Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy Birthday... to Me!

So today is my birthday.  I am feeling pretty down today.  Brett left for work at 5am, before the kids got up.  Joshua (5) was awake when he left and Brett whispered in his ear, so when I woke, Joshua remembered and said Happy Birthday.  Upon hearing him, the other Five Little Reasons said happy birthday over breakfast.

I felt pretty lonely today.   My best friend came over with a gift and a song and dance before school drop off.  I then spent the whole day on my own.  I received a phone call from my parents at 1pm and a message from my brother on facebook.

For everyone else... it was just another day.  Facebook doesn't know my birthday.  I don't want the empty birthday wishes from people just because they were "told" to write on my wall.  This meant that not one person wished me a happy birthday.  Not one person, outside of my immediate family, remembered my birthday.

That is pretty depressing.

I have said for a while now that Birthday's and Christmas are for the kids.  I get excited for them... not for me.  I guess I have only been like this in my 30's.

Are we too busy to remember someone's birthday anymore?  What happened to sending a birthday card in the mail?  Am I old fashioned?

It's my birthday... and I will cry if I want to.

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  1. Happy birthday Danielle - I hope you enjoy your evening.

  2. hmmm my little pic suggests I'm a man... I'm not :)


    I've been feeling the non-birthday love as well. For the last two years I've had to organise all of my own birthday fun, even though I spend weeks beforehand on my family's special days trying to make it amazing for them.

    I also think I'm the only person under 30 who still sends birthday cards in the mail. Even I rely on facebook far too much to tell me when people are having a birthday....I'm a bit ashamed of that.

    Hope you can get have a little bit of fun this evening and make the day special for you, somehow.

  4. That's sad with five kids you should NEVER feel alone on your birthday, your husband should have prepped them to be super excited for you, little gifts perhaps?? Did you change your number?? Not one text?? :( Well hope you got dinner cooked for you!!

  5. Oh that's a bad sad! It gets very much like that when you're older though doesn't it? I hope you end up having a good night anyway- happy birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday !!! I hope your day improved and you had a nice evening. I know how you feel a little - on my birthday this year Brett and the kids were all sick and I spent most of the day sitting by myself while they slept!

  7. I guess there is a difference between being alone and being lonely. Hubby had no other choice really than to wait until he got home from work to start the celebrations. He did well though. And nope - same mobile number - not one text. I guess I have myself to blame - next year I shall start shouting it from the roof tops at least a week before my birthday! (seriously NOT going to do that BTW)

  8. After a glass of champagne and a sliver of cake, and a bunch of pressies, Ifeel much better. x

  9. I think birthday cards in the mail need to make a come back! They always make me happy. I am determined to get a "Birthday" calendar and send more cards out from now on.

  10. Thanks Kylie. It did improve with a yummy dinner with my family, champagne and cake. Your birthday doesn't sound too nice. We should get the day to do whatever we want... go away, no questions. Maybe next year.

  11. Happy birthday! I'm glad your day improved for you once your hubby got home from work. Maybe next year see if he can arrange to take the day off so that you can be spoilt all day?

  12. oh no! Happy Belated Birthday!!! We should have hit the town!!!
    I never let anyone forget my birthday, I litterally do a month prior countdown and have a week of celebrations lol
    I hope when the family all got home you had a party of your own! :)

  13. I'm sorry this is late, but happy birthday!

    Birthdays are not just for kids! No way! I am one of these mean parents whose kids ask me if they can help unwrap my presents and I say no, because they are MY presents!

    And for what it's worth, I hardly ever wish my FB friends a happy birthday unless I really know them and mean it. I don't want the hollow wishes, so I don't give them. Not sure if that makes me a bad person or not.

    Hope you had some kind of celebration for yourself. And if not, do it today instead! Better late than never!

  14. I wish I'd seen this on your birthday! Wish it was happier ... it's sad when you grow up and magical days lose a bit of their lustre. Hope next year's is better!

  15. Danielle, If your birthday showed up on facebook, I would of definitely left a bday message - not because facebook "told me to" but because, the things I read on your blog and facebook show me that you are a caring, selfless and very thoughtfull person who would also be alot of fun to socialise with. And if I lived there I would definitely brought you a bday coffee- and facebook doesn't tell us to do that lol. Kerry Magrin


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