Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Madness!

Ok, so I thought I would share with you, my day today.

I have been searching for two dresses for the girls for weeks now.  Nothing I could find was what I was after.  Lucy is now in size 7, which has bumped her into the "big girls" section.

Can we just pause there for a moment.  When on earth did my "little" girl decide to grow?  Seriously.  Not impressed!!!

And on that note:  Who decided that SEVEN year olds are in the same category of teenagers?  This is where my problem started.  Going into the "big girls" section means that I can no longer find cute "little girl" dresses for my LITTLE girl!

After searching through my local shopping centre - which only homes Target, Kmart and the only "specialty" kids clothing shop, Pumpkin Patch - and also scouring the internet for something "just right", I decided I would need to venture to the "Big Shops".

I woke this morning, mission in my head.  I dropped the big Reasons off at school and drove 30 mins down the highway to the biggest shopping centre within 50kms of us.  Robina Town Centre is just that - a town.  It has it's own zip code!  It houses - Myer, DJ's, Target, Kmart, Pumpkin Patch, Cotton On Kids, Big W, and a HUGE amount of specialty stores.

Surely I would find them a dress!

I arrived at 930am and the carpark was already filling... FAST!  I walked into David Jones, and straight into the children's clothing section.  I immediately grabbed and assistant and told her my requests.

She found the PERFECT dress - but alas, it only went to size 6.  It was a Fred Bare and gorgeous.  She handed me the "matching" one for the "big girls".  As gorgeous as it was, it was too grown up for my little girl!  It was almost backless with a lace insert on the back.


Not for a few years yet anyway.

I handed it back to the lady and asked her to hold the baby girls dress.  I told her I would be back... maybe. If I couldn't find two dresses somewhere else, maybe I could find a dress for Lucy that would match this little dress.

I walked out of DJ's and headed up to my favourite little coffee shop.  My mum had arrived for a business meeting, but had an hour to kill.  As we sat at our table, drinking coffee, the little boys played on mums iPad and my iPhone.

I ordered the little boys a milkshake each.  We laughed when they brought out the HUGE silver milkshake containers.  You know... the ones they MAKE the milkshake in.  And not only that - they were filled to the BRIM.

If only my boys drank the same flavour - they could have shared one.  But Joshua loves his strawberry, and Oliver his Banana.

As we were about to leave, mum suggested I asked for a take-away container for the left over milkshake.  I had visions of carrying around these milkshakes and them being spilt  - so I said no.  It doesn't matter.  She proceeded to tell Oliver to have two more mouthfuls before we leave.

In the process - Oliver tipped a 3/4 FULL container of banana milkshake ALL OVER HIMSELF!


Seriously, CRAP!

As mum and I jumped up, Camille got the fright of her life and started screaming.  Oliver was in tears as well.

I calmly stripped him down to his underwear and used Camille's bib to wipe him clean.  I bagged his clothes in a nappy sack and as onlookers watched, I calmly said "It isn't the end of the world... it could be worse".

We headed to the bathroom and washed his shoes - thankfully he was wearing his crocs.  I placed him in the pram, carried Camille, and headed straight to Cotton-On Kids, and purchase him a new outfit.

My boy in his new clothes.
He was soooo excited that he now has YELLOW shorts.  His favourite colour!
He insisted that he wasn't moving until I took a photo of him and Thomas.

With that out of the way, I said goodbye to mum and headed to Big W.  I had a few people tell me that is where I would find a dress - but alas... nothing.

I then headed to Target to return some items that didn't fit my growing girl - and on the way passed Country Road.  I hesitantly entered, thinking... I am wasting more time - I am not going to find anything in here.

I found the PERFECT dress!  Fell in love, wanted to marry, perfect dress.  But... they didn't have the sizes I wanted.  I asked the sales assistant if this was their only stock, and she said she would look out the back.  She came back with one in Lucy's size  - but none in Camille's size.

Back to square one.  Then I found another gorgeous dress AND they had Lucy's size.  I asked again if they had one in Camille's size....  looking.... looking... BINGO!

The whole time, Oliver was being a cheeky brat, hiding in clothes, and running his tongue up and down the mirror.

The sales assistant chatted to me about how she was thinking about going for #3.  I explained that I actually had FIVE and handed her my blog card.

Can't hurt to network... right?!

As I paid for the dresses and left the store, I was elated that I had finally found the dresses.

I headed to Target and returned my items and picked up a couple of pairs of shoes for the boys.  I tried them on Oliver - who's feet are growing at an alarming rate at the moment - and in the process LEFT my handbag under a shoe rack.  I am unsure why, but I had my wallet in my pocket, so I didn't even notice when I paid and left Target.

We walked all the way around to DJ's as I had promised the boys a visit to Santa.  When we got there - we discovered that he doesn't arrive there until tomorrow.  WT?

I then noticed my bag missing.

Panic set in.  

I grabbed the boys and put them on the pram skateboard.  Both of them.

I bolted out of DJ's and back down to target.  Thankfully, because I had pushed it under a shoe rack, it was still there.  Out of target... again... and we headed to Myer.  Maybe their Santa had arrived.  After walking straight past him - TWICE, we finally had our visit with Santa.  Camille didn't scream this time. Bonus.

I looked down at my watch - almost time for school pick up!  Heck - how did that happen?

As we walked out of the shopping centre doors into the carpark - a lady looked at my 3 Little Reasons, and then at me and said "Oh, you have your hands full!"

Seriously?  I rolled my eyes and kept walking.  I didn't have the energy to tell her that 2 more were missing!

We loaded up the car and the 3 Little Reasons fell asleep before we hit the highway.

I am exhausted - BUT excited because I finally have the finishing touches for our Five Little Reasons Family Tradition on Friday.

I can't wait to tell you all about it...

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  1. Love this entry Dan and I am so glad you got your perfect dresses.

  2. Yay!!! You found your little girls some little girl dresses!!!
    So glad about your bag too - I have had a similar experience - your feet can't get you back there quick enough and that feeling of your heart sinking and your blood running cold!! Oh dear!!!

    As for the "you've got your hands full!" comment, that is right up there with "Don't you have a TV?" or "Don't you know what causes it?" Gosh some people need to have a "filter" in their brains to filter the rubbish they are about to insult people with or in your case stop them from pointing out the obvious!

  3. How amazing that you found the perfect dress. Its funny how grown up girls clothes short and how little material they use!
    Love how you found your handbag, and your son got his favorite colour in shorts!

  4. Oh my! your day is so much like my days...hilarious and so not funny at the same time. Amazing the things we go through to find the right outfit. Big hugs to you for your effort xx

  5. I meant to tell you the other day - There are a couple of shops at Robina that have dresses in Lucy & Camille sizes. Glad you found something! Had a good giggle about the coffee shop - sounds like something that would happen if my mother & I had coffee with my 3...
    Santaland outside Myer is gorgeous this year isn't it?!


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