Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

It is no secret that I love Christmas.  We celebrate it BIG in the Five Little Reasons house.

Christmas tree is up and some of our Christmas traditions have begun.

My cue for the start of the season is when Santa arrives at the big shopping centres.

Christmas lasts 6 weeks in our house.

Tree goes up around the 2nd week of November.  Christmas books and toys come out and Christmas dress-ups are worn day after day.

I am looking forward to sharing many of our traditions and decorations in the following weeks, but I thought I would start with our Christmas Tree Tradition.

I spend 2 days putting our 7.5 foot tree up.  One afternoon putting the tree together with the lights, and the next day all the decorations.

My Little Helper!

 Our front door wreath!

The Reasons take turns each year to put the star on the top.  This year... The Reasons nominated Joshua.  He was delighted!

The Reasons then get full reign of their own "little" (but still big) tree that goes in the family room.  They put it together, fluff it out and decorate it all on their own.  This is also the tree where all the crap gorgeous decorations that they have made over the years goes on.

I put the Christmas books away in January and only bring them out at Christmas.  The kids LOVE reading through all of the books and we have a nice growing collection.  We have one special Christmas Novel, that we read every Christmas.  Every night for 6 weeks, we read a chapter.  We also read a verse from our "Christmas Bible" at dinner time and discuss the "real" reasons we celebrate.

And the Christmas toys are already a big hit.  Again, we put them away every year and bring them out only for the 6 weeks.

Some bunting that I bought to use elsewhere...
but have decided it goes perfectly with my Christmas decorations!

Our Santa that scales our downpipe every year!

Just in case he forgets!  

So tell me... have your Christmas decorations gone up yet?  Do you have special tree decorating traditions?


Stay tuned for more posts on our Christmas Traditions.  But for now - here are a couple of my organising tips:

Firstly, when New Years comes and you pack away the tree, I know in the exhaustion of the end of season, you will want to chuck the tree away as fast as you can.  I can tell you, you will kick yourself next christmas.  Take the time to put your decorations away in suitable storage.  I use these cool cheap bags.  You can use the inserts for your baubles etc, or without -  like I do with one of them, put all the extras inside - Santa sacks, books, bunting, toys etc.  They also make a round one which is perfect for the wreath - and big enough to also include the outside decorations.

Secondly, put your tree away SLOWLY and in ORDER!  My tree came in a fantastic box.  I have kept the instructions (a must), and I make sure I put each branch away in the correct order - back into the original box.

Thirdly, if you want a brilliantly illuminated tree - which in my opinion is a must - follow my very cool directions.  I use 600pc LED set on my 7.5foot tree.   Do each layer as you go.  Every branch has a string of lights!

Merry Christmas!

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  1. seems like you roll very similar to our home. we have not got the tree out yet, but we've started getting festive. Might do the tree this weekend.
    I'm excited.

  2. Oh you have me all excited. I would like to put the tree up now, but hubby's insists its the 1st of December we do it. I will be buying a smaller tree for the kids as well. Looking forward to seeing how else you celebrate.

  3. Naaaaw. Looks wonderful. And yes, I LOVE a well lit tree. :D

  4. I thought we were alone in having two trees! Oh and I am completely in love with your tree lights plan... Thanks for sharing! Xx


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