Saturday, August 27, 2011

I need a brain dictaphone.

When I was working, pre kids, I was a secretary in an accounting firm.  I would be on the computer all-day-long.  Typing away.

I remember the day my boss handed me his dictaphone and asked me to type it out using the transcriber.

I had never used one before, but I loved it.  It had a peddle, so when you were typing, you controlled it using your foot.

I need one in my brain right now.

Everyone tells you when you are pregnant with your first, that your brain will go to mush after the baby is born.

This is so right!

I find myself lying awake at night, or in that first 10 mins of waking in the morning, and my thoughts are racing.  My best writing comes to me then.

But when I sit down to type...  



I can't remember a thing.


I have a few specific things I want to write about.  

But I am finding it difficult to get it all together these days.

Doesn't help that I haven't had more than 4 hour sleep each night for the past week.


My stories sound so good in my head, but I just can't get them out.

So, my plan is to carry around a dictaphone.

Nothing fancy.  Just my mobile phones voice recorder.

But hopefully it will work and I can get some more blogging done for you to read.

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