Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Snapshot

I love to look back on the week and remember the little things among all the mundane.  I carry my phone everywhere and remind myself to take photos of ordinary things.  

Meet Mario.  Our newest family member.  
He is an 8 week old hand-raised Cockatiel. 

He was Joshua's (early) birthday present.  

I am surprisingly attached to him.  

My baby girl is growing up.  

She isn't allowed.  

But she doesn't listen.  

I love stumbling upon bargain.

30% off already reduced prices.

I bought 6 items for $37

You do the maths.

Would you think I was weird if I told you this 
was my first ever Magnum?

I am not an ice cream kind of girl.

It was yummy.  But I am glad it was only small.  

Very very rich. 

One day.  When the line isn't 50 deep.


Some of Joshua's birthday presents.  
I will write his birth story up this week.  
I have a special place in my heart for this boy.  x


Never again.

That is all.

We stumbled upon a TV set. 
A new show starting soon called "The Renovators".
See those bright coloured things?  They are park benches.
Designed by the contestants I guess.
I am interested in seeing how they piece the part 
we watched together... wonder if it will be as slow as I saw.   

Lovely afternoon stroll through Southbank to finish off our week.

 Your turn.  Link me up with your Sunday Snapshot.  


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