christmas job a couple of weeks ago.  Something fun.  Something easy.  Something made. for. me.  Taking Santa photos at our local shopping centre.

I am only working when Brett is home, which means that our weekends together have stopped.

But it is only for 6 weeks, and is helping immensely with our Christmas budget.

When I walk in the door after work, I am greeted by 6 gorgeous faces.  I miss them so very much.

It makes me stop and enjoy the little things.  More than usual.

This face is saying "Mama, you aren't pushing me high enough!"


Gosh I love them.

Looking exactly like Lucy at this age.  14 months.
Working away from home has made me appreciate my family more.  I realise how tired Brett must be when he walks in the door.  I realise that I have to take in more of the little things.

I am grateful for being able to be a Stay-at-home mama.

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  1. Beautiful pictures... I bet you are taking great Santa photos! It's good that that time has made you appreciate home more :)

  2. Hi! New liker here. I have just finished reading through every single one of your posts. I like to start at the start and go all the way through :) I was wondering, the necklace that little Camille is wearing from when she was a baby, is that a amber teething necklace or something? Ps, you have a beautiful family. :)

  3. DOH! I replied to you both - but seems my phone won't allow it (they have disappeared!)

    Robyn, It really has. More so, that I am appreciating how tired hubby must be when he walks in the door. Too often I bombard him with requests the moment the door opens... must be more conscience of this in the future!

    Jennii - WOW! That must have taken some time. Thank you for visiting, and I hope you come back in the future. Have you joined me on facebook? Would love to see you there. The Amber Necklace is a "butterscotch" colour and I purchased it from Mumma Rocks -

  4. Wow I love their pictures. The little girl looks so cute with her necklace.


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