Monday, August 8, 2011

Sunday Snapshot (on a Monday)

I am sorry to those who tuned in last night for my Sunday Snapshot, only to find me MIA.  After a big weekend, I crashed with a Sinus cold.  After a rested night - well, as rested as I can get with a 11 month baby - I am feeling a bit better today.  Head has stopped pounding.

So, for those that are new, the idea of Sunday Snapshot is to dump all your phone photos and create a little story of your week.

We made a few trips to Brisbane this week... for various things.
I hate driving.  Just sayin'

A mid-week dinner date with friends.
I played the "skill tester" machine in the kids room.
I won 4 stuffed toys!
I rock!

A sign for Lucy's Door.
Keep Out
Kids Only
No Parents!
I saw where she was going with "Chids".  LOL

We walked past this pinball machine.
I shoved $2 in it for a laugh.
He played for over 30 mins!
He is good - he kept getting bonus credit!
Have I mentioned how much I love him?
Just sayin'

I really wanted one.
But I envisioned the Five Little Reasons 

throwing Angry Birds all over the house.
These were GIANT!

My Life!

Monday Morning Madness!

Have a great week everyone!  

Leave me the link to your Sunday Snapshots!  I would love to see what you have been up to!

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