Wednesday, November 9, 2011

5 Little Reasons Get In2Cricket!

My memories of cricket as a child were standing, bored, out field, waiting for a ball to come my way.  I don't remember bowling or bating much... just the hot sun for long periods of time. Therefore, when Louisa from Brand Meets Blog invited us to attend the launch of the 2011 Summer Series In2Cricket, I was a little reluctant.

So far, our Five Little Reasons are not big into sport.  I mean, they do sport at school, and Hayden plays Ice Hockey during the winter, but they haven't got a passion for sport.  And that is ok.  However, I still think it is important for the reasons to get involved.  Chloe Maxwell hit the nail on the head "Sport is a great way to helping kids form healthy habits to lead a healthy life".  I also believe that being involved in a team sport teaches children to play fairly, respect others and become a "good sport".  Not to mention developing their motor skills, core skills and social skills.   

Hayden (red shirt) and Lucy (pink leggings) playing outfield.
Lucy having a bat.  Run, Lucy, Run!

Joshua doing some drills with Eli & Sam from Seven Cherubs.
Hayden's turn to bat.

Awesome photo thanks to Hannah Millerick Photography.

Joshua showing off his swing.

Camille watching the planes fly by.
Even Oliver had a little go!
When choosing extra curricular activities, especially in a large family, we try to choose activities that are local and cheap.  Short term programs appeal to me because of the fact that my kids are not into sports.  I am reluctant to sign up for a long term program, knowing that my children will more than likely have lost interest after 8 weeks or so.   If we can find one that the whole family enjoys and can do together, that is a dream.

The Five Little Reasons had a BLAST playing cricket games at the launch.  I was so surprised... I really thought they wouldn't be into it and would sit on the sidelines watching.  There was one game, where there was 4 wickets (in a circle), 4 batters and one bowler.  The Bowler would stand in the middle of the 4 wickets and throw the ball randomly to a batter.  After hitting it as hard as they could, they had to run run run around the circle of wickets.  I found this great as it was quick, and more kids got a turn.  After a few overs (is that what they are called?), they would swap.  

After talking to Alan Border, Chloe Maxwell and QLD Cricket's Game Development Manager, Mark McLatchey, about the new formats that are part of a national kids cricket program, we are now keen on getting the Five Little Reasons into the In2Cricket summer program.

Allan Border was so good with the Reasons!

Awesome photo thanks to Hannah Millerick Photography.
 L-R - Allan Border, Naomi - Seven Cherubs, Me, Catherine - Squigglemum, Chloe Maxwell, Louisa - Everything is Edible, Larissa - My Pigeon Pair, Kate - Puddles and Gumboots, Bronnie - Maid in Australia and Jackie - CrapMumma.

I won't tell you too much more as you can find all the information on the website.

Our afternoon was finished off with a gormet sasusage sizzle with fruit platters for the kids and a yummy yummy dinner for Brett & I.  

And then they surprised the Five Little Reasons with their own In2Cricket pack!  Score!

Awesome photo thanks to Hannah Millerick Photography.

Thanks for the invitation Brand Meets Blog!

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  1. Super cute pictures and it was so lovely to meet you. N x


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