Wednesday, September 14, 2011


September 13th is RUOK? Day. 
In Australia, 65000 people are directly effected by suicide each year.  
7 people a day take their own life.
Think about that for a minute.  That is double the road toll.
This initiative is all about reaching out to people around you and asking RUOK?
Trust your gut.  If you think someone needs to talk, ask if they are ok.
Stop the little problems becoming bigger problems.
In the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee with them, you could change their life.
I am linking up with Gemma over at My Big Nutshell for RUOK? day.

My Big Nutshell

I was going to write a post of my own, but asked hubby if he would like to say something.  
I was thrilled when he said yes.   
Our story starts HERE.
Please welcome, my darling husband Brett, and leave him lots of bloggy comment love!  


One thing I have never had a problem with is words.  Telling stores, making them up, whatever.  I have never had any trouble coming up with just the right words and putting them in just the right order.

Until now...

You would think that the one thing that controls you in one way or another - all day, every day - would be easy to put into words.  For some odd reasons, not so much!
I'll have a shot.
It is difficult for me to pinpoint exactly when my "journey" began.  Certain moments stand out.  My first violent outburst.  My first appointment with our doctor (my wife's idea of course).  My first visit to my psychologist.  My first trip to my psychiatrist. My eventual diagnosis and the beginning of the long road back to the "real" me.
Looking back now, it's hard to imagine who the real me really is.  The me that I like is funny, witty, intelligent, creative and the life of the party.  That version of me had gradually begun to fade away as I entered my 30's.  I wasn't enjoying the things I loved.  My self esteem, which had never been an issue, was approaching and all-time low.  I was becoming an empty version of myself.  I barely even noticed.  I put it down to tiredness and getting "older".  Those around me saw something more.
I would never have sought out the help on my own, but I was more than willing to accept it when it was offered.  There was more at stake than just my health.  I was a father with a young family.  That was the big picture.
Sometimes all you might need to bring a spark of light to the darkness, to help you take that first scary-as-hell step on that long and winding road to recovery, is for someone, anyone, to put a caring hand on your shoulder and ask...
 “Are you ok?”


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  1. It was nice to read your blog post Brett...........we really should ask R U OK more often.................I suffer from major depression and find that over the years I have been abandoned by almost everyone other than my family as people just don't get it....................little do they know that every now and than a phone call, a text , an email or a FB message to say hello and see how I am doing would bring the biggest smile to my's not like I sit around telling everyone I am depressed, I am just not the same person I was years ago

    Regards Cath

  2. Thank you both for telling us an unfortunately too common story. We have no problems treating broken bones and physical illness and a whole lot more in even admitting to mental illness. I hope you continue to do well.

  3. Thanks for opening up for the cause, Brett. May the journey toward wellness continue.

  4. I just want to thank you for being so open about everything!! You give me and others the strength to do so also! I have just recently been diagnosed with Bipolar II myself and it was like a light finally shining in a very dark tunnel. I have blogged about my experience also hoping that we can get the message out there! Thankyou to you both!! xx

  5. Thanks for sharing Brett! It's great to read about R U OK day from the perspective someone who has benefited from the love and care of someone else!

    I do hope and pray that you are able to work your way back to the 'real you' quickly, and that your road to recovery is smooth.

    Thanks again for sharing, and for letting your wife share these insights on her blog- it's an important reminder for all us to be aware of depression, and keep an eye out for the people in our lives who might be silently suffering. :-)


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